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    Project Bare-Bones What is Project Bare-Bones? This is my plan to bring some new enthusiasm to the Jailbreak Server for all parties. As all of you have noticed the server has been in a very obvious decline. This project is all about the future of the server and how we get it to a point that is enjoyable for everyone once again. I will list out the details of said plans. Phase 1: Admin Evaluation (Completed) This phase is all about getting a feel for how the Jailbreak team wants to proceed with their roles or if they want to at all. I have already discussed with admins about how they feel in regards to their futures with the team and how committed they are to helping implement any new changes or plans for getting the server where it needs to be for an enjoyable experience. During this Evaluation Phase we had Sly and EyeKenThpell leave the team each for their own reasons. A huge thanks goes out to the time you guys spent on the server and off it helping out. Phase 2: Replenish the Troops (Completed) This phase is quite simple. With two of our admins stepping down there are some shoes that need to be filled. The plan is to get some fresh minds into the admin team that are willing and committed to helping us implement these new changes to the server. The Admin Applications will be opening, the ideal candidate would be someone who is enthusiastic about getting the server where it needs to be and helping with these new changes. Phase 3: Rules Evaluation (Ongoing) This is where the Bare-Bones part comes into it. I have been silently watching the forums these past few weeks and listening to people's complaints and I think I have a good sense of what is and isn't liked about the current rule set. I plan on implementing as many changes as it takes to find the sweet spot between too many rules and too few. I also plan on involving the community in this process as much as I possibly can. More details in regards to this will be posted in the next 1-2 weeks. Phase 4: Map Pool Changes (Coming Soon) My plan for the Map Pool is, evaluate the current map pool, remove maps that aren't played and disliked then condense the map pool with all the maps that are liked and played frequently. If we have to start with a small map pool I am fine with that but I want to make sure that all maps that are on the server are liked and functioning as intended. After we have weeded out all the 'bad' maps and condensed the pool we will go through this process to add new maps; Either a Admin/Community Member/Myself finds a map that would be considered playable and enjoyable for our server and rule set. Test the map on the DEV server for bugs and performance. After the map has been approved by myself or another director we then live test it on the server (I will announce when the maps are being tested on the forums). If the map is liked it will then be added to the map pool. Phase 5: Plugins/Other Related DEV Work (In The Future) At this point during the project the server should be functioning to the point where we have time and resources to start adding new features into the server. I currently to not have an exact time when we can expect these changes to start being implemented but we have PLENTY to do before this point. The main additions during this phase will be quality of life updates, new special days, store upgrades and other things of this nature. I will post more details about this phase when we get further through the project. These are my plans for the server I really want to involve the community as much as possible with this project. I look forward to hearing your guys thoughts on this plan and am keen to see you on the server. In the mean time while we are implementing these things I encourage you to jump on the server and the forums to check in and leave some suggestions and feedback on the ongoing changes to make sure we are headed in the right direction. YOUR Jailbreak Head Admin, Trusted.
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    Hey, I figured I'd give an update to the general public. I have recently started development work on the multimode server, I'm creating this post to keep a log for everyone to see what has been changed on the server. As you all know a community is nothing without its players, the idea is to create a more enjoyable experience for our players and to create a welcoming environment for new players that may stumble across our servers. I would appreciate and will take into consideration any feedback that any of you may have towards the server. I will be updating this post with anything that has been fixed or added to the server from this point forward. [12/04/2017] @ unknown - Removed coursemaps temporarily, to be re-added once fixed [13/04/2017] @ 11:43PM - Fixed players keeping weapons in deathrun and some surf maps @ 11:43PM - Fixed players spawning with weapons in some minigames maps. (rainbow, wl_)
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    For all that don't know, Minigames Courses are maps that include obstacles and traps that make it difficult for a player to complete the map. With the not-so-recent addition of timers to this game mode players are able to attempt to create a server record for each map in the rotation. Below is a video of myself completing the map Mg_Metal_Course_2 in a server record time of just 53.08 seconds. Make sure to jump on Multimode, even if it is just to say hi; you will find me on it often and if I'm not on all you have to do is chuck me a message and I'll happily join in for a few rounds! Message me for more information
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    Rules last updated: 13th April 2017 General Rules 0.0 'The Lemon Clause' is now in effect 1.0 The ratio is 1 Guard (CT) : 3 Prisoners (T). 1.1 All players must complete their objectives to the best of their ability and shall not by any means hold up the flow of game play. 1.2 Be respectful to other players (Abuse will not be tolerated). 1.3 Do not ignore reasonable admin requests (i.e. not complying with an admin request) 1.4 Do not verbally or non-verbally discriminate other players. 1.5 Do not impersonate other players. 1.6 Do not abuse voteban/votekick/report system. 1.7 Do not block other players in any way. 1.8 Do not ghost (revealing any information whilst dead to alive players) 1.9 Do not exploit glitches in the game, maps, server or server rules. If you notice an exploit or a loophole, report it to an Admin immediately. 1.10 Do not spam music, sound effects, voice or anything else. 1.11 Do not advertise servers, websites or other communities. 1.12 Jailbreak is not a trading server; if you wish to trade take it somewhere else. 1.13 Any form of bribing is not permitted. 1.14 Your name must be readable, in English, easily pronounced & distinguishable from other players. 1.15 Camping of GUNROOM or MEDIC during a Hungergames is prohibited. 1.16 Statements made about rulings in the Bare-Bones Q & A are now enforceable. UNLESS there is a current rule that contradicts or out dates said statement. LEMON CLAUSE - https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/topic/5865-introducing-the-lemon-clause/ GAME RULES - https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2268-jailbreak-game-rules/ BARE-BONES Q&A - https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/topic/8417-bare-bones-q-a-2017 The Aim of the Game For PRISONERS (Terrorists): To overthrow the guards by either rebelling or outlasting your team mates in various activities and initiating successful Last Requests until all guards are killed. For GUARDS (Counter-Terrorists): To cut down prisoner numbers by giving orders/commands and playing various games and activities, until all prisoners are killed. Guard/Counter-Terrorist/Warden (CT) Rules 2.1 CELLS MUST BE OPEN BY 11:30 (11:30 on game clock = FREEDAY). 2.2 Orders must be given before cells open; otherwise there will be a freeday. 2.3 GUARDs must have a clear working microphone. 2.4 WARDEN is the person who recieves it via plugin or to claim it via voice (if plugins aren't active or working). 2.5 GUARDs orders must be clear and delivered in English. 2.6 GUARDs orders must allow for reasonable time for completion by PRISONERs, while any reasonable requests for a repeat must be adhered to. 2.7 GUARDs are not allowed to order PRISONERs to throw grenades (of any kind) or shoot a zeus. 2.8 GUARDs must allow for a minimum of 5 seconds for PRISONERs to exit their cells, before closing cell doors. 2.9 If WARDEN dies another GUARD must claim warden within 30 seconds or it becomes a free day. 2.10 GUARDs cannot camp vents, gunroom or medic. 2.11 GUARDs can only play map games during !lr period. 2.12 GUARDs inside gunroom have 10 seconds to exit gunroom from when freeze time ends or they re-enter. 2.13 GUARDs may not break vents (Unless during a HungerGames or shooting PRISONERs). However, GUARDs can clear any open vents whilst completing their objective. 2.14 GUARDs may kill any PRISONERs found in gunroom. 2.15 GUARDs can shoot a PRISONER holding their primary on sight, or if they're shooting a secondary. 2.16 If a GUARD orders a HOT CELL, the PRISONERs in that cell must be made aware they are in a hot cell. 2.17 If a PRISONER tosses a HOT CELL GUN into another cell, that cell becomes a HOT CELL. The original HOT CELL is no longer considered as a HOT CELL. 2.18 GUARDs cannot order PRISONERs in their cells before they're open unless they are in a HOT CELL. 2.19 GUARDs may not punish one player because of another players actions. 2.20 GUARDs must consider PRISONERs who have already escaped cells or in the process of escaping, and are required to give those PRISONERs adequate time to comply with orders. 2.21 GUARDs must order lone PRISONERs by name. You must have sight of a player to order a lone PRISONER unless you are the WARDEN. 2.22 You cannot order PRISONERs on a FREEDAY. 2.23 GUARDs cannot plant/give guns to PRISONER, unless it is needed in game situation. This includes guns without ammo. 2.24 GUARDs must demo non-map games, failing to provide a demo will allow PRISONERs to opt out. If the 'non-map game' is not dangerous the WARDEN can force a prisoner to demo. 2.25 Only one GUARD may operate buttons to a map game. (Excluding Deathrun) 2.26 Only WARDEN may kill during games such as Last Reaction and Simon Says. Unless permission is given by WARDEN/Simon. 2.27 WARDENs may NOT give winners of a contest/minigame DEATH as a prize. 2.28 WARDENs may order a PRISONER to stop spamming their microphone. This can only be used in appropriate circumstances. 2.29 During an opinionated game such as talent show GUARDs must vote in CT chat. 2.30 If a GUARD plays a game with PRISONERs, all PRISONERs must have a fair chance of survival. 2.31 GUARDs cannot play favourites with PRISONERs. This means that GUARDs must treat all PRISONERs equally during the activities of every round. 2.32 GUARDs must be willing to WARDEN should the opportunity arise. 2.33 GUARDs and WARDENs can no longer stop PRISONERs from beginning an LR if there is no reasonable circumstance stopping them from doing so. 2.34 WARDENs cannot give orders that apply for the whole round, excluding transporting and vent orders. 2.35 GUARDs cannot remove/interact with guns placed around the map excluding gunroom. They may be removable after a PRISONER has interacted with it and/or in LR period. 2.36 When GUARDs are playing a game that requires 5000hp (Bullrush, Cops N Robbers, Shark Tank etc.) and the GUARDs that have been chosen to participate are shot by a rebelling PRISONERs for 100hp or more the GUARDs must slay. 2.37 PRISONERs that are not following orders (rebelling) cannot be baited. Prisoner/Terrorist Rules (T) 3.1 PRISONERs may kill any GUARD that is baiting. 3.2 Non LR'd PRISONERs may still rebel, avoiding killing or disrupting the current LR's. 3.3 PRISONERs cannot use any weapons that are a result of a baited, slain or disconnected GUARD. 3.4 LR must be conducted in a fair way where both parties have an equal chance. If it is a dangerous LR, PRISONER must go first. 3.5 ALL LRs and their rules must be explained clearly, and in full, before they begin. A 3 second time period must be waited before commencement of the LR. 3.6 PRISONERs may not give any fake orders to trick other PRISONERs. 3.7 PRISONERs may use weapons they gain from an LR after winning. 3.8 PRISONERs cannot participate in an LR in Gun Room or Medic. 3.9 When there are 3 PRISONERs left alive during a Hide N' Seek Day the camping of map secrets is prohibited. Jailbreak Vocabulary 4.1 Freeday: CT's cannot order T's to do anything, but if you are in knifing distance or holding a primary out T's can still be killed. 4.2 Button Freeze: Standing in one spot without moving (You may use your mouse to knife/look around, unless specified otherwise by the warden). 4.3 Hot Cell: Is considered to be a cell which contains a primary/secondary weapon, vent or teleporter. 4.4 Rush: To take the quickest route possible without delaying or detouring. 4.5 Baiting: Is considered to be any CT, intentionally or unintentionally going within knifing distance of Ts. 4.6 Detouring: Not taking the quickest and safest route to the predefined location and doing so in the quickest possible manner. 4.7 Freekilling/Freewounding: Deliberate or accidental killing or wounding of a PRISONER (via any means) that has done nothing wrong. 4.8 !LR / Last Request: A minigame a T can choose when there are three of them left by typing !lr. 4.9 Camping: DELIBERATE or ACCIDENTAL stationary placement in the vicinity of a questionable area, e.g. Gun Room, Medic, vents and teleporters. Looking directly at a 'questionable area' for longer than 5 seconds. 4.10 Unstack shoulder to shoulder: The act of shuffling while still linking shoulders in an orderly fashion. 4.11 Siege Day: GUARDs hold up in an area and defend themselves from PRISONERs if a GUARD can see you they can kill you. 4.12 Ass on Bars: PRIONSERs who are in a hot cell put their back against the door/window of your cell and facing the back wall without any detours or delays and button freeze. You must do this until warden says you may move or cells are open. 4.13 One Step: One Step is roughly the distance of two PRISONERs unstacked side by side. 4.14 Actively Attempt/Fail: To perform the given task without detour or delay until completion. RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Visit Ban-Hammer.net for any changes. Come introduce yourself at ban-hammer.net Green text = latest additions/changes to rules Red text with strike = rule/s have been removed Orange text = rule has been altered. Suggestions & Discussions of the rules will take place in the General Discussion section.
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    Hey Team, Over the coming days/weeks/months I'm going to be doing minor, however major changes to our TTT community server. Over time I will do my best to make it feel like Garrys Mod TTT. Whats in it for you guys? Well here's a few things I have planned! Planned - In Process / Dev Server - Completed Todo List: There is now a player count for Traitors and Dead people top left of screen to tell how many remaining people. Removed default HUD, add text above head, currenting testing it out. Scoreboard show alive/unidentified people top of board and identified/dead people at the bottom (Currently disabled till crashing bug is found) Discombobulator & Combobulator, YOU SAY WHAT! New server restart/crash map - at the moment it is dolls (Vote in progress) Remake of the Karma system to more mirror GMOD Remake of the store in regards to how credits are earned and spent (Balance resetting each round) MAPS! But also classic gmod maps with traitor testers included etc. Fall damage in warmup; health will be replenished start of round Once a body is identified the people they have killed will be removed from scoreboard Radio still plays old sounds Missing hands on 1 skin. Till next time xx
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    I'm not sure where you're getting this "suddenly" thing from, it has been discussed at most JB admin meetings and also by multiple members in the community, just because you haven't heard anything about it doesn't mean it's sudden. Weren't you playing when tricking while transporting was allowed, most regulars have been around since that was a thing and that was still happening while JB was at a constant full server. So you saying that you would leave if you got killed by being tricked, you didn't leave and most people didn't leave either because it's not a thing you fall for twice in a row. On a final note, yeah you must have a different opinion if you enjoy doing the same shit round after round as every round basically follows a script: WARDEN: "When cells open, take a step out and button freeze(extra orders by power-hungry wardens)" *cells open.* WARDEN: "Rush to my beacons and button freeze." *T's get taken to map game, whittled down to 3 T's for LR and then repeat next round.* You'd rather this than have the CT's try and make the game not as boring by trying to trick the prisoners? That's a bit odd.
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    In-Game Name: Kaz Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:100690738 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 19d 15:08h Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? Permission to apply from Nighthawk. There are numerous reasons for applying for TTT admin. First of which, is the community. The laughs, good times and friendships this server has allowed me to have I am extremely grateful for. I want to become an admin to ensure others can experience the same as I, the Ban-Hammer servers we all know and love. As admin this becomes my responsibility, a responsibility I believe I am now mature and experienced enough for. From the over a year of regular play and nearly 5 months spent as trusted I believe I will be ready for all the challenges that I will likely face. Another reason for this application is that I want to assist as much as I can for the revival of TTT. As you can probably tell, I have a clear attachment to the server and players. As an admin, I believe that I will be able to have a greater effect on the direction in which TTT travels, while also being able to convey the general opinion of the community. I also believe that I am approachable enough to develop an understanding of what the broader community wants for the server, as demonstrated through various Development Requests etc. I also believe that my experience will enable me to easily adjust to the changes that will occur in the near future. My final reason for my application is due to the limitations of the Trusted system. As Trusted, my ability to keep the server under control is much more difficult than it is without the restrictions of the cp system. For example, tonight (5/04) I struggled to users who RDM’ed and left, let alone the micspammers and lemons who were on at the time. I believe that as admin, my ability to control the server in this situation would have been better, especially when dealing with multiple RDMs in single rounds. As Trusted I am limited to a small array of commands that make it impossible to deal with multiple infringements. I digress, it is particularly hard to deal with players who RDM and leave as, I am restricted to ban requests via the forums, so smaller incidents generally aren’t punished. As, admin, I will be able to deal with these players quickly, so that when someone is genuinely being a lemon I am able to act quickly in order to prevent these players causing trouble before any action can be taken. For these reasons, I believe a promotion from Trusted to Admin is will assist in my ability to control and maintain the server. To summarise; I would gladly take the opportunity to join the TTT admin team, as it would allow me to not only help me make a larger impact on the flow of gameplay on the TTT server, but also increase my effect on the development of the gamemode in addition to making the server the best it can possibly be, and ensuring the people who also love playing our servers come back every day. I thank you for reading and thank you for this opportunity. -Kaz What time(s) do you normally play? 4pm-8pm most weeknights, 8am-7pm most weekends. Most holidays I will play. Who will support your application? Spodeyy, Shitterlord, Ace, Malala, pleb, Fillipe, Oem, SavetheSheep, LitAFlash, K, LittleScanlion, Ladz, Sniffery Snake, My Erection, bants and hopefully others who I haven't named. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I have been Trusted for nearly 5 months. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? I am familiar with basic Sourcemod commands.
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    Only really two rules that I think shouldn't be there anymore, those are: 2.27 - Killing Ts after round ends, there isn't much point to this rule as all it does is preserve the k/d's of the Ts as if anyone worries about their kills/deaths. 2.35/2.36 - Tricking while transporting, I feel like this just takes the diversity out of rounds. Since this is currently not allowed, all rounds are the same where a T sees a beacon and rushes to it and pretty much can't be killed for fear of freekilling, it also makes playing CT more interesting as you can think of ways to kill some Ts off instead of just taking them from cells to map games then repeat. Removing this rule would make rounds less stale and would make Ts pay more attention.
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    The current poll for tricking while transporting is leaning towards removal also in my opinion I think it would be better off for the server in the long run to remove it. I plan to remove it because I do not think that it is a fun game play mechanic. But this being said I understand that a lot of people do like it and think its enjoyable because of this, If you really want it to stay this thread is for you to post your opinions on why you think it should stay. Simply said, Convince me.
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    personally from my point of view, even though i haven't really played recently i never played jailbreak to really pay attention to every single order half the fun for me was doing the map games, not just one then going to LR but my main issue with the rule is that we are obviously always looking at encouraging more players to join the server and become regulars recently ive seen the trend of someone new coming in and not fully understanding what is happening get killed via tricking then leave the server soon after as far as the rule being changed in the first place from what i could see the only advocates for it on that post were skarecrow, kakashi and shortie, whilst 2 others expressed there opinion against it. so for removing it i don't see a problem with it only being on the server for 2-3 weeks, as it wasn't even community voted to be changed to start with, so it seems fairly biased to have a vote from the community that favors removing it and then question it, where as there was no vote to initially put it back in the rules
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    I'd check out either JB Exile 2019 or JB Cavern if you need any inspiration by the way - I here those are fantastic maps
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    Can't really tell if this is serious or not so I'll do 2 responses: If it's real: Your application was poorly written and your motives are questionable. People do wish to give back to the community and help others to make it more enjoyable for others so for you reason to be "why not" is pretty bad. Being friends with admins and directors don't give you +1's, showing that you care does. I've seen you being abusive and immature on the forums and on the severs. -1. If it's fake: hahaha you're so hilarious and original, please teach me how to be funny. -1.
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    2.4 WARDENs have to complete each and every order. No one really follows this rule anyway and shouldn't matter unless the situation involves favoritism. 2.19 If a PRISONER tosses a HOT CELL GUN into another cell, that cell becomes a HOT CELL. The original HOT CELL is no longer considered as a HOT CELL. --> The original HOT CELL is no longer considered as a HOT CELL when the gun is found in another cell. Although not necessary, this sometimes causes issues and confusion on the server and I think this change would just make it clearer. 2.38 GUARDs must be willing to WARDEN should the opportunity arise, refusing to do so will result in a swap or CT ban. I don't think players should be forced to do anything unless an admin asks them to do so, as some players prefer to guard rather than warden being two different roles on CT.
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    In-Game Name: Michaeltheboy11 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:151916603’ Age: 15 Server Playtime: Around 506 Hours in Total (According to Gametracker) https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/awp.ban-hammer.net:27058/top_players/?sort=2&order=DESC Which Server are you applying for? Combat Why would you like to become an admin? I was given permission to apply by ‘Broseph’ (Community Director), as I am currently 15 years of age. I am Michael or/and Michaeltheboy11 and in this brief piece, I will explain my reasons why I wish to become a Ban-Hammer Administrator. I have always been a player that is very committed to maintaining and improving the current state of the game. I have a strong dedication towards leadership and I always strive to the highest of my ability to provide an enjoyable experience for all players. Ever since I started playing BH AWP AUS, I realized that it needed a stronger force in moderation & more dedicated and active admins. I have been playing on the Ban-Hammer servers for almost 1 year and a half now, and In the past few months, ‘Master’ received Combat Admin and since then has massively helped keep the combat servers running. But the following things still concern me: 1. The number of Mic Spammer – Breathing heavily, Screaming, Shouting and more 2. The Activeness of ‘some’ Admins – Don’t get me wrong, some admins are active but is 1-2 active admins really enough to keep 2+ Busy servers running? 3. Cheaters/Hackers – Tracing people through walls, wall bangs and b hopping all across the map. The Number of people I find either walling or scripting is outrageous and needs to be put to a stop. Over the 17 months that I have played CS:GO, I have attempted to eliminate cheaters, improve players attitudes to eliminate toxicity, and offer solutions for many other issues. On Ban-Hammer, I have personally assisted in banning multiple cheaters, I am fairly well-known on Ban-Hammer and I have no problem issuing administrative actions if it is ever required. I honestly believe that I can provide a great and enjoyable environment for everyone. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it! What time(s) do you normally play? School Holidays/Breaks – Everyday School Weeks - 3-4 days a week Who will support your application? Ace, Queeno, RUSTY, Chosen2k, Bodes, Bants, Fillipe , Shitterlord, Master and hopefully more Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I have assisted in moderating several sporting events. I have Also been staff on multiple Minecraft servers Are you familiar with Sourcemod? I have no specific familiarity with Source mod, however I would love to learn more about its functionality. (If Required)
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    In-Game Name: lighten Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:85087854 Age: 18 Server Playtime: 63d 08:10h from 26th of March 2017 Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I understand this community means so much to so many people, myself included. This server and the community needs to have an enjoyable and friendly feeling to it to keep players playing and donating to continue its legacy. I believe I am able to create an environment that is enjoyable and consistent. I have ran into some difficult tasks of being a Trusted member, such as trying to voteban a massfreekiller. As an admin, i would of been able to deal with the problem right then and there. I believe from my experience being a trusted member, I would beable to control a server while creating an enthusiastic and fun server to play. The role of being a jailbreak administrator would bring on a new bunch of responsibilities, and I acknowledge that and I’m willing to change to suit any new responsibilities to create an enjoyable and fun environment on the server and throughout the community. Given access to administrative commands such as !freezebomb, !health and !beacon and special day commands, This will give me the power to create a fun and enjoyable environment so players, either old or new, will come back the next day. I believe with access to these commands I can bring the love of jailbreak back with games such as Bull Rush and Pac-Man and maybe created some new games for the community to enjoy. To close this application, in summary: Id be glad to be given a chance to become an administrator of Ban-Hammer Jailbreak to make sure the server would still run functionally and make sure that all players have an enjoyable time and come back the next day! As I basically only play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, I am willing to be an active admin and bring peace and justice to the Ban-Hammer community while creating an enjoyable and fun server for all to experience. What time(s) do you normally play? I am always up from 10am to at latest 4am in the morning. Who will support your application? Blobby, Bodes, Anthonyy, Saber, Turtle, Jordan, Veteran Trigga, SeventyS, Mike Nolan, Snapz, Kaz, Magic, SaveTheSheep, Spunno, 1DJ, JW, Tracy, Malala, Boosted, Jaay, Zabby, Yung Mud, Sipher-, Pickle, Redacted, Niloc, Fillipe, Flower, Flash, Goose, Jake.,50 , Spodeyy, dog fudge, Fishlings, Poo, Softdrinks, K., Aurora X99, Zinzo, shitterlord, TheRugbyGuy, Toxicdarthon anddddddddddddddddddd Chosen Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? have had the role of admin on acouple minecraft servers such as HiveMc, but resigned because of school commitments. I have been a Trusted Member on almighty Ban-Hammer Jailbreak for 1 month Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No, but i am willing to learn. good colour scheme? my favourite
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    -1, out of the current (legitimate) applications I feel like you are the least suited for it. You take criticism badly, you sulk a lot, you're always shouting on the server, you constantly freekill and then try and pass blame or just not take the blame, you don't have a clear understanding of the rules, you're a slow learner, and don't take criticism/help from people you don't like and chalk it up to them just not liking you. Most of these +1's seem to be "+1 he's friendly." While that could be true, most of those +1's were from people who are already friends with him. People have said that he is the right direction to go to revive the server and the general idea of how to fix it has been to be less strict, you on the other hand in my opionion are way too strict and don't know when to have a bit of fun. I also don't think you do that good of a job handling stressful situations and end up just shouting over everyone to try and control it. Good luck on your application
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    Aside from the horrendous application, and your terrible attitude... wtf is this? "STEAM_http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198232000900/" Grow up a little and try again in a few months years. Obvious -1
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    As rossage has pointed out, you have blatantly copy pasted another members admin request. You are here by banned from making an admin app for 6 months. Denied
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    mate you're cool sometimes but like i gave you shit for an hour and you snapped at me harder than a feminist at a neo nazi convention -1 if you can like chill out and take criticism less super seriously
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    https://www.invexgaming.com.au/showthread.php?tid=2836 lol
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    UPDATED RULES SNAPSHOT 24th NOVEMBER 2015! General Rules 1.9 Do not exploit glitches in the game, maps, server or server rules. If you notice an exploit or a loophole, report it to an Admin immediately. Guard/Counter-Terrorist/Warden (CT) Rules 2.45 WARDENS cannot give orders that apply for the whole round, excluding orders regarding beacons/markers.2.46 GUARDS are ONLY to use their left click (slash) for all special days, excluding Zombie Day. Prisoner/Terrorist Rules (T) 3.10 PRISONERS cannot initiate or participate in an LR in Gun Room or Medic.3.11 CLIMB is restricted for ANY MAP on Zombie Day.
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    Noted. Although the times we've been on together there's also been admins on. I'm not going to interfere when they have the necessary perms to deal with things. I'll just be in the way.
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    In-Game Name: Smally Steam ID: STEAM__0:1:60310334 Age: 17 Server Playtime: 18 days and 2 hours Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I’d like to be a part of the Admin team for a few reasons. The first being is that I love the Jailbreak community and the BanHammer community as a whole, ever since I started playing Jailbreak a while ago I’ve always admired Admins for being able to control the server and make it a really great place to be on and have fun whilst maintaining the rules, and I hopefully would be able to play that same role on Jailbreak to the best of my ability, as well as keeping the server active and helping entice new players to the server as well as helping retain the existing player base by being an active and attentive Admin. I believe I could provide some fresh ideas and insight for the existing staff/Admins for the Jailbreak community and server, and I would not only be willing, but to be committed to help implement the new changes for the server. I would look forward to help the entire Jailbreak team and community with implementing these new changes going forward. I am looking to help outside the server (map testing etc.), helping the server get back into the swing of things and helping implement changes as seen in the Project Bare-Bones post. Being a Trusted member on the Jailbreak server has taught and shown me a quite a few things, it’s shown me how to handle a server to the best of my ability and to control a situation when it gets out of hand, whilst having the powers that a Trusted member is good, it has limited my impact that I can make within and on the server, as having limited powers can be detrimental to the servers overall vibe or feel, and as an Admin I feel that I could provide greater control over a server as well as making it fun for everyone on the server. I’d appreciate any feedback that the Jailbreak community has to offer. Thank you for reading. What time(s) do you normally play? Usually for a couple of hours on weekdays, but during the weekends I usually play for 4-5 hours each day, scattered throughout the day. Who will support your application? Lateko, Chosen2k, Fillipe, Bodes, Abnormal Pickle, Redacted_, Jordan, Lach3. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Being a Trusted member on the Ban-hammer jailbreak server. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? I am somewhat familiar with it through experience in the server as well as being a Trusted member, but for things that I am unfamiliar with I would be willing to learn.
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    In-Game Name: Goose Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53153695 Age: 15 (got permission from Broseph) Server Playtime: 19 days 12 hours Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? First of all, during the week I’m not able to play games (due to restrictions, school work and sport), so that's why I haven't been able to play much I would like to become admin because I feel that although the amount of admins that jailbreak has, there are always times where there are no admins on. It just so happens that at those times, there are a lot of people who think that they can do whatever they want because there are no admins on. I try my hardest to deal with them but it is difficult without admin commands. I think that, although I am below the age recommendation for the admin application, I can control the server and am mature enough to make rational decisions as an admin. I try and make everyone’s time on the server as enjoyable as I can, and if I am accepted, I believe that I can continue to do this and strive to make the server a better place. I always try and have fun playing the server, and try to make the server a better place, rather than play to make myself look better. I try not to make others feel bad (although sometimes my anger and frustration gets the better of me) and I accommodate new players. Over the last few months, I have had a great time on the Jailbreak server and have met some great people whilst doing so. I would like to give back to the community that has given me so many great experiences. Even if I don't get accepted, I will continue to play and get more involved in the community. What time(s) do you normally play? Friday Afternoon, Saturday and Sunday All Day Who will support your application? Bodes, Eye Ken Thpell, Lateko, Lighten, Fishlings, Filipe, Jordan, dank, Skarecrow, Niloc, RossageRoll, Cloud, Chawkball, Jaay, Mike Nolan, Doshi (if you want to have your support removed, just pm me) Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? No Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No, but I am willing to learn
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    Today is the day where I shall be starting my evaluation on the current Jailbreak rule set. With this post I want to try and get a further understanding of what people want in these coming updates. From my understanding the community wants these things, A shorter condensed version of the rules, a less restricting rule set to allow for more creativity and a fresh take on some of our more traditional rules to rejuvenate game-play. Now I'm pretty sure this is the general feel towards the current rule set but if anyone has any outlying opinions this is the time to let us know. I want everyone, new and old members to list some of their favorite rules in regards to making the game fun, balanced and enjoyable for all parties either from the current rule set or the past rule sets. After you have done this now i need you to do the opposite, if you could leave your opinions on rules that you did not find enjoyable, restricted your game-play and made you question why they even existed that would really help me with trying to get the server back to a point where it feels fun round after round. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If someone leaves an opinion about some rules and you do not agree with what that person says or you think its stupid. Please refrain from putting in this post. I don't want this post to turn into some flame war on how 'your concept of jailbreak is garbage and no one should listen to you'. Also if you see a post from another community member and you think all their opinions and ideas are great! Then hit it with a like so I know that you support these ideas. Also x2, Do not copy the rules then go through with a red highlighter just crossing them out then post it here. I want good feedback based on fond memories and times where you were pulling out your hair. Thanks again, Trusted. P.S If you have no idea what Project Bare-Bones is,
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    Well smally it's a very firm -1, the main reason is that you are inactive/nowhere near as active as other candidates. Over the last couple months while the server has been struggling i have rarely seen you on, but since me simply saying that you are inactive is not a very credible source, i was bothered enough to get you session stats for the ban hammer stats, and you have connected 16 time with a total of 25-30 hours over the last 2 months, with 3 of them being since the apps opened + you didn't play for about a month before they opened?. http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/192256 Now yes the server has been low in population during that time, but i have also linked Lighten's, LateKo's and my own session stats (below respectively), and you can see we each have over 100 hours in the past two months. http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/97155 http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/169942 http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/69882 You may not be the most inactive player but since two of the other options for admins have played ~4 times a much as you during a struggling time for the server shows they are more devoted to the server and this community. I realise that you already addressed that you have been inactive in the comments above but i strongly believe that activity is very important and you saying "I definitely plan on being more active in the coming months regardless of the outcome" means very little when your actions show the opposite. I'm sure you have heard the saying "Actions speak louder than words."
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    I think we can all agree that sometimes Lighten is a bit of a twat, but I believe that Lighten is the most committed person I have ever seen towards the jailbreak server. He is extremely active, involved in the community and has a good understanding on what new players and old players want to see changed on the server. Although sometimes lighten brings his up points like an idiot and sounds like a dickhead, I think he would be a great new admin to help start this revolution of bringing the servers back to life. I think Lighten has a great understanding of the rules, but more importantly knows how to have fun and when something has gone to far. Everytime I'm on the server with lighten I feel that he makes the server a more fun and enjoyable place simply with his dumbassy-ness . Basically what I'm trying to say is that although he is missing a couple of brain cells his heart is in the right place.
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    -1 Considering from the time you have received Trusted member to now considering the server has been very much dead, I don't think you are ready or capable of fulfilling the role of Admin that the server needs right now to be able to revive the population of the server. I also think you aren't suitable for a promotion until you prove yourself in the time coming because you have not had the chance to do so yet.
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    i usually don't really post on admin applications but i am going to have to -1 the way you conducted yourself a few times in just the last month was pretty poor to be completely honest and i feel like you need to prove that you have matured from those actions before you receive admin. regardless good luck on your application
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    ^This. For me innovation and unique rounds are incredibly important. You have a community where the top 30 players have spent over a month of their lives in-game, keeping every round interesting and unorthodox should be a priority. However, there are other ways to achieve this without massacring a server. Tricking while transporting began as the route to making every round distintive. Unfortunately what arose some of the time, is new blood giving their go at Wardening, trying to prove themselves litterateurs with their words, but then neglecting to pluralise their beacon order, resulting in a fresh CT Ban. That's the kind of stuff that drives people away from the servers. All logic points towards removing the no longer unorthodox dream, however, what I don't want to see is wardens getting slain for killing prisoners who rushed to a beacon which he gave no orders for, and likely accidentally placed. There has to be limits placed on what will be defined as tricking while transporting because it will not always be intentional. I do not know Jailbreak without tricking while transporting, I left around the same time it was disallowed, and I returned the same week it was reinstated. I can't say I'm enthusiastic to see it removed, but it's important to go with the majority at the moment until the servers become more populated.
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    I don't care too much one way or the other but I feel that this is too soon to start reverting back rules that were only changed a couple weeks ago, everyone needs time to get used to the fact that they actually have to listen instead of blindly rushing to beacons knowing that they can't get killed. While I do get the point that being tricked while transported is annoying as hell, I just think more time is needed for people to get back into listening to orders.
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    i'd only check out Electric global both of those maps are clearly sub-tier because i'm pretty sure the creator has cerebral palsy and autism
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    +1 from me, as i am* the most active combat Trusted (and best trusted member ever [obviously better than lighten smh @lightenwasamistake]) i can say that Michael has changed from when he used to act like an anxty teen (i think i spelt it right) and is now a cool kid, he has nerves of steel when it comes to confrontation as well as a stainless steel enigma that carry's with him wherever he goes. The sheer magnitude at which michael is now held in the server is so great that he has reached a level of what the buddists call "enlightenment", thus deserving a massive +1. I remember in my travels on the awp server having asked michael if he thought i was a better awper than him, this may have been viewed as obnoxious at first, but was actually a test conducted in a manour of upmost secrecy for me to see if he had lost his unmistakable ass kissing vibe that he could have been seen to have, instead he responded with a simple "hell yeah I am" securing my +1 and the title of warrior princess.
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    +1 from me , As i em the most active combat admin i can say that Michael has changed since the last time he applied for admin , He does not get angry over all the little stuff anymore and when i asked a few people on the awp server they said he had grown up and they don't find him to be annoying anymore . He is always on the look out for rule breakers and helping people if they ask . Good luck Michael
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    Change Log April 7th 2017 ORIGINAL RULE 2.11 GUARDs cannot camp in or around vents, gunroom and medic. This includes scoping in on a vent from distance, and sitting ABOVE a vent, regardless of where the CT is looking. This was shortened to, 2.10 GUARDs cannot camp vents, gunroom or medic. For further explanation see Camping in the Jailbreak Vocabulary 2.14 GUARDs may not break and enter any vents (UNLESS IT IS DONE DURING A HUNGER GAMES DAY OR ZOMBIE DAY). However, GUARDs can follow a PRISONERs into the vent to clear that vent. GUARDs may enter a vent ONLY if the vent is open. This was reworded/changed to, 2.13 GUARDs may not break vents (Unless during a HungerGames or shooting PRISONERs). However, GUARDs can clear any open vents whilst completing their objective. The objective is considered to be the AIM OF THE GAME, For GUARDS (Counter-Terrorists): To cut down prisoner numbers by giving orders/commands and playing various games and activities, until all prisoners are killed. 2.17 If a GUARD orders a HOT CELL, the PRISONERs in that cell must be ordered by name. NOTE: If GUARDs are unable to see names, the must identify HOT CELL via bullet shots, beacons, sprites ETC. This was changed to; 2.16 If a GUARD orders a HOT CELL, the PRISONERs in that cell must be made aware they are in a hot cell. 2.18 If PRISONERs are hiding in HOT CELL and their names are not visible you may order them to 'come out' or be killed, allow for a reasonable time to comply. Removed because its irrelevant. 2.21 GUARDs may not punish a player because another player is disobeying (A GUARD killing multiple PRISONERs in a hot cell because one person isn't dropping the gun). This was changed to just shortened and simplified, 2.19 GUARDs may not punish one player because of another players actions. 2.23 GUARDs must order lone PRISONERs by name. You must have sight of a player to order a lone PRISONER, you cannot order PRISONERs on a FREEDAY. WARDENs can order lone PRISONERs by name regardless of whether or not they have sight of said PRISONER (excluding FREEDAYS). This was shortened and simplified, 2.21 GUARDs must order lone PRISONERs by name. You must have sight of a player to order a lone PRISONER unless you are the WARDEN. 2.27 GUARDs cannot kill PRISONERs after the round ends as it would be considered a freekill. Unless the PRISONERs are actively rebelling orders. This rule has been removed for obvious reasons. 2.29 GUARDs cannot play First Reaction during ANY day. Removed to allow CTs the freedom to change how they play "Reactions" 2.31 WARDENs may order a PRISONER to stop spamming their microphone. However, WARDENs MAY NOT order Ts to stop using their mic in any other circumstance, e.g. 'Meridian if you mic spam again you'll be killed on sight' vs 'If you use your mic you will be killed'. This was changed to, 2.28 WARDENs may order a PRISONER to stop spamming their microphone. This can only be used in appropriate circumstances. It the exact same rule in my eyes I've just shortened it. 2.35 GUARDs cannot trick PRISONERs in any way when transporting PRISONERs across the map. (i.e. Rush to this bullet shot on the floor then proceeds to shoot the wall) or (i.e. rush to the bullet shot I shoot, okay here, alright next one is here).2.36 The WARDEN cannot use trick words outside of games (e.g. All T's when I shoot my AK-47 you are going to rush to my AK-47 shots, then the WARDEN fires his dessert eagle and kills everyone who moved. Scenarios like these are not allowed). BOTH THESE RULES HAVE BEEN REMOVED DUE TO COMMUNITY SUGGESTIONS. SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 2.42 GUARDs cannot obtain 'map powers/secrets' until LR period. (eg. speed boosts, low gravity, ETC). This includes 'special grenades' that give you additional abilities. Removed to allow CTs more freedom. SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 3.3 PRISONERs cannot use any weapons that are a result of a baiting GUARD. This has been changed to be more specific. 3.3 PRISONERs cannot use any weapons that are a result of a baited, slain or disconnected GUARD. There are many more little touch ups I've done to the rules, such as re-writes to make everything look cleaner. These changes here are the most significant and will alter the way people play the game. If you have any further questions just let me know also thanks for being patient while i got these out. Cheers, Trusted.
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    Honestly, Smally's a cunt. Like dead set, he's a peace of shit. I personally think he's so annoying that i'd rather kms then spend a day with him. My life like a surprise egg, on the outside is chocolate, inside is the vanilla and the toy, Smally is that toy, i am that chocolate, my insides are the vanilla. The point i'm trying to make here is that Smally is inside me, and he will always be there. +1 faggot.
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    TTT is going through a phase of "minor but major" updates at the moment and the player models may be removed. We are trying to enhance the TTT experience for everyone. Thanks for the concern Ladz.
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    3.3 PRISONERs cannot use any weapons that are a result of a baiting GUARD. IMO it is the guards fault, and the consequence of baiting the t's would be dying and giving the t's a gun. Making the guard learn from their mistakes and to stand away from the path of the t's. 3.7 PRISONERs may not give any fake orders to trick other PRISONERs, it is slayable. E.g. PRISONER says 'We should all be jumping on the spot' when the order is to be button frozen. The prisoners know who the warden is and what their voice sounds like, tricking your t's into dying is a dick move but it follows the aim of outlasting other t's. New Rule: Unproficient guards may be swapped off at the admins discretion. there would obviously have to be a guideline to that, e.g. 3 failed rounds due to the same guard, etc. nobody wants to spend 1 minute outside of cells then restart the round 5 rounds in a row, and this does happen a lot at times. Rebelling t's must actively hunt the guards, this is upto admins discretion. there have literally been rounds where an afk t is in cells camping while they're the last t alive. it's annoying and prevents the flow of gameplay. if someone wants to play map games without interruption they can load the map offline and do whatever they want.
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    Just a key bit of context before a drove of people start bashing Late because I feel this might happen. Late has probably been one of the most helpful members I have had the pleasure of interacting with. The times where I may have missed something and he points it out to me or the suggestions he makes are countless. The reason he received Trusted Member is because i wanted to give him more stuff to do. He was limited in his impact on the server so I thought by giving him so more powers he could increase said impact and help me out. Which he has done and I appreciate a lot. Also he has never once doubted that we can get the server back to where it was. Having said all this, this doesn't mean I'm going to give him admin. I just wanted to add some context that some of you may not be aware of and I will continue to see what the community has to say about Late because that will be an influential part of the application process this time around.
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    You have only recently gotten trusted, and since the server has been dead for quite some time, you have not been able to show off your capabilities to control the server. I would recommend for you to slow down and enjoy your time as trusted, and show how good you can be, then maybe you can apply again later. -1 Best of luck, though. --EDIT-- I just read clouds post and I kind of said exactly what he said so sorry about that but it's still my opinion.
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    MAP IN EXTREMELY EARLY STAGES OF DEV Here are the core map design aspects, It's going to be based loosely on the Cobblestone and Inferno (oldferno) aesthetic. So far I've completed the basic design of the Main cell block and Gun-room (I'm adding another floor to gun-room). Lots of Pillars and stoneworks. Plan on adding statues. I've brought this map to the forums because I would like you guys to help me with a name for the map Criticism and Critique Ideas for mapgames and last of all, help with a custom sky-box, using sky_camera. I make the sky-box but it always appears above the player and not to the side of the map. Thank You, All help and feedback is very appreciated, since I'm fairly new to SDK.
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    Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified "Red Room" has limited teleport points, and added ladder where CT's can quickly counter rebels. Lighting is more consistent, and matches with the sun in skybox. Added more Cobblestone themed imagery, including castle towers, castle towers will be utilized as WARDAY, in later stages of dev. Now to the Important bit. Map Games... Map Games that will be added: Skipping Colours Climb Map Games that I'm testing: I reached out to @Lighten about map games. Lighten had some very unique map ideas, that I'll be using. They have never been tried before. I won't be unveiling them just yet, as they are still very broken. Screenshots aren't that impressive, Still early dev tho.
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    Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified Added Medic Added Vents, which lead to "RED ROOM", Red room has teleports that can teleport the Rebelling Prisoner to places in the map, Rebel also receives Tec 9 with only one clip. Removed Police Car and Tank, since unsuitable for map aesthetic. Modified Main Cell Block, Cells. They now have appropriate props, such as Toilet, etc. Fire and Dead body in Broken cell. Added Disco with 5 songs, (Currently not working, "SDK cannot find mixer file") Thanks for all your suggestions and ideas. Do i create new posts or continue commenting on the original?
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    http://www.filedropper.com/tttcanyonb1fix1 Fixed version of canyon. Water is now visible, rises faster and is activated via a code. http://www.filedropper.com/ttt67thwaycsgov10 CS:GO version of 67th way http://www.filedropper.com/tttapehouseremake Pretty simple map. Has a 2 story house with a basement and attic as well as a front and backyard and a side house to hide behind. http://gamebanana.com/maps/download/193939 ttt_princesscraft_beta4 Minecraft themed ttt map with working traitor traps and traitor rooms (no dick in this one) http://www.filedropper.com/tttcraftroomcsgov2 Minecraft themed map similar to dolls or teenroom http://www.filedropper.com/ttthoodratv14 http://www.filedropper.com/ttthtbankfix1 fixed version of bank with guns already in it
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    this sort of relates to what Kakashi said to somewhat solve this issue we could add/change rules to permit CT's to move guns but only if in doing so you are helping the warden. Also, include that moving a gun that is in a sperate area to the warden is not helping warden UNLESS the warden asks you to move it. if that makes any sense whatsoever (it does in my head)
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    Neutral. You'd be fine as an admin as you can enforce rules and whatnot. However you get really salty way too easily and take things way too serious commonly so I don't know how you'd be able to control certain situations. Goodluck. EDIT: You need to work on how you enforce rules, you seem to raise your voice generally when you want to get your point across.
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    i'm going go go through the rules one by one & list the ones i think should be changed or removed Guards 2.0 "Cells must be open by 11:30" this should be changed to 11 to give more time for the guards to orient themselves & it should stop people from making a sound that is basically four sentences swooshed into one & everyone just doing what's muscle memory 2.9 "Guards must allow for a minimum of 5 seconds for prisoners to exit their cells, before closing cell doors" I think this should be upped to 10 seconds because it seems that jb players can't count, also accounts for lag etc. 2.16 "Guards can shoot a prisoner holding their primary on sight, or if they're shooting a secondary" should be changed to guards can request a prisoner disarm & remove any primary & secondary weapons failure to do so will be classed as rebelling 2.27 "Guards cannot kill prisoners after the round ends, as it would be considered a freekill" The rounds over, if you're that uppity about stats you're playing the wrong gamemode 2.35 "Guards cannot trick prisoners in any way when transporting prisoners across the map" it is your job as a prisoner to pay attention to the active orders, it's a little finicky at the moment because it sounds like every warden is eating a big ol piece of garlic bread every time they give orders but it'll work. 2.36 "The warden cannot use trick words outside of games" this should be removed for the same reason above 2.40 "Wardens cannot give orders that apply for the whole round, excluding orders regarding beacons / markers / bullet shots or knifing / breaking vents" This should be changed i think no orders at all should apply for the duration of the round because it encourages lazy wardening the only thing i'd be okay with being a round thing would be a statement such as "Prisoners found knifing vents or attempting to escape cells will be shot" something along those lines. I believe the jailbreak game rules need to be changed too. Ill start with bullrush Remove the rule "Guards are not allowed to stab, right click" & replace it with something along the lines of "the person playing the bull can only use left or right click, they cannot use a combination of both. The Warden can specify a time period for either click to be active or make them change after x deaths I'd also re-word it or change it so spot the #### & the Trust game can be played with more then 4 people, this would be done by having multiple games going, where all games are paused until the warden attends the game. Simon Says "Simon cannot give orders which will persist in future simon says orders " excluding default positions" This should apply to all, once you set a default it's the default for the game no changing it. i'm also not a fan of stringing orders along until it's as convoluted & complicated as a hipster cafe "Simon cannot give more than 3 specifications for 1 single order" See above "Simon cannot refer back to a previous default positions" Also see above "when simon states a new default position" once again see above" That would be your fault though because you auto pilot ran to a beacon instead of waiting for orders, the issue here isn't with the rule existing or being removed the issue is with you. Take it on the chin & enjoy your time waiting until the next round to get up & grab a drink or stretch your legs. if that makes you salty you would hate to see me warden. I mostly agree with Cloud here, with the exception of Wardens having the complete each & every order being removed as it stands people just make sounds that are meant to be sentences because they either are following a script or they don't have enough time to get orders out, when i played yesterday or the day before most of the wardens lacked confidence in what they said & hardly got it out in understandable English. "New Rule: Unproficient guards may be swapped off at the admins discretion. there would obviously have to be a guideline to that, e.g. 3 failed rounds due to the same guard, etc. nobody wants to spend 1 minute outside of cells then restart the round 5 rounds in a row, and this does happen a lot at times." +1 for LateKO i like this addition & think it would be nice, if you really do plan to bring it back the server would require more direct admin oversight & assistance. -Editing a post i already posted so i can't quote properly soz fam- "Rebelling t's must actively hunt the guards, this is upto admins discretion. there have literally been rounds where an afk t is in cells camping while they're the last t alive. it's annoying and prevents the flow of gameplay. if someone wants to play map games without interruption they can load the map offline and do whatever they want." Personally i am against the above, if you are a T and you are rebelling you can do whatever you want really. I agree with Robert on "2.41 GUARDs cannot remove/interact with guns placed around the map excluding gunroom. They may be removable after a PRISONER has interacted with it and/or in LR period." i remember the days of getting your fellow CT's to clear guns from the map before cells opened.
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