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  3. Congratulations!
  4. Great change finally great to see it implemented. Chucking ads in the MOTD, and advertise other more revenue-drawing servers in the chat or /servers should help the server in my opinion. So long as its done right, theres some bad ones out there but many of the big ones work amazingly and I hope BH's can as well
  5. Glad to see the server will change, it's a great idea.
  6. Honestly i think BH should start branching out into other things that aren't CSGO i've been sinking all my hours into Squad https://joinsquad.com/ http://steamcharts.com/app/393380 The games super small at the moment but it's a heavily committed community with very few Australian servers, i think Ban-Hammer isn't doing enough to capitalize on it's name. CSGO isn't the game it used to be & i'm seeing more & more people i know from TTT & across the OCE gaming scene in Squad, the player base tends to also be older and more likely to donate & support their favorite server. Just my two cents, i think CSGO has mostly run it's course.
  7. Honestly a great choice @ab., i believe this FFA DM server will be a huge success! I would like to give Credit to @Queeno ,as he is the one that brought up the thought of FFA DM way before the Following Post!
  8. i wonder who voted no
  9. yaaaaaas FFA!!!!!
  10. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your opinions, we've decided to go ahead with the change. We will be starting work on the changeover today. Hopefully, we will see a new FFA DM server this week!
  11. mb half of what i said still holds up
  12. Yes this is true, but converting the 1v1 server to a different mode is better then leaving the 1v1 server empty and useless. Also our combat servers are more popular and gain more players, some may argue that these players won't stick around but still our community will gain more attention either way. over saturation, we can easily become a "top" server in the ffa dm servers area if we get a steady population and administrate the server to keep it in line. (not over the top though) imo - Better to convert to a different mode then leave the server dead and useless Another idea, multimode has combat surf but the seeing as the server isn't doing well and not gaining any players, maybe even convert mm into a combat server. I personally wouldn't like that, but it's a thought that has crossed my mind at some stage lately. Just throwing some ideas and thoughts out there
  13. Personally I would prefer it to be converted to a combat surf server but a FFA death match server would be pretty sweet
  14. hey @ab. welcome back it would be a very good idea
  15. Last week
  16. it said convert 1v1 not make a new server
  17. More player models with big titties if the ffaDM has a vote system so we can vote for headshots only etc. that'd be fantastic. This one may make it feel more like mini games-->. and if a VIP was on, they can use VIP vote to switch on different power ups like, more armour on all players for 2 minutes for harder killing.
  18. I've had alot of people tell me that they've wanted a FFA DM server
  19. dont really see a point in another server when we're struggling with our current ones and it wouldn't get many donations + the over saturation of ffa dm servers in oce but thats just my 2 cents
  20. Hey, Everyone! To keep this really simple, we would like to know if people within the community would be interested in a FFA DM (free for all deathmatch) server. I know that these type of servers can be really helpful for skill development/prep before comp matches. Please feel free to vote above, if we get enough support then we will make the swap. Thanks, ab.
  21. Pseduo is correct
  22. Oh yeah, small translation mistake haha
  23. @Jaay Yes it is
  24. I'm going to assume the first box is name?
  25. But it's working, right ?
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