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Ban Requests

Use of the Mighty Ban Hammer?
Do you see a fearless individual?

Ban Request Rules

Forum rules
Create a new topic to request a ban, a template is provided. Read the "[READ] Complaint/Ban Request Template" sticky before you submit.
In order to provide proof for a ban, read the sticky "Providing Evidence for Ban Requests".

Ban Request Criteria

  • The offence committed must be 'bannable'. This means that requests that would only result in slays/kicks/mutes/gags will be denied.
  • The reporter MUST include physical evidence (demo/recording/screenshots etc) BEFORE posting, otherwise their request will be denied.

Abuse will NOT be tolerated
Ban requests and replies containing abuse of any kind may result in your request being rejected.

Useless replies will be deleted
If your reply to a topic is not useful, it will be deleted without warning. Repeatedly posting useless comments will have further consequences.
This includes giving your opinion on the person or ban details which does not add to the topic.
If you are not an ADMIN there is a high chance your post will be removed unless the situation directly involved you and a side of the story you deem vital is missing