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    • most of those maps were already parted and would be easy to find
    • Get all that dank dank 😂😂
    • +1 to rust server, from what I've seen they are popular if you can get the first few players in the mornings. With a large community and there are plenty of familiar faces that would show up if we were to add one. 1v1 me arabia for jb creds  
    • Some music change at the end would be rad,i know FreedomGamers have ported all of their old maps could add those? [there are some darn good classic maps, i cried with happy tears as i played a map i have not played for 8 years or so] brought back some serious memories.    Also Ban-Hammer as a community does not need to be linked to CSGO & only CSGO, Squad is in dire need of a neutral community with it's own admins who are unbiased towards clans, Ban-Hammer could provide such a server & attract people to the forums with their killer look & user interface [fuck i have been on so many shit forums Q4 you actually deserve praise]    +++ Ban-Hammer has such a recognizable name, everyone knows the phrase "BanHammer" it's the term used to describe an admin using their powers to ban someone hence "bringing down the hammer" We need to use it more, brand recognition is a thing.    The Peak for CSGO is over, we're never going to be the same as before, branching out into other areas is the only way to stay alive and potentially thrive.    Some other games just off the top of my head that we could host servers for.  Killing Floor 1 & 2   Natural Selection 2   Rust  [Choon myself & some others actually made a mostly functioning & up server pretty easily with a recognizable name & community support it could really work]    On top of this we should be having perhaps casted or at least streamed / record competitions Get on top of the "Media" Aspect of Ban-Hammer, the facebook page has not done anything in forever & i think there was an instagram at some point?    Advertise, get players & fans to follow you give them easy quick access to announcements via things they use every day, it will deliver all the information & quick updates players need & if they want to know more they will jump on the forums [link to discussed topic or thing should always be put in the text]    we could have comps in games such as  Age of Empires II HD Edition [1v1 with advanced rounds *so 8 individual 1v1s with the winner advancing until the final 1v1* if we have a big enough entry pool also because the game craps out with too many people]    Battlefield Call Of Duty Call Of Duty WaW [Highest wave on zombies or something? no cheats ofc]  CSS / CSGO also  Rust if we go with it [1 life event? normal vanilla no xgather or kit last man standing]  Killing floor 1 & 2 [ See CodWaW for comment, do the same thing here highest round, fastest time, etc]  Civ 3 to current [7 i think?] Rainbow Six Siege, [most overall wins in x time period, best team etc]      This is a very baked rant which in reality should be it's own post, sorry for hijacking your thread buddy  
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