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    Project Bare-Bones What is Project Bare-Bones? This is my plan to bring some new enthusiasm to the Jailbreak Server for all parties. As all of you have noticed the server has been in a very obvious decline. This project is all about the future of the server and how we get it to a point that is enjoyable for everyone once again. I will list out the details of said plans. Phase 1: Admin Evaluation (Completed) This phase is all about getting a feel for how the Jailbreak team wants to proceed with their roles or if they want to at all. I have already discussed with admins about how they feel in regards to their futures with the team and how committed they are to helping implement any new changes or plans for getting the server where it needs to be for an enjoyable experience. During this Evaluation Phase we had Sly and EyeKenThpell leave the team each for their own reasons. A huge thanks goes out to the time you guys spent on the server and off it helping out. Phase 2: Replenish the Troops (Completed) This phase is quite simple. With two of our admins stepping down there are some shoes that need to be filled. The plan is to get some fresh minds into the admin team that are willing and committed to helping us implement these new changes to the server. The Admin Applications will be opening, the ideal candidate would be someone who is enthusiastic about getting the server where it needs to be and helping with these new changes. Phase 3: Rules Evaluation (Ongoing) This is where the Bare-Bones part comes into it. I have been silently watching the forums these past few weeks and listening to people's complaints and I think I have a good sense of what is and isn't liked about the current rule set. I plan on implementing as many changes as it takes to find the sweet spot between too many rules and too few. I also plan on involving the community in this process as much as I possibly can. More details in regards to this will be posted in the next 1-2 weeks. Phase 4: Map Pool Changes (Coming Soon) My plan for the Map Pool is, evaluate the current map pool, remove maps that aren't played and disliked then condense the map pool with all the maps that are liked and played frequently. If we have to start with a small map pool I am fine with that but I want to make sure that all maps that are on the server are liked and functioning as intended. After we have weeded out all the 'bad' maps and condensed the pool we will go through this process to add new maps; Either a Admin/Community Member/Myself finds a map that would be considered playable and enjoyable for our server and rule set. Test the map on the DEV server for bugs and performance. After the map has been approved by myself or another director we then live test it on the server (I will announce when the maps are being tested on the forums). If the map is liked it will then be added to the map pool. Phase 5: Plugins/Other Related DEV Work (In The Future) At this point during the project the server should be functioning to the point where we have time and resources to start adding new features into the server. I currently to not have an exact time when we can expect these changes to start being implemented but we have PLENTY to do before this point. The main additions during this phase will be quality of life updates, new special days, store upgrades and other things of this nature. I will post more details about this phase when we get further through the project. These are my plans for the server I really want to involve the community as much as possible with this project. I look forward to hearing your guys thoughts on this plan and am keen to see you on the server. In the mean time while we are implementing these things I encourage you to jump on the server and the forums to check in and leave some suggestions and feedback on the ongoing changes to make sure we are headed in the right direction. YOUR Jailbreak Head Admin, Trusted.
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    Hey, I figured I'd give an update to the general public. I have recently started development work on the multimode server, I'm creating this post to keep a log for everyone to see what has been changed on the server. As you all know a community is nothing without its players, the idea is to create a more enjoyable experience for our players and to create a welcoming environment for new players that may stumble across our servers. I would appreciate and will take into consideration any feedback that any of you may have towards the server. I will be updating this post with anything that has been fixed or added to the server from this point forward. [12/04/2017] @ unknown - Removed coursemaps temporarily, to be re-added once fixed [13/04/2017] @ 11:43PM - Fixed players keeping weapons in deathrun and some surf maps @ 11:43PM - Fixed players spawning with weapons in some minigames maps. (rainbow, wl_)
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    I would like to thank everyone that helped me through the time my cat died means alot to me and im gonna be focusing on school more then playing jb so i hope u guys havea great time and miss u all <3 thanks for the help guys <3
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    Heyo, kakashi swings in to comment on stuff once again. Firstly "Controlling the server" from history doesn't go down to well with upper management Small gripe but i'm making a point pls no delete. You want to be working within the pre defined guidelines [should be set by whoever is TTT head at the moment or Directors] to maintain a cohesive approach towards the TTT community, you know admins as a united front etc. don't do cowboy shit it ends badly [Trust me i know] TTT is a very simple gamemode, baseline rules are don't RDM, & don't metagame. the only way i could see anyone "abusing or punishing it" would be exploiting a map or metagaming. which are both against the rules which you would have to enforce, i think you might have struggled with the English but i'm not going to criticize as sometimes you can get caught up in the excitement & forget to double check [i do it v often] Personally, as someone who has been around for a very long time [pretty sure i'm among the longest lasting members of the community? unsure tho if i had my main account i think my account time would be slightly longer when compared to rossage] i don't like your calling out of another community, communities can not for the most part control what their members do, if what you say about members from a fellow community come onto our servers & break rules hold staff or "high ranking" positions in said communities then we have an issue that is best handled by Directors. Everyone breaks rules at one point or another [i've never been officially banned though, been forum & game banned for a bit at my own request because i was sinking too much time into online things & needed to readjust] i'm glad you've improved your outlook towards TTT however i'm concerned by you thinking default rule breakers are "douchebags" sometimes people just have a bad day & make a mistake. Admins in general have real life things to do, some work full time, others study, some are just taking a break your lack of acknowledgment for this leads me to believe you've failed to grasp how stressful the role can be at times. [as for learning about the Ban-Hammer "Community" i guess i could share memories i have with you if you would like, i remember when BH was "Dead" & it was just a few of us in a skype group who played Vic 5 from time to time & gave Q4 shit about his partners at the time / partner -i'm unsure if they're still together soo?- forehead] [It was huge] Servers tend to be a slice of life but think of it with everyone wearing a mask, you can't have a perfect world & learning how to interact with the "small majority of people ruining it for everyone" while keeping your bias at bay is a good skill. TTT is a very simple gamemode, most rules tend to be standard across most / all servers the best way you can help is to set an example. Finishing up now sorry for the long post, thank you for bearing with me. To conclude my statement & reply to your finishing one ill say this, everything is contextual, what did it look like from x's perspective, did Y shoot first without hitting him hence the lack of logs being an admin in general takes decent if not great people skills & frankly i don't believe you have them.
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    I'd check out either JB Exile 2019 or JB Cavern if you need any inspiration by the way - I here those are fantastic maps
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    Clearly you don't know the rules enough to reapply. You will be post banned for 4 months for making another app. Application denied and User Forum banned for 4 months.
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    Based on your recent ban history, my personal observations and your 1 post, I am strongly denying this application. You MUST ask permission to have members support your application and show you are willing to help others without breaking any rules. You may be able to apply again after you have followed the criteria, and have shown the community a different side. Application Denied
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    Alright sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the ride that is my fucking opinion "de_bikinibottom" - I don't think this maps had enough time on the server to consider keeping/removing it yet "ttt_caboose "ttt_mario64_peachcastleoutside" ttt_desperados "ttt_dolls_csgo" "ttt_island17_pezversion" "ttt_minecraftcity_slayer "ttt_rooftops_slayers" "ttt_richburg" "ttt_subway" "ttt_teenroom "ttt_parkhousefix_ "ttt_aircraft_ "clue" - I agree that this needs some sort of a player cap on it, in saying this I really want to play this map with a full server as well "ttt_canyon_b1" - Indifferent, I personally prefer not to play it though "ttt_highschool - I don't know about anyone else but I'm starting to get bored of this map "de_malibu_vc" - I haven't seen this map played often, I don't mind it but if it does nothing for the player base then axe it "csmu_waterpark_night_v1" - Not a bad map, I wouldn't care to see it stay or leave "ar_skycastle - I don't mind this map either, but again if it does nothing for the player base then axe it "de_codewise_snow" - I like the map design a lot but I don't think it's well received on the server perhaps due to the game mode "cs_minecraft_landscape" - Don't care, just find it a boring map to be honest "ttt_nukehouse_ - I personally hate this map, too big, ugly as - only benefits are the fridges "ttt_whitehouse_slayers" - I find it quite bland in terms of game play "ttt_drybone_swamp - Awkward map with awkward game play - never seen it play as it seems to kill server "ttt_thetops - Also find this map quite bland "de_cache" - Trash tier default map "cs_office"- Trash tier default map "de_dust2" - Trash tier default map "de_inferno" - Trash tier default map "cs_assault" - Trash tier default map "de_mirage" - Trash tier default map "de_cache_minecraft" - Trash tier default map, minecraft style "ttt_chateau" - Ugly ass map that I find quite boring "ttt_stadium_slayers - Not a fan of this map, I find it quite boring "cs_deadhouse" - Has run its time, soon to be replaced with a similar less tacky map "ttt_camel_bh_go_v1h" - Not a fan
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    UPDATED RULES SNAPSHOT 29TH APRIL 2017 2.23 GUARDs cannot trick PRISONERs in any way when transporting and cannot use trick words outside of games. (i.e. Rush to this bullet shot on the floor then proceeds to shoot the wall) or (i.e. Rush to the beacon and button freeze, alright next ones here, *kills everyone*). This is NOT allowed. 2.39 GUARDs cannot obtain 'map powers/secrets' until LR period. (eg. speed boosts, low gravity, ETC). This includes 'special grenades' that give you additional abilities.
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    just remove the prop on subway and you wont be able to get out of the map ub_a6 is getting a remake i can ask the map creator editing the map this one of the few fun maps the server had I have a bunch of maps that could be added but I'd need to upload them, I'll just list some of them here. http://www.filedropper.com/tttcanyonb1fix1 Here is the fixed version of canyon, but you might want to make a rule where only traitors are allowed to make the water rise. http://www.filedropper.com/ttt67thwaycsgov10 not sure why 67th still isnt on the server http://www.filedropper.com/tttapehouseremake pretty decent map, smaller then most maps but it should be fine http://gamebanana.com/maps/download/193939 Has working traitor rooms and traps, only issue is the spawns apparently http://www.filedropper.com/tttcraftroomcsgov2 decent map, nothing wrong with it, but not amazing. http://www.filedropper.com/ttthoodratv14 http://www.filedropper.com/ttthtbankfix1 working version of two maps that were meant to be on the server http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=778749223 vertigo but made for ttt http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=777331262 forest from gmod pretty sure its already on the server but something got fucked up and theres no guns http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=764778046 better version of camel http://www.filedropper.com/tttterrortrainv1csgo just a very long train Remove the default maps, remove de_minecraft_cache, cs_minecraft_landscape and skycastle Most of the other maps are fine to leave in, even if I personally hate some of them most of the players like them so I think the rest of the maps should stay.
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    I'm struggling to take this application as a serious thing, when you are on the server you are constantly breaking the rules, mic spamming and being a lemon. In all the time I have seen you on the server I haven't seen you once try to explain rules to new player, combined with this you have several bans that I don't believe you have learnt from. On top of all of this you have put down names of people that you haven't ask to support you admin app. I feel if you do seriously want to help this server, then you need to stop breaking the rules, stop with the mic spamming that you do all the time and actually spend some time learning the rules and helping people on the server instead of being the one that admins have to focus on massive -1
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    These are my suggestions: Remove all default maps, they are horrible for TTT. Remove TTT_Subway, De_Codewise and The_Tops. All 3 have glitches that players have regularly abused to get outside of the map Remove the map camel. Horrible looking map, the helicopter has a visual glitch of not showing the fire so non regular players constantly die to it. Remove Cache Minecraft, horrible for TTT Remove skycastle. Not well liked and has killed the server in the past Remove drybone swamp. Visibility is just stupidly slow, radar doesn't work properly, the map and rounds drag out 90% of the time For the map clue remove it from the map pool when a thresehold of 15 people is hit. Above 15 people c4 spam is just too much of a problem. Include Canyon back into the normal map pool Include the map ttt_minecraft_ub_a6 into the rotation. It isn't listed above but I know for a fact that it is on the server.
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    Thankyou for applying Avex, At this moment, we will not be accepting your admin application. Even thought I have seen you help players, knowing the rules but at this time we feel you would not fit the role as an admin yet. Please contact me on steam as soon as you see this. @Avex DENIED.
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    Theme - Anything but lego and Minecraft. Name - The theme / Up to you What I want - Maps that have to many angles and that are huge, always fail to be liked by the community. Therefore I say anything small - medium sized with covered spawns.
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    If it's not hentai themed, you don't have my approval.
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    -1 You do not help the server, have mulitple bans for not following the rules and you just came off a ban. You always mic spam and never inforce the rules you just break them.
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    Map is still in EXTREMELY early development. Hello, This new map game was suggested by @Lighten. The Dodgeball/1hp Arena is in very early dev. The main idea, is that CT's go into a balcony area and rain down decoys on the T's. HP is automatically set by the map, so Admin intervention is not required. T's have to dodge the incoming decoys. When the warden decides to finish he can press a button that will teleport the surviving T's into a cage. Very shabby decoration and aesthetic for the entire map at the moment, but that will be fixed. What i need: Some Playtesters who are willing to be patient with a shabby map in early dev Help with setting up a dev server, Like how to install "hosties" onto a server without buying a dedicated one etc. Feedback and advice Thank you.
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    Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified "Red Room" has limited teleport points, and added ladder where CT's can quickly counter rebels. Lighting is more consistent, and matches with the sun in skybox. Added more Cobblestone themed imagery, including castle towers, castle towers will be utilized as WARDAY, in later stages of dev. Now to the Important bit. Map Games... Map Games that will be added: Skipping Colours Climb Map Games that I'm testing: I reached out to @Lighten about map games. Lighten had some very unique map ideas, that I'll be using. They have never been tried before. I won't be unveiling them just yet, as they are still very broken. Screenshots aren't that impressive, Still early dev tho.
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    @Tracy If you played the combat server you would understand why im trying to push the topic , My own benefit hmm if you had taken the time to play on the server and get to know me like everyone else has then you would understand how stupid that comment sounds
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    Game Rules have been updated. Updates include, two new games; Circle Jerk and Movement Roulette. Re-writes and further clarification for older games.
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    Looking at your chatlogs, you abused a lot of players on at the time, and him throwing a flashbang at you is not an RDM and is not worth a slay, let alone a !call You also have 10 sourcebans prior to this one, and looks like you haven't improved
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    Theme: Anything but Lego, please. Name: design it around your theme or just anything What I want in map: Covered Spawnpoints, Plenty of cover, decently sized (look at maps like lego_2, fort, etc. and see why they're so successful) Other: dont make it shit like rustycraft @VelxinOne
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    this is a list of the current TTT map pool, just trying to get peoples opinions on what maps they dislike, so if there is a map that you hate nows the time to tell me, we have plans to add some new maps within the week, so i feel its time we start trying to change up the map pool a bit "cs_assault" "de_bikinibottom" "ttt_canyon_b1" "de_cache" "cs_office" "de_dust2" "de_inferno" "ttt_chateau" "ttt_mario64_peachcastleoutside" ttt_desperados "ttt_dolls_csgo" "ttt_highschool "ttt_island17_pezversion" "ttt_minecraftcity_slayer "ttt_rooftops_slayers" "ttt_stadium_slayers "ttt_subway" "ttt_teenroom "ttt_nukehouse_ "ttt_parkhousefix_ "ttt_aircraft_ "clue" "cs_deadhouse" "ttt_camel_bh_go_v1h" "de_cache_minecraft" "de_malibu_vc" {} "csmu_waterpark_night_v1" "ar_skycastle "de_mirage" "de_codewise_snow" "cs_minecraft_landscape" "ttt_richburg" "ttt_whitehouse_slayers" "ttt_drybone_swamp "ttt_thetops "ttt_caboose
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    The biggest 2 things I look for in an admin application is how passionate you are for helping the community and trust between staff and the community and with you unfortunately I don't see either. Could be wrong but just cant see those 2 things in you as I think you want admin just to have control and not to help. (with you just being banned not too long ago) Most people said what I think in this thread. I just don't trust you. Edit: please don't add people that didn't want to support your app. Go ask them first before putting them in. Nothing makes you less trustful then putting something false in an admin app. -1
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    -1 Your complete inability to follow rules is ridiculous.
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    -1 you are a constant nuisance on TTT, never have you even shown any maturity. ntynty
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    -1 Based on how you just presented yourself on the Jailbreak Server ://
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    Sorry dude, I'm not supporting the application and you didn't ask me if I wanted to in the first place, you do cause quite a disruption to the server and seeing as you have recently come off of a ban for being a general lemon, it's gonna be a big no from me, soz. -1
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    Congratulations, You've been selected to be our next Combat Admin. We've seen your efforts to improve upon the issues we pointed out in your last application, and hope you can continue to improve in the future. ACCEPTED
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    I think it should remain how it is right now. The largest reason in my opinion is that it allows for diverse rounds, at any point during a maps rotation CT's will repeat map games and only stick to a certain group of map games, (Climb, surf, race). There is only so much people want to do. But half of the game is ordering the T's. I understand your point, but when more time within the game is devoted to moving the T's then actually playing map games, I think there should be more variety within moving rather than restricting it to the same boring orders. So the player base which accumulated whilst having the rule removed thus making up the majority of people who voted on the poll have the same thoughts and feelings about the rule being taken out, which are expressed in the posts above. However Deemo's comment is a good example of the game becoming the same round over and over. He expects the beacon to be rushed to, but what if that beacon was a misclick? It's up to the player to be listening to the orders. But it works both ways because it is up to the CT to trick said T. They aren't obligated to trick T's, and simply killing people for rushing to a beacon that you placed with no orders isn't what the dynamic between a prisoner/guard relationship would be like. I personally hate Nazi CT's who kill without warning, and it's those people who abuse it by making ridiculous orders that sometimes can go over people's heads. for example, different size beacons, where the beacon/bullet shot is placed, different colour beacons. It should be used in moderation and not too extreme because that's when it gets no fun.
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    I would like to keep going on with this but look, I get where your coming from and I'll take what you've said on board and try to do better next time.
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    LIST OF ALL JAILBREAK CHAT TAGS ===================== PLEASE KEEP IN MIND ===================== Not all chat tag colours appear exactly as they do on this thread (Colours may be slightly darker or brighter). Refunds will not be given out to players who do not like the way their tag looks, you will have to use the sell function in game. THIS IS NOT THE THREAD TO SUGGEST NEW TAGS, YOU CAN FIND THAT THREAD HERE: ===================== EVERYONE ===================== [Ban-Hammer] [BigBoy] Ms. Mr. [Asian] Dr. [Jedi Master] [Kawaii ^.^] [God Like] AHOY BASED Dropkick Sithlord [BLOOP!] [1st] [MakeAmericaGreatAgain] Lemon [Weeb] [KFC] TheShyGuy CY@ [404] Untrustworthy god [Lad] ========================== VIP ONLY ===================== [VIP] NiceMeme [L33T] [Rebel Leader] RebelOrBitch Scripter [Flower Power] That Guy [Brosex] It's Ya Boi [Lord] [SupremeReseller] ===================== TRUSTED ONLY ===================== [Trusted] Blood Crip The Real ===================== ADMIN ONLY ===================== [Admin] [Admin abooser] Blood Crip The Real ===================== DIRECTOR/HEAD ADMIN ===================== [DIRECTOR] [Head Admin]
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    Hey all, Just had an idea I'd like to pose to the community in changing the current Perth 1v1 Arena server as it is quite rarely populated, and is quite a waste of resources in comparison to potential replacements, of course there are a few active players, but still quite a waste of resources when you can consider the alternatives. I'm proposing one of two options, but if you have any others for what could be done, I'd love to hear it Sydney Free For All Deathmatch (FFADM): FFA DM servers have been proven to work for other communities and while it may not draw players into donating due to there being low chance of benefits, if other servers like Jailbreak were advertised, then this should potentially allow for the players to change server to where benefits are given, and where the main revenue stream originates from. Sydney 1v1: What's different from the current server? Obviously its relocated to where the majority of players are located, or even a Melbourne 1v1 if that could be arranged. I'd be happy to find a large list of popular maps and good quality maps to include in the map pool if that would be necessary. Of course this is just an opinion and open to discussion on other ideas for what the use of the current server would be, but as of the current, it is a severely underpopulated server and in my opinion, a poor use of Ban-Hammer server costs.
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    It looks like an awesome map @Sami, sorry I couldn't test it with you there were players on TTT and I had to stay there. Anyway, if you are testing it in the future send me a message and I'll hop on. Also, you may want to add labels to the buttons cause a lot can go wrong from that... IT EVEN HAS THE BH LOGO SO CUTE.
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    In-Game Name: Avex Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:3866033 Age: 18 Server Playtime: 12d 09:53h Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? Hi, it's me again. Since my previous application a few things have changed; My username, playtime, we have new admins/trusteds and most importantly the servers popularity. Sure TTT isn't as popular as it once was which is sad, especially when you've been playing it since NightHawk had the dev server running TTT and even helped with the rules alongside LateKO and Chawkball (I hope my memory serves me correctly (mind you I went under the name Zeagion at the time)) although I feel it could regain the position it once held of being the most popular of TTT servers in Australia. To be quite honest with you it's rather tempting to just copy my previous application and paste it here. Nothing has changed in relation to my reasoning as to why I would like to become admin. I have a substantial amount of knowledge on how to run and administrate a community, as well as the rules within the BH community and especially TTT. While I maintain a stern attitude towards the rules and try to enforce them when necessary, I still remain calm and collected. Sure, I get frustrated with some members from time to time, moreso when they know they're in the wrong and continue doing wrong. To tell you the truth, I've just reiterated what I said before although I summarised it up this time. You can say it's lack of effort on my behalf, but it's something I've demonstrated within the server itself and have written about more extensively in the past. My most negative asset is my activity within the forums. I rarely post as I do not see the need in most cases - that's not to say I don't browse through the forums. To finalise this application I'd like to say the current admins of the server are great and handle their role amazingly well. However these guys aren't online all the time when they're needed. Understandable of course, everyone has lives outside of CS however I have an indepth knowledge of the rules and have intent to fill the void they leave when not online. Thanks for reading. Here's my previous application for those of you wanting to see what I had previously stated: https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/topic/7441-denied-dotc0mrades-admin-application/ What time(s) do you normally play? 1pm-9pm, 7 days a week. Who will support your application? Fillipe, Shitterlord, Kaz, LateKO, Lighten, Oem, Sassy Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Ran a few forums here and there, some being more successful than others as well as game servers. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No. Quick learner yada yada.
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    3rd Official Beta Release- 5/11/17 Map Progress So Far Green = Added Red = Removed Purple = Modified Added Dice, Dice is a mini-game where a ball is placed under a cup and randomly shuffled. Added Colours Added Connect4 Added Wipeout Added BHOP Added 3D Inferno Skybox Refined Pool and Disco Refined CT Spawn Refined Dodgeball Fixed lag issues Removed "Red Room" Teleports Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Uuutv They didn't embed idk?
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    First of all, you weren't only banned for a False admin call, you were also banned for your bahaviour and abuse continuing on from the previous day which i personally witnessed and also gave you multiple warnings for (Keep in mind i was being far too lenient). You only have to look at your chat logs to see the abuse and absolute disrespect for trusted members and also others on the server. In future, think twice before being toxic and a general annoyance on the server.
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    Theme: hentai Name: awp_98 whats in the map: pretty self explanatory other suggestions: lots of hentai
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    @Catch'''' @Malala has a version of canyon that is more fixed, if you or @Tig Old Bitties wanna talk to him about that then go ahead. Also, crummy needs alot of work before it is re added but I'd like to see it back, personally.
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    I'd be down to help, also make sure CT's can't see the T's when they throw the nade otherwise players will probably bitch about being targeted.
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    i think its great and am willing to help, what are your thoughts on this @turtle12345
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    I'd actually like to give a better suggestion. Could we get a ffa dm server? Have it set up so there's some bots on there which can get people to join (idk if this works/is allowed) I'd play on it.
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    OSKsurprise you don't meet some of the prerequisite to apply for an admin position with these being: Your forum account must have 10 posts or more. and also 300 words as to why you would like to be admin therefore this admin app should be rejected
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    Thanks for bringing this up @Queeno, as I have always wanted to talk about this. @Lighten I don't know whether Q4-Bi is, or is not paying for the server but, let me tell you what I do know. I understand that BH 1v1 Perth Arena is the only Perth 1v1 server, but it is really worth having a server that no one plays on, because last time I checked a server is not a server without players, and if no one plays on it, then there is absolutely no reason for having it. - Unless like @Lighten was saying, that's it's free. (Please remember, this is my personal opinion). About the 2 potential server proposals, I believe they can be discussed later on, IF this proposal is further taken for discussion. Thanks for you time!👌
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    +1 This guy is a great applicant. He is always doing good creative funny shit, i think we need more people like him on our servers and him being an admin will become a great influence for such a population especially to the TTT server.
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    From what ive heard the reason why we have and will continue to have the perth 1v1 is because it is the only 1v1 server in perth. For players in perth. And ive also heard that Q4 isnt paying a single penny for that server.
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    I'm down to help. Also make sure to have something such as another button that resets health back to 100.
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