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    Today marks the 6th anniversary of the creation of the Ban-Hammer steam group! When the MultiMode server was created by JJ, the server ran on unstable, modified and un-ported plugins. Since a lot of the things we wanted to have on MultiMode didn't exist, we had to make our own or heavily modify existing plugins for other older games. The server has had a complete overhaul and has been re-created from scratch with new and updated plugins. You probably won't notice many differences ingame, however this was done to ensure updating the server is a lot easier and adding more content and gamemodes can be done much easier. Important bug fixes include maps not ending on minigames courses and also nominated maps being displayed in the wrong categories in votes. We have also fixed a large crash issue which has been constantly crashing the server the last year or so. We have added 23 new maps in total, we hope to be adding some more soon! Minigame courses now feature a timer! There are many commands you can access and fiddle around with, you can type !help ingame to list all the commands. More features and styles will be coming in the future. NEW Gamemode! Murder has been added to the server. In the past, we had a Murder server and it was very succesfull. We decided to shut it down because we created a TTT server which we felt was too similar and Murder wouldn't stand a chance against it. Some may know we tried adding Murder in the past, however there was conflict with multiple other plugins and a few problems. These have all been fixed and the gamemode should run smoothly! You can type !murder or !murderrules ingame to learn more about the gamemode. Thankyou everyone for helping support Ban-Hammer!
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    In-Game Name: Chosen2k Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:57283080 Age: 18 Server Playtime: 120+ on combat mode and 125+ on Multimode Which Server are you applying for? Combat Why would you like to become an admin? First off i would like to say that I am running for admin on both Multimode and Combat mode. Im already Trusted on Combat mode and have been for the past 3 months, however i feel that as an admin it will be alot easier to both control the server and increase server popularity, as a trusted i have already assisted in clearing the server of alot of scripters and a few hackers as well, but on the odd occasion where a blatent hacker is on the server, i can only ban them for a day. Then i have to either contact a director or put up a ban request, when someone so blatent should just be instantly banned. As an admin i will also be given the powers to mute and unmute, which would make it alot easier to control the server. (There has been an interesting glitch lately where i Map-mute a player, and they stay muted for multiple maps, even days later) i am also extrememly active on both combat mode and multimode which is why i am running for both. Another reason for me running for admin/trusted on multimode is that, on the times that i usually am on, the existing trusteds and admins are usually not. this isnt too big a deal, but there are still players on the server, and almost always a player who decides to ruin if for others by delaying, mic spamming or just being a lemon. While i obviously wouldnt be handing out slay's and kicks all the time, these "lemons" usually think twice before breaking server rules when they see an admin or trusted on. Back to Combat mode, all in all iu just feel that being admin is the next step from trusted, and through my one suspension i understand just where my boundry's are and would overall make a great addition to the Ban Hammer Admin Team. What time(s) do you normally play? No set time, but usually every day in the afternoon. Who will support your application? Michaeltheboy, Bodes Spodey, Hopsin, Snapz, Malala, Mike Ross, Binnzy, Atche Dub, Sipher, Lighten, Yung Mud, MintyFresh, TheRatKing, Fishlings, FUKDEHLEMONS, Azza, Smally, Cloud, eSo, SaveTheSheep, Xenocide, Shortie, P3nguin, Glory, Rusty (VelxinOne), Lateko, Loftsy, Bannanalewis, Kaz, Bannanaking, Drtacojr, K., Master, Jaay, Black ice, Dog Fuck, Chips, Magician, Turtle, Spooky and Jordan. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? On my mates Dark Rp server, on my mates minecraft server, trusted on Ban Hammer, respected on monumental gaming Dark Rp Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Not really, ill learn it if i have to.
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    @ab. @D☼ngas20 @Dr. Kittens Here's a list of some very good minigame/multigame maps. I made sure none of the maps I suggested are already in your map pool. mg_mario_course_v1_1 - http://gamebanana.com/maps/174035 mg_airmap2_run_v2 - http://gamebanana.com/maps/176082 mg_colors_course - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406008458 mg_awp_multigames_csgo - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=617288493&searchtext=awp_multigames mg_awp_submarine_v4csgo - http://gamebanana.com/maps/168114 mg_100traps_v4_1 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510119667 mg_eparlana_multigame_csgo_v2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/4q0i4vw8rau3kt1/mg_eparlana_multigame_csgo_v2.bsp?dl=0 mg_hype2 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600685501 mg_kohztek_course - http://gamebanana.com/maps/186009 mg_lego_course - https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9qctxv31qdlsrm/mg_lego_course_v1_1_0.bsp?dl=0 mg_mario_galaxy - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=662319361 mg_sonic_multigames - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=248723651&searchtext=multigames mg_multigames_devine_or_guess - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=278204953&searchtext=multigames mg_nimafa_2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/zl8v40swmcu5mls/mg_nimafa_2_final_fix0.bsp?dl=0 mg_nimafa_3 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxyxjm0oterd8i0/mg_nimafa_3_final_v3_.bsp?dl=0 mg_sonic_islands - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=524648589&searchtext=sonic mg_course_ravine_final - http://gamebanana.com/maps/192049 mg_sonic_course - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=481682845&searchtext=sonic mg_super_tower_v3 - http://gamebanana.com/maps/178369 mg_airmap2_run_v2 - http://gamebanana.com/maps/176082 mg_minecraft_adventure - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405530541 mg_wipeout_course - https://www.dropbox.com/s/6wn8x5wzy9ona13/mg_wipeout_course_v1_1.bsp?dl=0 mg_fy_knifecanyon_v2 - http://gamebanana.com/maps/184257 mg_gruber_course_v2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/6wn8x5wzy9ona13/mg_wipeout_course_v1_1.bsp?dl=0 For 6 of the maps, I couldn't find a game banana or steam workshop download link so I uploaded my own file and put it there. Hopefully the file I gave you is what is needed.
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    Here is a map ive made for the awp server, Its a minecraft based theme " i know another minecraft map " The map has no advantage for either side. It does have, Limited Hide spots Above and Under sections Scouts on the roof x2 Hidden Deagle * New * 27 CT & T spawn points * New * Reworked undergound with every block breakable * New * Overall its a good map to play on Workshop Link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857340869
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    i agree that it seems you have changed but the suspension shouldn't of been needed in the first place, you should've realized what you were doing and thought about the consequences before hand and like i said these incidents occurred only recently and also from your point of view thinking my -1 is unnecessary this is why it is my opinion
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    UPDATED RULES SNAPSHOT 8TH FEBRUARY 2017! CT RULES: 2.25 GUARDs must demo non-map games, failing to provide a demo will allow PRISONERs to opt out. NOTE: If the 'non-map game' is not dangerous the WARDEN can force a prisoner to demo. 2.43 When GUARDs are playing a game that requires 5000hp (Bullrush, Cops N Robbers, Shark Tank etc.) and the GUARDs that have been chosen to participate are shot by a rebelling PRISONERs for 100hp or more the GUARDs must slay 2.44 A PRISONERs that is not following orders (rebelling) cannot be baited. PRISONER RULES: 3.9 PRISONERs cannot initiate or participate in an LR in Gun Room or Medic. 3.11 When there are 3 PRISONERs left alive during a Hide N' Seek Day the camping of map secrets is prohibited.
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    Shitterlord, your application is being accepted. Welcome to the team, contact me on Teamspeak to get started. ACCEPTED
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    Thank you for applying Master. Your application was successful, welcome to the Combat Administration team! ACCEPTED.
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    I think that we should just say on behalf on the Multimode community that we thank all the community directors who have given Multimode a second chance and putting in the time and effort to ensure that Multimode is entertaining and fun for everybody
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    Its been almost a month since this application has been out, and it looks like everybody has finally finished commenting their Concerns, Opinions and complements on me. Its been an intense time and considering its looking like there is going to be no more Comments. I think there is nothing left to do besides get tossed the result of this application. (Thanks for you time)
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    Chosen, this application is going to be denied for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, we're concerned about how recent your suspension was, and would like longer to assess where you are compared to then. Our second concern is that you have been Trusted for only 2 months, when we'd rather you wait at least 3 before applying. DENIED
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    ghosting while in spectate , i think that is worth a kick
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    we dont use a library book for a computer
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    i usually don't really post on admin applications but i am going to have to -1 the way you conducted yourself a few times in just the last month was pretty poor to be completely honest and i feel like you need to prove that you have matured from those actions before you receive admin. regardless good luck on your application
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    Currently with population of servers going up and down, this would effectively kill BH-JB. When we started up we considered which type of JB would be better. Non prewarn and the current configuration were our two options, Clearly the current setup would be better and it has been for the past few years and we don't want to change something that has made this community rise upon others. Making this a special day will cause even more problems that there already are. We would have to make separate rules for a game mode that is just a nerfed jb. I see this as a server killer and a pointless idea. NightHawk Co-Founder of Ban-Hammer Community Director
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    i think rather then removing them perhaps set a time limit? so that clouds could only be played once every 2 hours or something
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    Fillipe, your application this time around is successful. We've noticed your frequent playtime, especially during recent weeks where we've needed it most and we really appreciate the work you're putting in. ACCEPTED
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    em liten here For anyone that is interested in creating a new map which is desperately needed on Jailbreak servers. Talk to ME! I have about 11-12 new map games that are available for you to use. I DO want credit for the map game though, JUST KEEP THAT IN MIND, e.g. MY NAME IS ON THE MAP GAME IN GAME (next to the start button or something like that) made by LiGHTeN DO NOT DELETE RACE OR CLIMB EITHER, BECAUSE THESE GAMES ARE FAVORABLE ON THE SERVERS BECAUSE PLAYERS LIKE THEM. IF YOU HAVE A MAP GAME OR IDEA IN YOUR HEAD, TELL ME AND I WILL DEFINITELY FILL IN THE DETAILS WITH YOUR HELP! PLEASE DO NOT POST THESE ANYWHERE ELSE EITHER. I WILL ONLY GIVE THE MAP GAME IDEAS TO PLAYERS THAT GIVE PROOF OF MAKING A MAP GAME. (proof can either be a compiled map for my viewing or screenshots with your name inside the map e.g. on the wall below the ban hammer banner) I WILL ALSO KEEP A LIST OF THE NAMES I HAVE GIVEN OUT THE MAP GAMES TO. FOR CREDIT REASONS. Contact me through the forums messaging system or through STEAM messaging system. KEEP IN MIND, I WILL RESPOND ON FORUMS QUICKER THEN STEAM Thank you, em liten, em out.
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    Coming off of what @NightHawk said, If this was to somehow get put into consideration, Instead of causing problems by making it a special day or what-not, have it as a weekend special or something. I remember playing this on CSS (not sure what server maybe old resistance jb or something) but it was interesting and does spark creativity which is what JB players currently lack. If this was to happen, make it happen occasionally for a day or something and see how the community reacts to it.
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    from what ive seen lately there just isnt competent cts at all, doesn't really matter what map and don't people just enjoy having a map every now and then to just rebel constantly and have fun
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    sorry but no why would you possibly want to remove avalanche for thats the best map
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    Hey Teknow, i'm sorry for how long it's taken us to process this Admin application. With everything that's been happening recently, primarily the closure and subsequent reopening of the Multimode server, i've tried to give this application time to breathe. What this means is i've left it up to see if anybody else would comment their thoughts. Unfortunately this application hasn't been very popular, probably due to the closure of the server, and on that basis it's going to be denied. In future, if you choose to post another application, I hope there are less disruptive incidents so you have a more fair experience. You may reapply in 3 months. DENIED
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    Thankyou for letting us know of what you think of the state of Ban-Hammer's Jailbreak. I'd like to say is that, the reason why some maps have minimum players needed because of the size of the map. We can possibly lower the minimum players amount. With maps, i believe there is a thread of people who suggested different maps to put on that we can look into. I have to apologise that I have been extremely busy to look at most of these problems but will be looked into. I know the other directors and TRUSTED have looked into this situation to find a good possible way to improve our Jailbreak server that we all love. With the skins or items in the store, We have been slowly adding new items/skins onto the server but for the last 2 months, we haven't had time to add any. I'm sure some or many will agree that they liked the old store because they used that particular skin/item everytime they played and maybe feel someway for the new skins. We try to improve what we have but there is also a limit of skins that are out there for us to use. This is another reason why it sometimes makes us delay some skins. With the admins of Ban-Hammer, if you believe something is not right or you feel unhappy of what they are doing, I highly advise you or anyone else to PM me on the forums so I can look into the matter. We do take these things seriously as we want the community and our members to feel happy that they are playing on Ban-Hammer servers. .KULIN
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    In-Game Name: Shitterlord Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:150832577 Age: 17 Server Playtime: 14d 05:05h Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? First of all, I would like to give a massive thanks to Ace, Bodes and Fillipe for encouraging me to applying saying that I would fit a trusted and admin role very well. During the many months, I have been playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, I was lucky enough to one day to stubble into the Ban-Hammer TTT server and I feel in love with it straight away. The 14+days that I have spent on the TTT server have been some of the most enjoyable experiences for me. The reason I am applying for admin is simply because of my love of the server and the community, in the past few week I found the server to be almost dead and have at most 8 players on at a time, with there always being one or two of these players committing several RDM’s, abusing players on the server and also meta-gaming. Since then Admins of other Ban-Hammer servers have been given admin to help with the revival of the TTT server and as we have all seen it has helped massively and I want to be a part of this group that is bring life back to the TTT community As many past admins, have recently stepped down I feel as I it is time for a new group of players to be given this position. I have always seen myself as someone who enforces the rules and is actually able to listen to the reason/reasons that has cause an issue and can solve said issue from there. Overall if I’m accepted/given a trusted position and simply rejected I plan on continuing to play on the TTT server and helping out new and old player alike. Thank you for having the time to read my application and consider me for this role. Regard, Shitterlord XD XD What time(s) do you normally play? everyday 11am -10pm Who will support your application? Bodes XD, Ace, Fillipe, Sn' Banter Brigade, eye ken and many more member of the Ban-Hammer community Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? no Are you familiar with Sourcemod? no, more than happy to learn
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    @Tracy If you played the combat server you would understand why im trying to push the topic , My own benefit hmm if you had taken the time to play on the server and get to know me like everyone else has then you would understand how stupid that comment sounds
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    unless you have actual evidence that avalanche is crashing the servers why put a post up like this? provide evidence not just a oh it crashed i dont like this map lets remove it
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    did you not completely read the post? it can fuck with to many things so it wont happen
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    I'm also pretty sure that it gimps out with CS pretty hard, so if you were to use !tp on JB then go to retakes you'd still have it, which some would see as an advantage
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    !tp and !fp is waaaaay too OP. Especially on a JB Server. There is an old TTT server I used to play on all the time and I'd constantly abuse !tp. It gave me an advantage looking around corners as the Traitor so I could kill them quickly. Having this in Jailbreak would mean prisoners could avoid being seen by hiding around corners and knowing when to walk away.
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    What have you done wrong on the server to cop this action
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    I would love to see Zombie day being fixed and added back to the server. This has probably been in the debates for a while now but it would be really cool if the old school zombie day got brought back in. Off coarse though their would be some minor adjustments being made such as the ct's get more hp for the amount of t's alive at the start of the round. Also their could be rounds where everyone is only allowed to use one weapon such as ak-47 or p90. Warden will also have to specify out of bounds areas such as climb on certain maps because it will make t's impossible to kill if they are standing at the top as a group spraying down on ct's. I saw on a different server a game mode called "One in a chamber". Most people probably already know this game mode from other games. How it works though is everyone has a deagle with one bullet in it where it only takes one hit to kill someone and if you do kill them you get a bullet back. You will also have a knife where you could make it one hit or just leave it as it is. I would say rules for this is hunting straight away with no teams but could also have normal rules like hunger games.
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    Michael, this application is unfortunately being denied. As seen in the comments above many people find you a nice player, however we have concerns about how you deal with certain situations. Between now and any future applications, we'd like to see your conflict management improve. For more in-depth reasoning, feel free to PM me. DENIED
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    Shitterlord is a very nice, respectful, well represented player that always helps when need be. Whenever I'm on TTT I always see shitterlord online doing the things that have already been said. +1
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    +1 always happy, enjoyable to play with and willing to help anyone with anything including assholes like myself xD Good Luck Fag -Ladz
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    Fallopian tubes has been one of, if not, the most outstanding TTT regular to me thanks to his maturity, commitment to the server, knowledge and enforcement of rules and just generally being a very friendly guy. Not much to say as it has already been said, Good luck. +1
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    As I told you in PM, neither should be added. Here's my two cents. Intentionally delaying, more commonly referred to as the disrupting the flow of gameplay, is something that is monitored in which people are punished for. Restricting an aspect for t's to use rebel will change the game completely, as essentially less people will be rebelling in multiple ways considering that rule will apply to many instances, not just to those hiding in cells. Furthermore no rule regarding the single ordering of hot cells should be added, as generally ct's help each other with the neutralising of hot cells (anything else would be mic spam most likely, e.g. ordering different things at the same time). I know what instance you were talking about with this example. If this rule were to be implemented, you'd be in the wrong considering a ct was helping the warden with the hot cell and you jumped in.
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    +1 from what I've seen, plenty of experience and I'm sure you'd do great as an admin on either server given the chance
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    +1. shown dedication and good skills whilst trusted good luck
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    Thankyou very much for your consideration =)
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    Long before your time young pleblord.
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    It is an easy +1 from me. Shitterlord is a very helpful and friendly member on Ban-Hammer. I normally see shitter help out many people on TTT and JailBreak. He enforces rules on both servers and I believe that he is more than capable of handling a server by himself thanks to his maturity. Goodluck
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    +1 As Robert said, chill dude and enforces rules. I believe he is capable of handling the server as an admin. Good luck fam xd
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    We've recently changed our guidelines for situations like this, and this means that both Wogboy and Clitosaurus are going to be banned for the original 4 days. Your bans will expire on the 30th of January. RESOLVED
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    That would ruin aspects of rebelling and will be hard to control. However, I do believe prisoners who rebel as their lr (last t alive) should be hunting otherwise they are delaying their lr. There is no need to make that a rule, its kind of general knowledge to have one ct giving orders for hot cell, then again the server does inhabit a variety of lemons. But I still don't think it's necessary to have any of these as rules, I do understand your reasoning to them though.
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    Huge +1 Michael has been playing on the AWP server for ages and definitely deserves admin considering his commitment and usefulness to the server itself. It's good to see that Michael attempts to get along with everyone and represents himself to his best always. I'd like to add that Michael is completely mature and suit for the role, despite him being under the age recommendation. There have been numerous times where Michael has assisted in applying punishment, such as by messaging an admin or through help on a ban request, highlighting his adequate ability to help when needed (which undoubtedly would carry on further with admin powers). EDIT: Recommended age*
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