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    • Blur

      Regarding Application Board   07/15/2016

      There has been a recent trend that users have been posting on applications telling them they do not meet the criteria to apply. There are board rules that clearly state that it is up to the discretion of staff to act on these, as a member all that's asked of you in this forum is to give input on the user applying for the role; not their application. Staff is considered to be Community, Forum and Head admins as well as directors. Please ensure you have read over the general forum rules, the application board specific rules as well as the application reply etiquette thread before posting in this forum.
    • Catch

      Prop Surfing is now a non-traitorous act!   06/18/2017

      That is all.   The rules will be updated - if I've missed somewhere please let me know.
    • ab.

Staff Applications

Combat Applications are Open!

Jailbreak Applications are Open!

MultiMode Applications are Open!
TTT Applications are Open!

Application Rules

Forum rules

Abuse will NOT be tolerated

Admin Applications and replies containing abuse of any kind may result in your application being rejected.

Useless replies will be deleted

If your reply to a topic is not useful, it will be deleted without warning. Repeatedly posting useless comments will have further consequences.

Comment on the player NOT the requirements that haven't been met, leave that to staff.

Read the three stickies available for both applicants and player opinions.

Application Reply Etiquette

Admin F.A.Q + Feedback Guidelines [READ BEFORE REPLYING]

Admin Application Requirements/Criteria

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact a Director.


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    Accepted Staff Applications

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    Denied Staff Applications

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