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Our Focus

We design & develop quality servers with the optimum player experience firmly in our minds. Our development team work very hard, providing the best possible services to ensure that the players feel comfortable in their own gaming experience.


We do our best to make our community inviting to all. It doesn't matter if you're young or old; if you are friendly you are welcome here! Our staff and regular members are very inclusive and make it their goal to ensure player retention.


Here at Ban-Hammer, we have a friendly and helpful team of Administrators and Directors who exist to keep our community running smoothly. Have a question, query or suggestion? Do you need any help? Ask any of our staff!

Cheating Free Environment

Community servers often suffer from game exploits and player griefing. We aim to keep cheating from disrupting the daily gameplay on our servers.


All of our servers record your statistics, so a ranking is achievable for those who want to explore their more competitive side. This means you can aim for the top and compete against friends, focus on personal improvements, or simply keep track of your current server time.

Veteran Community Hosting

Ban-Hammer has provided quality community hosting since 2011, and over the years has become one of the most popular communities in the Australia/New Zealand region.. We continually strive to better ourselves and create inviting and enjoyable player experiences for all who join. We continually adapt our servers, game-modes and rules for the ever changing and evolving gaming industry. Our focus is to support and foster positive gaming through our many high standard and friendly servers. Some our most significant features include:

  • A Reliable and Secure Platform
  • High levels of communication and organisation
  • Excellent relationships between staff and regular members
  • The constant need for quality and attention to detail to show how serious we are about making your gaming experience with us the best it can be.

Our Story

Ban-Hammer.net began as a small community project in 2011, with the aim of providing a quality Trouble in Terrorist Town server to the Australian Garry’s Mod community, one which was free of all the game-breaking customisations that became the norm. As the player base grew, so did our ambitions, branching out into other game-modes such as DarkRP and providing the first MultiMode server in the AU/NZ region for Garry’s Mod.

As the community on Garry’s Mod waned, we had to adapt to our new surroundings, particularly in the move to CS:GO, where our small development team worked extremely hard to provide a MultiMode server for the new community. Once again our flourishing community allowed us to branch off into other game-modes: Jailbreak, CS:GO TTT, 1v1 Arena, AWP, Retake and Climb KZ!

Ban-Hammer continues to adapt to the ever changing environment in the gaming community, and is the primary reason for its survival over its competitors.

Community Features

Ban-Hammer provides some awesome features available to all members!


Our friendly staff want the best for all players across all of our services. From the top-down, it is their goal to ensure the flow of gameplay is smooth, and as the face of our community, continue to assist players in doing so.

Donation Benefits/VIP

Any donations made directly support the community and we are extremely grateful for those who help with any amount possible. As a reward for supporting the community, VIPs receive several awesome benefits including server store customisations, credits, forum rank and more!


Ban-Hammer prides itself on providing a quality forum with a modern aesthetic to distinguish ourselves from other communities. We have formatted our forum to enable smooth transitions to specific sections, whilst also encouraging free-flowing discussions, with the odd bit of banter tossed in here and there!

VIP Packages

Our packages are available in 1-month, 4-month and 12-month increments

Community Supporter

$4.99 /month

  • 600 Credits
  • Reserved Slots
  • Lasers!
  • Ping & AFK Immunity
  • Name / Chat / Forum Tags
  • Chat Colours

Glorified VIP

$14.99 /quarter

  • 1800 Credits
  • Reserved Slots
  • Lasers!
  • Ping & AFK Immunity
  • Name / Chat / Forum Tags
  • Chat Colours

BH - Rich List

$54.99 /year

  • 7200 Credits
  • Reserved Slots
  • Lasers!
  • Ping & AFK Immunity
  • Name / Chat / Forum Tags
  • Chat Colours

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