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    Ban-Hammer's Future

    As many of you may have heard by now, Q4-Bi has given the announcement 29th July 2017 that servers Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) and Multi-Mode will be shut down until further notice. Q4 has had a long time to think about this decision including the directors which has resulted into this. On a positive note Jailbreak will be temporarily shut down and essentially a make over. Many changes will happen to this server and the ETA on when the server will be up is unknown at this point. Catch and Trusted will be working on the server from rules to skins. And yes weapon skins will be back! A Big Thankyou to all the Staff and members who have put in a lot of effort in running these two servers and being part of these servers when they were always full to almost empty. The current and final admins for these servers are: Multi-Mode: MTS-TROYMAN Nightcrow Spodeyy Zinger Trouble in Terrorist Town: Ace Fillipe Kazboltr Shitterlord Trigger_scrub A big thankyou to these guys for sticking around and trying their best to keep the server alive and well. If you have any questions about all this, send me a PM on the forums. IF you have any ideas you would like to bring up for Ban-Hammer, let me know and I will talk to the rest of the Management team.
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    Rules Draft

    General Rules 1.1 The ratio is 1 Guard (CT) : 3 Prisoners (T). 1.2 All players must complete their objectives to the best of their ability and shall not by any means hold up the flow of game play. 1.3 Be respectful to other players. 1.4 Do not ignore reasonable admin requests. 1.5 Do not verbally or non-verbally discriminate other players. 1.6 Do not impersonate other players. 1.7 Do not abuse voteban/votekick/report system. 1.8 Do not ghost (revealing any information whilst dead to alive players) 1.9 Do not exploit glitches in the game. 1.10 Do not advertise servers, websites or other communities. 1.11 Your name must be readable, in English, easily pronounced & distinguishable from other players. 1.12 Camping of GUNROOM or MEDIC during a Hungergames is prohibited. GAME RULES - https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2268-jailbreak-game-rules/ The Aim of the Game For PRISONERS (Terrorists): To overthrow the guards by either rebelling or outlasting your team mates in various activities and initiating successful Last Requests until all guards are killed. For GUARDS (Counter-Terrorists): To cut down prisoner numbers by giving orders/commands and playing various games and activities, until all prisoners are killed. Guard/Counter-Terrorist/Warden (CT) Rules 2.1 CELLS MUST BE OPEN BY 11:30 (11:30 on game clock = FREEDAY). 2.2 Orders must be given before cells open; otherwise there will be a freeday. 2.3 GUARDs must have a working microphone. 2.4 GUARDs must allow for a minimum of 5 seconds for PRISONERs to exit their cells. 2.5 GUARDs cannot camp vents, gunroom or medic. 2.6 GUARDs inside gunroom have 10 seconds to exit. 2.7 GUARDs may not break vents (Unless during a HungerGames). However, GUARDs can clear any open vents. 2.8 GUARDs can shoot a PRISONER holding their primary on sight, or if they're shooting a secondary. 2.9 GUARDs cannot order PRISONERs in their cells before they're open unless they are in a HOT CELL. 2.10 You cannot order PRISONERs on a FREEDAY. 2.11 GUARDs cannot plant/give guns to PRISONER, unless it is needed in game situation. 2.12 If a GUARD plays a game with PRISONERs, all PRISONERs must have a fair chance of survival. 2.13 GUARDs cannot play favourites with PRISONERs. Prisoner/Terrorist Rules (T) 3.1 PRISONERs may kill any GUARD that is baiting. 3.2 PRISONERs cannot use any weapons that are a result of a baited, slain or disconnected GUARD. 3.3 LR must be conducted in a fair way where both parties have an equal chance. If it is a dangerous LR, PRISONER must go first. 3.4 ALL LRs and their rules must be explained clearly, and in full, before they start. 3.5 When there are 3 PRISONERs left alive during a Hide N' Seek Day the camping of map secrets is prohibited. Jailbreak Vocabulary 4.1 Freeday: CT's cannot order T's to do anything, but if you are in knifing distance or holding a primary out T's can still be killed. 4.2 Button Freeze: Standing in one spot without moving (You may use your mouse to knife/look around, unless specified otherwise by the warden). 4.3 Hot Cell: Is considered to be a cell which contains a primary/secondary weapon, vent or teleporter. 4.4 Rush: To take the quickest route possible without delaying or detouring. 4.5 Baiting: Is considered to be any CT, intentionally or unintentionally going within knifing distance of Ts. 4.6 Freekilling/Freewounding: Deliberate or accidental killing or wounding of a PRISONER (via any means) that has done nothing wrong. 4.7 !LR / Last Request: A minigame a T can choose when there are three of them left by typing !lr. 4.8 Camping: DELIBERATE or ACCIDENTAL stationary placement in the vicinity of a questionable area, e.g. Gun Room, Medic, vents and teleporters. Looking directly at a 'questionable area' for longer than 5 seconds. 4.9 Unstack shoulder to shoulder: The act of shuffling while still linking shoulders in an orderly fashion. 4.10 Ass on Bars: PRIONSERs who are in a hot cell put their back against the door/window of your cell and facing the back wall without any detours or delays and button freeze. You must do this until warden says you may move or cells are open. This is by no way the finish product and doesn't really have a concept behind it. I just wanted to see what a reaction would be to something of this sort.
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    ban coby

    does anyone still play i wanna fuck yas up
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    IMPORTANT MUST READ!!!!@#!#!@$@@^

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    ban coby

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    Give Moderator

    I deserve moderator i have been apart of this club since day 1 and i am an old school member and im retarded staff so please thanks
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    im going to have to ask you to kindly kys <3
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    Cloud ☁

    Rules Draft

    @veX The whole point of this new ruleset is so players are "more free" and so admin discretion and common sense is used more. Obviously if a player is intentionally running back and forth admins and players can do something about it. If players use common sense more loopholes shouldn't happen, these rules are meant to keep gameplay in check and not forcing players to continue the same old routine and experiment some more without having to be like "is there a rule for that" all the time. If they mess up it will be the admins decision on what to do with them.
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    [Combat] POiSON's Admin Application

    +1 i rkn you'd do fkn good lad, give it a crack
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    [Combat] alFa's Admin Application

    Unfortunately you do not meet all the requirements need for an admin position. Your forum account must be 1 month old with a minimum 10 non spam posts and 48 hours playtime of the server you applying for. Once all requirements have been met then you may apply again Application Denied.
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    buff terb

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    Cloud ☁

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    Bad at application to get admin so im afraid im going to deny your application xD. DENIED *DAB*
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    Rules Draft

    I'd say keep these 2 rules as well, or include them some how 2.6 GUARDs orders must allow for reasonable time for completion by PRISONERs, while any reasonable requests for a repeat must be adhered to. 2.35 WARDENs cannot give orders that apply for the whole round, excluding transporting and vent orders. Other than that 13 or 15 rules for CT's is a lot better than 39, so +1 for this rule change
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    Rules Draft

    Just fix the colour of this text. Rules seem fine. If guards leave gunroom, but forget to grab something, can they return? If so how many times are they allowed to return excluding chasing rebellious T's. I'm totally gonna be the shit of the community and find loopholes!
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    How is his lyranx still working??

    This kid
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