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    • Would go for aircraft good fun for all.  
    • i didn't leave a +1 or a -1 as they generally mean nothing apart from serving as a community popularity contest.    making statements about someones age & their ability to mentally process things doesn't make me harsh, it makes me a realist, i'd take a less optimistic 20 something over a kid most days of the week, there can always be exceptions.    Sure, it's an ok staff application with terrible color coding, this doesn't show maturity.    i tend to believe the opposite, the more stress you put on young people who are "trying to be mature" the harder it's going to be for them in real life, this is a video game community & you should not force yourself to grow up just so you can hold a position of power.   Everyone can learn & retain information at any age, you should be keeping up with school & filling those heads with useful shit & not made up community rules.     Honestly, over all i think you believe being a staff member for Ban-Hammer to be far more important then it actually is.      
    • can we actually bring it back
    • Offender's name: Mid x / Donkey Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:153154269 / STEAM_0:1:80553118 Date and Time: 27/3/2017 - 7:15pm  Map Name: ttt_princess_terminal_f1 Custom What Happened:  Both the users Mid X and Donkey were being abusive to members when I hopped back on the TTT server after taking a break (on the map Minecraftcity) and the two were being general lemons by abusing other memebers, being smartasses to the server and starting arguments with other members and threatning to call an admin to the server. After I was planning on making a ban request on Mid X, i got told by another user that the two were map exploiting on Terminal.

      I checked the Demos to make sure and I have noticed that Donkey and Mid X did indeed map exploit with Donkey and other members on the server (Mid X being the leader while Donkey helping him mostly)

      Mid X was being a general minge to the server and I would have personally banned them from the server at that moment.

      These are the tick numbers provided in the demo below:

      At the start: Mid X immediately abusing.
      Tick 24000: where the map exploit begins.
      Tick 55439: Map exploits for the 2nd time, boosting Donkey out of the map. Multiple people getting out of the map.
      Tick 66300: They attempt to map exploit again (with a user named "Stripe" joining in as well), Mid X saying "you're not allowed to do that" when he did it in the past.
      Tick 82000: Attempts to get out of the map, doesn't work.
      Tick 93700: Getting out of the map again, along with a person named "BT-Gaming"
      Tick 107400: Getting out of the map again
      Tick 111278: Malala asks Mid X to slay, Mid X denies to and chooses to be a smartass.
      Tick 124788: Attempts to get out again, but dies.
      Tick 132300: Putting words in Malala's mouth and abusing.
      Tick 133900: Gets out of the map yet again and for the final time.

      I believe that this ban should be very harsh as they were well aware of what they were doing was wrong and chose to do it anyway, and to proceed to abuse people on the other 2 maps. The witnesses can claim otherwise. Evidence: The link of the demo: http://fastdl.streamline-servers.com/fastdl/BrendanD/8592/demo/auto-20170327-1915-ttt_princess_terminal_f1.dem.bz2 Witnesses: Malla, Ace, Kaz, Additional Information: There were also other rumours that Donkey and Mid X were supposodly Ghosting as well on the other map, but I couldn't confirm if that was true or not. They were also banned from DTK as well for breaking the rules (I am not 100% true if this was them or not, but wouldn't be shocked if it was). Mid X has been banned in the past for RDM and leave, and for being abusive towards other memebrs. I wasn't too bothered on grabbing the other demo on Minecraft City due to it being sorted out later, plus it wasn't really ban worthy of a high level in comparison to this.

      P.S. Mid X is most likely going to be added to the Hall of Shame.
    • Hands down Crummy Cradle.    If not do water park. Its fun to see people go splat.   Also @Q4-Bi. did you remember to turn auto bhop off?
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