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      – Added ability to send friend requests using CS:GO friend codes for Perfect World Beta accounts that had their identity verified.
      – Added support for CS:GO Community chat in Perfect World launcher.
      – Added support for CS:GO url handling to inspect CS:GO items, download match demos, and join parties in Perfect World launcher.
      – Fixed missing content for Crown sticker and Blitz Kids music kit.
      – Fixed Arms Race configuration on Shanghai and Guangzhou official servers.
      – Other UI and content fixes for Perfect World Beta players. [ MISC ]
      – Added ability to invite a recently played with player to your party even without being friends with them.
      – Headshot dink sound is no longer audible at a very long distance, except for the player who scored the headshot.
      – MOTD custom URLs are now restricted to http:// and https:// protocols only. View the full article
    • i'd suggest making the map more brighter using the light_environment   map looks pretty dark rn if u get what i mean based on the screenshots   but goodwork dude keep it up
    • I think it should remain how it is right now. The largest reason in my opinion is that it allows for diverse rounds, at any point during a maps rotation CT's will repeat map games and only stick to a certain group of map games, (Climb, surf, race). There is only so much people want to do.  But half of the game is ordering the T's. I understand your point, but when more time within the game is devoted to moving the T's then actually playing map games, I think there should be more variety within moving rather than restricting it to the same boring orders.     So the player base which accumulated whilst having the rule removed thus making up the majority of people who voted on the poll have the same thoughts and feelings about the rule being taken out, which are expressed in the posts above. However Deemo's comment is a good example of the game becoming the same round over and over.   He expects the beacon to be rushed to, but what if that beacon was a misclick? It's up to the player to be listening to the orders. But it works both ways because it is up to the CT to trick said T. They aren't obligated to trick T's, and simply killing people for rushing to a beacon that you placed with no orders isn't what the dynamic between a prisoner/guard relationship would be like. I personally hate Nazi CT's who kill without warning, and it's those people who abuse it by making ridiculous orders that sometimes can go over people's heads. for example, different size beacons, where the beacon/bullet shot is placed, different colour beacons. It should be used in moderation and not too extreme because that's when it gets no fun.
    • Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified   "Red Room" has limited teleport points, and added ladder where CT's can quickly counter rebels. Lighting is more consistent, and matches with the sun in skybox. Added more Cobblestone themed imagery, including castle towers, castle towers will be utilized as WARDAY, in later stages of dev.   Now to the Important bit. Map Games...   Map Games that will be added: Skipping Colours Climb Map Games that I'm testing: I reached out to @Lighten about map games. Lighten had some very unique map ideas, that I'll be using. They have never been tried before. I won't be unveiling them just yet, as they are still very broken.    Screenshots aren't that impressive, Still early dev tho.
    • Added my old pointshop system from the old multimode server and created a TTT integration script so points can only be obtained from ingame actions.    Focusing most of my attention on CSGO now as it's ready for what I want out of it.
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