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A sub-forum dedicated to the trading of skins or games. This board is heavily moderated.

Trading Board Rules

0.0: English is the only acceptable language.

0.1: Useless replies are not needed and are subject to being hidden.

0.2: Be civilized and courteous to other members. Abuse is not tolerated.

0.3: We do not tolerate scamming. Scamming another member, attempting to scam another member or being a known scammer may result in warning points or suspension from our forums and/or servers.

0.4: Thread titles must not be in capitalized lettering.

0.5: Do not beg for for items.

0.6: Use common sense when posting a thread or replying to a thread.

0.7: You must have the item in which you are listing present in your inventory.

0.8: You must include your trade offer link in your trade description.

0.9: If somebody offers your B/O you must accept, failure to do so can result in warning points.

1.0: Do not offer trades in [Q]Question or [PC]Price Check threads.

1.1: You must provide proof of C/O if one is present.

1.2: If someone sends you a trade in which they will not receive anything, be courteous and return the item. Not doing so may taint your reputation and you may be convicted as a scammer (relates to rule 0.2).

1.3: Simplified text is allowed (e.g. BFK - Butterfly knife, Dlore - Dragon Lore).

1.4: Items that are not tradable via the steam trades window are not accepted. This includes, but is not limited to gift codes, steam vouchers, CD keys, etc. The only external addition to trades may include PayPal, BTC and Skrill.

1.5: You must set a realistic buyout price for items which you plan to buy or sell.

1.6: Offensive and unnecessary replies are not allowed and is punishable.

1.7: Commenting on the prices listed by the seller is allowed. However you must respect the overall decision of the seller.


  1. Trades/Stores

    A sub-forum dedicated to trading skins individually or in mass.

  2. Price Checks/Questions

    A sub-forum where you can ask the community questions about trades or ask for a price check on a specific item/s.

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