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    INTRODUCTION JAILBREAK is quite a old mod. Its gameplay never stopped evolving thanks, especially, to its maps, battlefield of thousands of players all around the world. However, they took a bad way of life. Playing the same maps over and over became boring and stale. Relying on their achievements of predecessors, without any innovation of their own. This is why today, the biggest JAILBREAK servers decided to create an alliance. Various jailbreak servers are coming together to create this alliance. An alliance that will allow anybody to improve the situation, by creating a new map and bringing fun to thousands of players around the globe. JUDGEMENT Ratings will work in the following way: Each community will put a grade to each map. The average value will be their final mark, and the highest scores will win the competition. Communities won’t be able to judge maps made by players of their server (to be sure that they don’t give better mark to their friends). Criteria to be met are: · Design / looks of the map · Originality (custom textures / props, no copy/pasterino etc…) · Games (Quantity, Splitting, originality etc…) · Interest in each team (Map has to be balanced, but Ts are supposed to be able to escape, and CTs to survive if they are good and if areas are not too small) · Enough spawn / cells (42T and 22CT spawns) PRIZES Let’s speak now about, the most important part, what do the winners get! Cash prizes are split like this: 1st place: $400 + A 6 GB server for six months valued at $270 thanks to our sponsor www.pulseservers.com 2nd place: $100 3rd place: $50 PARTICIPATION To participate to this contest, you will have to finish and publish your map before September, 1st. If you think you are going to participate, we are asking you to go on the following website. You will be able to register with your steam account, and see other participants. http://mappingcontest.rebels-corp.net/index.php To be valid, you have to publish your map on the workshop or on gamebanana indicating that the map is made for the Jailbreak Mapping Contest and then share it on the website in the “Map” section. You will also have to put the following banner in the map: Good luck to all participants!
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    Still not as good as Project Bone-Bares 😏
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    In-Game Name: Snapz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:50286172 Age: 19 Server Playtime: 26d 04:24h Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I am an active member of the community, from playing in game, to being involved in forum discussions, to basically living on the ts server. If given the chance to be admin this WILL NOT CHANGE. My time spent on the server has allowed me to learn all the rules thoroughly and understand the situations they are relevant/referring to. I think of myself as an approachable person so if people want to ask questions they easily can and with my level of understanding of the rules i am able to explain the rules to anyone who is struggling to understand them. I try my best to help players out and stop players from breaking the rules, but i find myself from time to time in situations where i need to contact and admin (like last night ) as i am powerless to stop most rule breakers. I believe from being punished myself and seeing others being punished I have grown a solid understanding on how someone should enforce these rules on the server As far as confidence and ability to control the server, I guess the closest I have gotten to experience in this is being warden, which I believe I do a good job in controlling the server during those rounds. I have never really had a confidence problem or “public speaking” problem and will be able to calmly and maturely control the server when needed. The main reason I am applying for admin is because I believe that with these admin abilities I could help the server be a more enjoyable place for everyone playing in more ways than just dealing with rule breakers. I see myself as a more lenient admin than most but I will be more than capable to enforce the rules/give serious punishments when it is necessary. I guess being admin will be my way of giving back to the server and community so i hope you will give me the opportunity be one, thanks for reading my app. What time(s) do you normally play? Anytime, mainly at night Who will support your application? I didn't ask many people but, TIG, Spodeyy, Goose, Mike, Lighten, Jordan Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Good old Minecraft server admin Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No P.s I'm a gay cunt, love tig
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    you would have to be probably the most immature person i have ever met in my time around ban hammer and to be honest i find it hard to believe that you actually want this to help the community and not just to help you and your mates
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    -1 I know for a fact a lot of players don't like you on the retake server because of your attitude , you get pissed off and irritated at people for small things . It is a community server people go there to mess around and have fun , until you change your attitude towards the other players i will stay as -1 , the amount of hours on the server means nothing if you have a bad reputation .
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    TTT Rule Update - 19/06/2017 Due to community support. prop surfing has been reintroduced. Prop Surfing within the visible map boundaries is allowed and is a non-traitorous act.
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    -1 I don't really have too much of a say towards your admin app as I have never seen you in game or on the forums until today, which is sort of why I am commenting on your app. It isn't a requirement to post an introduction at all so don't take this the wrong way but most people who want to get admin want to be known in the community before they apply to get the most positive and constructive feedback possible. Along with that I feel that forum presence is important, even for combat players. Yeah it isn't easy to get posts up that are relevant but seen as you are on the retakes server a lot witnessing cheaters and so forth you could get your evidence and post it on the forums (in the case of not being able to get hold of an admin). Of course it is easier to get admins on however taking it into your own hands and submitting a ban request shows initiative and that you are willing to help the community. Good luck.
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    -1 Thinks he is funny but is actually really annoying. Disrupts rounds constantly by saying dumb shit like he wants to brush my teeth.
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    Hey all - so an update on the TTT server: Due to large community support, PROP SURFING will be reintroduced as a non-traitorous act COME FRIDAY - 2nd of June (Yes this means from Friday on-wards you CAN prop surf). This will in place for approx 2 weeks as a trial phase and then revisited to decide on a final decision in regards to whether it will be continue. A NOTE: With this change, the opportunity to exploit map boundaries will also rise. Players are ONLY allowed to prop surf within and to areas of the VISIBLE map confines. This means that prop surfing to an area such as behind a cliff in which you would only be visible if someone else were to prop surf up to you is against the rules. Any players caught outside of the visible map boundaries will result in repercussions ranging from warnings, slays and bans (at admin discretion, dependent on circumstance). Also, any players ABUSING map boundary exploits (e.g. using missing/invisible textures to basically wall-hack) will result in being banned. On another note, the TTT map pool is currently being re-worked with many underplayed, unpopular and generally bad maps being removed to help improve the quality of the map pool and pave the way for future maps. (The current map pool can be found here: https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/topic/8539-ttt-current-map-rotation/ I'll be releasing Map Pack 2 hopefully this weekend (with a dank banner of course) and this will include a ton of new maps to the server.
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    hey man. can u delete this guys app it obviously states 9 derogatory terms of my kind that we do not appreciate any more -1 this app is clearly an ad for bunnings warehouse like wtf guys can u Operations Manager do something about this -1 This is actually my minus one because i saw what youve done to Snapz. So i believe DiamondEdge is unfit for this role because hes been very inactive for 3 years and hasnt been up to date with all rules and needs to get a grip with all the new players and make relationships lowkey none of this made sense
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    Thank you, everyone, for sharing your opinions, we've decided to go ahead with the change. We will be starting work on the changeover today. Hopefully, we will see a new FFA DM server this week!
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    In-Game Name: Jordan Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:54471315 Age: 19 Server Playtime: 32d 00:31h Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I have received permission from Broseph to re-apply considering it has not been 3 months since my last application got denied. Since my last time applying for this position I have accumulated almost 6 more full days of playtime. During this time I have been able to get to know my position and become very comfortable managing the server and players. However the commands that I have access too at the moment seem to lack a lot of the time, I simple process to remove a troll or slay someone for freekilling takes a vote and to further enhance my ability and be able to successfully manage the player base, becoming an admin is necessary. Im sure a few of you may remember me from a while back when I was just an immature small child, however I have matured over my days on the server and believe you should take this into account if you are going to leave feedback. I am open to all feedback as it is the best way for one to improve and I am looking forward to any form of feedback I receive. My last application was denied due to a lack of enthusiasm and in depth server knowledge. Although it has not been too long since my last application, the opportunity I have had to be a Trusted member has allowed me to further enhance my server knowledge. As for my enthusiasm, if you have seen me on the server lately I have been very enthusiastic and enjoying my time more then ever. Over the next few months I will become more active due to uni. My recent spurt of inactivity was due to a placement for my course and I missed playing on the server throughout those 2 weeks. However I am back and over the past few weeks i have been jamming out on the server. I believe I can bring something to the server that no one else has, as a new face of the server I believe I can create interest in the new players and keep them coming back. I have started having more fun helping others out and ensuring they are having a great time, allowing myself to have an even better time as well. Thanks for reading this application, I look forward to the replies! What time(s) do you normally play? 24/7, there arent really times that I cant play. I have uni 12 hours a week and besides that im free. Who will support your application? Bodes, Snapz, Sami, Lateko, fds hopefully a few more Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Yea I do, I am currently a trusted member of ban-hammer jailbreak. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? yes
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    First Finished Release Due to political instability in Sicilly, an old castle was re-purposed, to be a prison... After nearly 2 months, Jb_battlements has been finished, it has gone massive idea changes and after thorough map testing, i have released the first stable version. I hope that if the community deems my map worthy it could potentially be added into the map pool. I have kindly asked @`Fillipé and @mikenolan if they could approve my map, and they agreed to. Introducing a brand new map game: DodgeBall -Colours -Climb -Wipeout -Dice -Pool -Disco: 4 Songs -Medic -Hunger Games -And plenty of rebelling spots... .bsp : http://www.mediafire.com/file/3x14tem55o2jo4s/jb_battlements_final_1.bsp .nav: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lnocs3mazywnl6l/jb_battlements_final_1.nav Radar files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/33l1ppfh24cn1ba/jb_battlements_final_1.txt http://www.mediafire.com/file/f87rqydreclulng/jb_battlements_final_1_radar.dds
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    +1 cunts always ready to crack open a cold one for the boys active little irishman good @ games thinks hes a better bhopper than me from yemen
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    Hey, Everyone! To keep this really simple, we would like to know if people within the community would be interested in a FFA DM (free for all deathmatch) server. I know that these type of servers can be really helpful for skill development/prep before comp matches. Please feel free to vote above, if we get enough support then we will make the swap. Thanks, ab.
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    Hello there ! Today I present you my Crash Bash Tournament map ! It's a csgo map playable with 3 friends (so 4 players), a mix between coop and mg ! You can subscribe and try the map ! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=946677486&tscn=1497451579 Have fun
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    if you think it should be slayable you don't know how to have fun there is next to no harm in letting people jump on barrels and kill themselves
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    Honestly i think BH should start branching out into other things that aren't CSGO i've been sinking all my hours into Squad https://joinsquad.com/ http://steamcharts.com/app/393380 The games super small at the moment but it's a heavily committed community with very few Australian servers, i think Ban-Hammer isn't doing enough to capitalize on it's name. CSGO isn't the game it used to be & i'm seeing more & more people i know from TTT & across the OCE gaming scene in Squad, the player base tends to also be older and more likely to donate & support their favorite server. Just my two cents, i think CSGO has mostly run it's course.
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    Hello there, Firstly I’ll introduce myself, I’m Raphi, mapper and co-leader of 1st French Jailbreak, and I’m here to talk about a project I’d like to share with your community. As a Jailbreak player, I know that our players love having new map in the maplist, I guess it’s the same here haha. The problem is that, it’s really long to get new GOOD maps, and an idea came to my mind : Why not organizing a Jailbreak mapping contest ? Na… I’m barely the only mapper on my server, even if we offer good prices we won’t have a lot of entrant… Then I remembered that gamebanana was organizing good contest with lots of entrant, the solution was here : Sharing the contest with a maximum of community to have a bigger visibility and, obviously, more participant. I’m sharing this idea with few servers and 6 already joined us ! (Prestige gaming, sG, Tangoworldwide, Skynetgaming, Thoraxgaming...) The contest will work like that : Let’s imagine we are 8 servers partipating to this contest, we will all be equal. Every server will give (for exemple) 50 euros/dollars for the price pool (It’s only an exemple, I’m not here to ask money don’t worry haha), at the end of the contest, each server will judge maps (obviously, map NOT coming from mapper of his community) and each rate will count for 1/8 of the final rating. Each map will have to put a banner containing every community name. (Atm it looks like this https://imgur.com/a/xqqHk) At the end, mappers are awarded of the pool price. The project is now well established, as I said we are already 7 communities, and we have a discord conversation with leaders. I already wrote a prototype of the thread of the contest https://pastebin.com/hLdVvGw5 I'm inviting you because, more communities we get, more map we will have ! If you are interested in this contest, just add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009234051/ I hope we will meet again guys
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    This sounds like a good idea Have already spoken to you. Hopefully we can get a number of map makers within our community to show the rest of us who can make the best
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    That's within the visible confines @Malala therefore it's allowed
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    Yes this is true, but converting the 1v1 server to a different mode is better then leaving the 1v1 server empty and useless. Also our combat servers are more popular and gain more players, some may argue that these players won't stick around but still our community will gain more attention either way. over saturation, we can easily become a "top" server in the ffa dm servers area if we get a steady population and administrate the server to keep it in line. (not over the top though) imo - Better to convert to a different mode then leave the server dead and useless Another idea, multimode has combat surf but the seeing as the server isn't doing well and not gaining any players, maybe even convert mm into a combat server. I personally wouldn't like that, but it's a thought that has crossed my mind at some stage lately. Just throwing some ideas and thoughts out there
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    In-Game Name: POiSON Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:153412138 Age: 20 Server Playtime: can't find this but well above 500 hours. Which Server are you applying for? Combat Why would you like to become an admin? There seems to be a massive shortage of admins on the retake serverr, after hours and hours of being on this server i've come across a more then fair share of people abusing, cheating and mic spamming. Having to deal with this all the time is a big hassle considering i have to bug every admin until someone comes on, i'm constantly on this sever 5pm-10pm everyday for the last 3 months and on weekends even longer. What time(s) do you normally play? 6-7 hours weekdays & 8 hours weekends Who will support your application? Jaay, K, ✪ GlawkLAN, Czech This, Mintyfresh and most daily players. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? years of experience on Garry's mod servers, same with Arma III. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Very,
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    fucking hell @Malala chill with the pictures son
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    Master was allowed to apply with less then 10 posts, mainly because Combat doesn't require much forum presence until you get admin. Anyways if he did get admin he probably would use the forums more (checking ban appeals, dev requests etc) I think you should ask the players of retakes if they think you'd make a good admin and see what they think
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    We have said yes. There will be more info out soon. If you would like to participate in this competition, Please let me or one of the admins know
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    In-Game Name: SaveTheSheep Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105091633 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 15 days (Was not able to check properly due to stats not working) Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? Thank you to Trusted for giving me the permission to apply for admin. From being Trusted around the 2 month period I have discovered many aspects of the Jailbreak server. This included controlling the server when there weren’t any admins available, from performing mic checks, “Vote muting/ Gagging” to Prisoner muting and enforcing general rules on the server. However, with the additional tools the administrative position provides, it would allow me to easily prevent these incidents without distracting others and continuing the gameflow. The main requirement of being an admin is to be mature enough to assist the server when a problem arises. The time of being a trusted I have used my powers effectively and made sure that any issues or problems are solved and reporting them to admins should need be . When on the server I try to create an enjoyable atmosphere (by giving hunger games, toggling friendly fire, making the best out of my limited powers) and make sure that the server runs smoothly. The admin position would assist in developing an inviting, supporting community while creating an entertaining atmosphere. From the last two months of being trusted I have made an effort to be active and populate the Jailbreak servers when no-one is on. My time on the server is invested to assist new and long time members with clarification of rules or if a freekill/ misunderstanding has taken place. As a trusted member, I am very limited into punishing players who continue to break certain rules and am required to call an admin. With the administrative position i will be able to control a server without needing to call an admin while also creating a fun experience for the players on the server. Thank you for reading and considering me for admin. What time(s) do you normally play? Normally everyday after school unless homework interferes and weekends Who will support your application? MichealTheBoy, RossageRoll, Fillipe`,Zengelf, LittleScanlon Hopefully others Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Trusted Member on Jailbreak Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Yes.
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    Snapz, your application is very well written and you have significant community support. We'll be accepting your application, welcome to the Jailbreak Admin team! Accepted
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    map is good but there are a few issues id like u to know :-) first map seems a bit dark and depressing and would probably be easy for t's to run off make the map brighter second of all the map doesn't have optimization with the entire map being rendered u should probably remove some props around the map that clearly dont have a reason to be placed and are just there to fill in space https://prnt.sc/fi0lw5 third of all the cell doors glitch into the walls a bit simple fix shouldn't take too long (its also on gun room door) https://prnt.sc/fi0mm9 colors doesn't seem to work i believe you haven't packed in the custom textures into the map and also the disco doesn't work either https://prnt.sc/fi0nxj and the sun angles dont line up and i dont see any way into gunroom for t's the vent has two exits to the same location? also more games would be great and a bigger map and some stuff goes through the skybox http://prntscr.com/fi0rca plz fix btw i found all of these bugs in like 10 mins
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    +1 i believe snapz would make an excellent candidate for admin, he is mature and level headed and would suit the current admin team very well from what i have experienced with him good luck with your application you are more then deserving of a chance
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    +1 for trusted. neutral for admin. Snapz does have a great understanding of the rules and is a very friendly and enthusiastic person however I just think that sometimes you can be really immature when with your friends. It was proven when dank and turtle were introduced to the hall of shame. You are a really good person and do enforce rules however I just feel like if you did get admin, you would be immature with your friends and play favorites among the rest of the players. This is just my honest opinion but hopefully you can prove me wrong.
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    As what Michael has said above, you do not meet any of the requirements. Do not make another application until you meet ALL requirements. DENIED
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    At least have the decency to spam 10 shit post on the forums before applying . -1 -
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    Hey all - with thoughts on how we can continue to move forward with the TTT I would like to grasp the communities opinion on prop surfing on TTT. As of the current state - prop surfing is slayable - reason being that it resulted in strings of RDM's of people shooting prop surfers and then getting shot themselves. Any option other than option 1 will be put on trial and then revisited to decide on a final outcome.
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    Personally I would prefer it to be converted to a combat surf server but a FFA death match server would be pretty sweet
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    Added Monthly Teamspeak 3 channels for New VIPS.
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    Jordan, you've recieved praise from many active members of the community and we're happy with what we've seen during your time as a Trusted member. Welcome to the Jailbreak Admin team! Accepted
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    @Catch http://www.filedropper.com/tttcanyonb1fix1 fix for canyon that makes the map secret work http://www.filedropper.com/ttt67thwaycsgov10 csgo port of 67th way http://www.filedropper.com/tttapehouseremake popular map on nearly every other server http://www.filedropper.com/tttcraftroomcsgov2 similar layout to dolls or teenroom, already on the server im pretty sure http://www.filedropper.com/ttthoodratv14 already on the server just needs the fastdl to be fixed i believe http://www.filedropper.com/ttthtbankfix1 on the server but without guns, this version should have guns ttt_splash on the server but not added to nomination list ttt_princess_terminal only reasons its not added is the dick and the exploits i believe? shouldnt be hard to fix just delete the dick and add a slay zone to the exploits ttt_princess_craft4 good map but broken ct spawns and the traitor rooms wont work https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=778749223 remake of vertigo for ttt only problem is it has a dick https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=764778046 better version of camel if we're going to keep it ttt_princess_forest1 already on server only issue is it has a dick ttt_slender_slayers classic map with a good vibe not sure why it was removed but its still on server ttt_thething already on server port of good gmod map only thing is the map secret might crash the server not sure if it does or not http://www.filedropper.com/tttprincessskyscraper5_1 remake of skyscrapers best map aside from dolls
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    I think that Jordan has matured over the coming year on Ban-hammer and the servers and that Jordan would be a great admin. I have seen jordan trying to populate the servers and been trying to help Ban-hammer when the player base was fairly low and that shows how much he cares for Ban-hammer and the community. Jordan has a great understanding of the rules and how to have an open mind when it comes to certain situations and how to handle things fair. Jordan has been a great trusted member. Good luck on your admin app! +1
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    Neutral I believe that you have the capability of being a great admin and that I do believe that you have a great understanding of the rules and how the server runs. But however I don't see you as admin right now as I believe that you are a bit immature when it comes to certain situations and that you might not be able to handle them in a mature and fair manner. I also believe that you intend to be immature around your friends as well and that it might be difficult when having to use your admin powers on your friends when they do something wrong. Yet again I could be wrong about this and I hope I am. So for now I am personally saying neutral, good luck on your admin app! (Edit: +1 for trusted?)
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    +1 he is a good bitch ps: one of the best trusteds ever
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    Thank you all so much for the response and feedback. I will take these into account and learn from them. I would like to personally respond to a few comments however. Thanks Goose for the response. I did think about this before I decided to apply. During the 2 months of being a trusted, I have gained 3 days of playtime since I received the role of trusted. I believe that during this time (like I said in my admin app) "I have discovered many aspects of the Jailbreak server. This included controlling the server when no admins were available". I appreciate your opinion however I just believe that 3 days of playtime is enough time to judge how well I would be in a staff position. @Xeeno @LateKO (not going to quote as it would be to big) Thanks for the feedback as well. Self-confidence is an issue that I do need to work on when on the server. I appreciate the honesty and will definently try to be more confident. Hopefully through the application process I will try to prove you wrong Finally thanks lateko for the feedback. Unnecessarily. I'm just going to focus on that. I believe this is an understatement as when an issue/ misunderstanding happens I will in certain situations use my powers to resolve these problems or if I need to say something that is important to the CT's Or T's I will try to do so quickly so that the game flow is smooth. for example I think I understand the incident you are referring to. What I was trying to communicate to the CT's was to make sure they said vent orders so that no freekills took place. As for less serious problems or issues I will use the chat to communicate. As I know you would understand Late, by being trusted you are very limited in terms of powers. As admin you are allowed to talk and communicate easily and you are able to give a quick resolution. The admin role also has the private chat to make it clear and assertive to an individual if they do something wrong. Thank you all for the responses I am very greatfull
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    Fixed the light spawn
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    Only if you call it Catcharoonies
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    As Catch has stated, we will not tolerate map exploiting. Your first offence will be a slay and a warning, if you do it again with intent you will be banned to the admins' discretion. We are reinstating prop-surfing for your benefit, don't ruin it for yourself or other people for your own personal gain. Looking forward to seeing you all on the servers.
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    people can still prop surf its just not allowed, people who want to exploit will do it dont need to remove a map because of it
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    but its already against the rules to get out of the map on it so how is allowing prop surfing going to change that
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