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  1. [Combat] Master's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 , Master has been a member of the Ban-Hammer servers for a long time, in which he has always tried to help the newer members and has enforced rules when needed to.
  2. New PC pls help

    http://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/jTqx2R $1435 (No Monitor)
  3. dr_adrenaline

    I believe the T can knife the ct on most parts of the map if the ct is mid jump close to the barrier
  4. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1, well where to begin with this one. Chosen is respectful to everyone, he helps when he can and just helpful in general and its a well written application. All in all, Chosen is a good bloke
  5. Looking for a 5 man MM team

    Gn3, fluctuated between gn3-mg2 in the past would be down for 5 v 5 and 5 man comp lobbies, can rifle, can awp
  6. Looking for a 5queue to play with ;p

    I'm down to play in a 5 man, i can play anywhere needed can speak english. rank gn3-4 Dont take well to people trolling and not actually trying to win, biggest tilt waiting to happen Know callouts for most maps bar nuke and overpass (fuck overpass)
  7. [TTT] edgy pepe's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Neutral, although i dont see you on the servers to much, my reasoning was summed up by a point made in your "Why would you like to be an admin" with you saying " do try and stay chill most times however sometimes I get a little bit frustrated. " and " I would like to become admin as I try my best to follow the rules " if you want to be admin you should HAVE to follow the rules, you shouldnt be tring your best, you should already know the rules an follow them without needing to try, whereas "sometime i get a little bit frustrated" that could lead to an issue as it could only take a little thing which could spark a huge issue. As well as not meeting various requirements (not sure if you have spoken to a director yet about them) Also what is your in game name when playing the servers? i dont think its TTT?
  8. [Price Check] Falchion Knife | Case Hardened FN

    paging @Vladimir Putin (Boris)
  9. Song change on deathrun_crashbandicoot_medieval

    I second this
  10. cs_militia broken spawns

    Do the admins know what and where the glitched spawns are? If not can you show some screen shots
  11. -Deleted-

    And re-add molotovs/incendiary grenades?
  12. [CSGO]Release Notes for 6/9/2016

    people will just vote to change the map to dust 2 when a different map is chosen, i can see it now
  13. [Retakes] Update

    When CS:GO updated earlier today and the servers were updated, retakes wasn't and has been down all day Connecting to public( ... Server is running an older version, client version 13534, server version 13533
  14. Anyone Watching Dreamhack Austin?

    Called that it was going to be C9/TS vs LG in the final
  15. Anyone Watching Dreamhack Austin?

    Final will be Luminosity vs either Cloud 9 or Tempo Storm