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  2. [ PERFECT WORLD ] – Added ability to send friend requests using CS:GO friend codes for Perfect World Beta accounts that had their identity verified. – Added support for CS:GO Community chat in Perfect World launcher. – Added support for CS:GO url handling to inspect CS:GO items, download match demos, and join parties in Perfect World launcher. – Fixed missing content for Crown sticker and Blitz Kids music kit. – Fixed Arms Race configuration on Shanghai and Guangzhou official servers. – Other UI and content fixes for Perfect World Beta players. [ MISC ] – Added ability to invite a recently played with player to your party even without being friends with them. – Headshot dink sound is no longer audible at a very long distance, except for the player who scored the headshot. – MOTD custom URLs are now restricted to http:// and https:// protocols only. View the full article
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  4. i'd suggest making the map more brighter using the light_environment map looks pretty dark rn if u get what i mean based on the screenshots but goodwork dude keep it up
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  6. Thanks for providing entertainment for myself and others for the past few years, I started playing around the end of 2014 when I was 13 and now it's 2017 and I'm 15 turning 16 soon. The community is dying and I fear it may not grow back to it's original size with full servers with queues to join Multimode or Jailbreak. Please fix our broken community I wanna play with my old mates again.

  7. I think it should remain how it is right now. The largest reason in my opinion is that it allows for diverse rounds, at any point during a maps rotation CT's will repeat map games and only stick to a certain group of map games, (Climb, surf, race). There is only so much people want to do. But half of the game is ordering the T's. I understand your point, but when more time within the game is devoted to moving the T's then actually playing map games, I think there should be more variety within moving rather than restricting it to the same boring orders. So the player base which accumulated whilst having the rule removed thus making up the majority of people who voted on the poll have the same thoughts and feelings about the rule being taken out, which are expressed in the posts above. However Deemo's comment is a good example of the game becoming the same round over and over. He expects the beacon to be rushed to, but what if that beacon was a misclick? It's up to the player to be listening to the orders. But it works both ways because it is up to the CT to trick said T. They aren't obligated to trick T's, and simply killing people for rushing to a beacon that you placed with no orders isn't what the dynamic between a prisoner/guard relationship would be like. I personally hate Nazi CT's who kill without warning, and it's those people who abuse it by making ridiculous orders that sometimes can go over people's heads. for example, different size beacons, where the beacon/bullet shot is placed, different colour beacons. It should be used in moderation and not too extreme because that's when it gets no fun.
  8. Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified "Red Room" has limited teleport points, and added ladder where CT's can quickly counter rebels. Lighting is more consistent, and matches with the sun in skybox. Added more Cobblestone themed imagery, including castle towers, castle towers will be utilized as WARDAY, in later stages of dev. Now to the Important bit. Map Games... Map Games that will be added: Skipping Colours Climb Map Games that I'm testing: I reached out to @Lighten about map games. Lighten had some very unique map ideas, that I'll be using. They have never been tried before. I won't be unveiling them just yet, as they are still very broken. Screenshots aren't that impressive, Still early dev tho.
  9. Don't have much time so I'll just write quick. I love it as a T or CT. When I'm a T it's enjoyable watching so many being slaughtered when they make a mistake, even when I'm killed off I may get a bit salty, but I wasn't paying attention. Makes me more alert for next time. When I'm a CT it's very fun catching out those who do mess up. I guess its like simon says and even that game is a bit off when it comes to rules. Some orders a okay, and some a just downright horribly executed. (just like my essays I've given examples of good and bad when I'm supposed to be focussing on good.) please don't get rid of it ;-;
  10. Hey, I figured I'd give an update to the general public. I have recently started development work on the multimode server, I'm creating this post to keep a log for everyone to see what has been changed on the server. As you all know a community is nothing without its players, the idea is to create a more enjoyable experience for our players and to create a welcoming environment for new players that may stumble across our servers. I would appreciate and will take into consideration any feedback that any of you may have towards the server. I will be updating this post with anything that has been fixed or added to the server from this point forward. [12/04/2017] @ unknown - Removed coursemaps temporarily, to be re-added once fixed [13/04/2017] @ 11:43PM - Fixed players keeping weapons in deathrun and some surf maps @ 11:43PM - Fixed players spawning with weapons in some minigames maps. (rainbow, wl_)
  11. I really don't mind if this rule is removed. I understand both sides of the argument I would think the rules were there to bring back regulars which in return bring new people. If the regulars don't play the server population goes down to 0 and new people don't join a server that has no one else. Just a polite disagreement
  12. Name Tag: {purple}[{blue}Kanjiklub{purple}] Price: 1000 Servers: All For: All
  13. But isn't the point of the new rules to bring new players. Nothing sucks more than to join a server and getting killed for stuff you don't understand. You gotta look at this like a new player, my friends have said why they hate playing this server, and a major reason is getting killed by bs and having to wait 5-6 minutes to respawn. I understand we need the old players to play as a foundation, but sacrificing the newer playerbase ain't the way to do it Edit: I am in the opposite to you, I have played 20 days of Jailbreak without tricking while transporting, I pretty much got it ingraded into my mind that I dont have to pay attention to transportation. I understand this isn't how a lot of people learnt, so I might be biased in that aspect
  14. Most people look at polls and go "Alright this looks like a great idea I'm going to vote yes" Without thinking it through properly. I'n my experience I'd like it removed because for example when you just get out of cells a beacon gets placed and I walk out and I'm already dead. Sure it is fun for ct's to do this but not for the t's that probably didn't know about this or just weren't listening and assumed that there is a beacon order to go to it and button freeze and dying.
  15. ^This. For me innovation and unique rounds are incredibly important. You have a community where the top 30 players have spent over a month of their lives in-game, keeping every round interesting and unorthodox should be a priority. However, there are other ways to achieve this without massacring a server. Tricking while transporting began as the route to making every round distintive. Unfortunately what arose some of the time, is new blood giving their go at Wardening, trying to prove themselves litterateurs with their words, but then neglecting to pluralise their beacon order, resulting in a fresh CT Ban. That's the kind of stuff that drives people away from the servers. All logic points towards removing the no longer unorthodox dream, however, what I don't want to see is wardens getting slain for killing prisoners who rushed to a beacon which he gave no orders for, and likely accidentally placed. There has to be limits placed on what will be defined as tricking while transporting because it will not always be intentional. I do not know Jailbreak without tricking while transporting, I left around the same time it was disallowed, and I returned the same week it was reinstated. I can't say I'm enthusiastic to see it removed, but it's important to go with the majority at the moment until the servers become more populated.
  16. This speaks the truth, I believe he even quoted this from me. I would like my credit where it is due Young nigga sambo. however I do like having the freedom that it allows, as it allows for a change from the flow and opens up new avenues for creativity. It is sad that it is used as a cheap way to kill a large mass of people. And for this reason I believe it should be removed or have the rule revised.
  17. In regards to not having a vote to bring it in but having a vote to take it out. The server had 0 players on it. There needed to be some kind of change and I wasn't going to wait 1 1/2 weeks for the community to bicker over whether or not it should be added. I got input from admins and we decided to go ahead with it and the other changes that were made. As far as I'm concerned its worked pretty well so far. Now that I'm not feeling pressured to get the population up there is more time to discuss and debate these things.
  18. i did read it, but as far as im concerned if people can argue for it, ill argue against it
  19. Did you even read the original post?(seems like most people in this thread didn't) He's planning on removing it and asking the people who want it to stay to bring up good reasons, it's not like he's advocating for it to remain, arguing for it's removal in this thread is sort of redundant.
  20. The only people who fall for the tricks anymore are new players who just leave the server instantly. No reason to have it.
  21. Remove it. It's hard always listening and paying attention to every specific of an order, so I wouldn't want to be killed during transporting and having to watch for the rest of the round. The way I see it; people will leave if they get killed by stupid tricking orders, however the server population won't be affected when there isn't tricking as it's such a little aspect of the game.
  22. Looks like commonsense decided to show up - I 100% back everything in this post
  23. remove this shit
  24. remove it its just an excuse to be a cunt
  25. personally from my point of view, even though i haven't really played recently i never played jailbreak to really pay attention to every single order half the fun for me was doing the map games, not just one then going to LR but my main issue with the rule is that we are obviously always looking at encouraging more players to join the server and become regulars recently ive seen the trend of someone new coming in and not fully understanding what is happening get killed via tricking then leave the server soon after as far as the rule being changed in the first place from what i could see the only advocates for it on that post were skarecrow, kakashi and shortie, whilst 2 others expressed there opinion against it. so for removing it i don't see a problem with it only being on the server for 2-3 weeks, as it wasn't even community voted to be changed to start with, so it seems fairly biased to have a vote from the community that favors removing it and then question it, where as there was no vote to initially put it back in the rules
  26. Its a good rule and should be kept contrary to what i normally say as it makes you have to pay attention and not just auto pilot until lr Plus watching 2/3 of the T's die one minute out of cells
  27. I don't care too much one way or the other but I feel that this is too soon to start reverting back rules that were only changed a couple weeks ago, everyone needs time to get used to the fact that they actually have to listen instead of blindly rushing to beacons knowing that they can't get killed. While I do get the point that being tricked while transported is annoying as hell, I just think more time is needed for people to get back into listening to orders.
  28. Wasn't it just added in again like due to a poll or something? if i'm remembering correctly. then this just screams of salt & people complaining when the warden decides to run a tight ship? from my understanding the current meta of Jailbreak is >Open cells > Move the Ts somewhere > maybe play a map game & kill them, when i played for a little bit it was the same old same old with every single person wardening? i'd honestly like to run some rounds like i used to way back during my super nazi days, if i did that & didn't get instabanned for "being too nazi" you would see people begging for the old rules back. the TL;DR is People are impatient & don't know what they want, they are also unable to grasp the concept of stepping away from your computer when you die to do real life shit. Kakashi misses going to !LR right out of cells because people decided to test the "Button Freeze" order by moving thinking i would not kill them. Do whatever you feel like, i miss the old JB.
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