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  1. Ban Appeal

    Would you like to be unbanned from our servers, tell us your say!

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  4. Admin Applications

    Forum rules

    In order to post in this section of the forums, your account must have a post count of 10.

    Create a new topic to apply, a template is provided. Read the "Admin Application Template & Criteria [READ BEFORE APPLYING]" sticky before you apply.

    Make sure you meet all the requirements, if you do not meet the requirements your application will be denied.

    Abuse will NOT be tolerated

    Admin Applications and replies containing abuse of any kind may result in your application being rejected.

    Useless replies will be deleted

    If your reply to a topic is not useful, it will be deleted without warning. Repeatedly posting useless comments will have further consequences.

    Read the two stickies available for both applicants and player opinions.

    Application Reply Etiquette

    Admin F.A.Q + Feedback Guidelines [READ BEFORE REPLYING]

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact a Director

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