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  1. What I meant was, let the new flow of players come in, to allow for the new community to be happy with who work to make the server better. Not saying that you aren't one of those people. It's just that instead of giving people admin while the server is getting back up onto it's feet, we should wait so that you aren't in the position for nothing. Also the -1 was because of @Broseph <3 u 2 dad
  2. So what you are saying, the only motivation for you to come onto the server is by getting admin? I think it should be said that all applicants have hastily applied since they opened and that the Bare-Bones Project is now 'Under way'. There is no problem with this, but seeing as though the project aims to create a NEW player base, I think that the shoes that need to be filled by the previous admins need to be washed before they go back on anyone's feet. What I am saying is that if the community is going to evolve, (new player base), I think the need for admins needs to be put on hold before we know if the outcome of this new and invigorated project will fulfil it's goal. Beside the fact, I think again that just over a month of being trusted (not even in play time) is enough to gauge one's perspective of how you perform on the server. Neutral.
  3. Yeah, a month of trusted isn't really good at gauging one's ability. But I think that you could do a somewhat decent job, and I don't know how you deal yourself, I just think that more time in a lesser position would do more good. Neutral.
  4. Yeah, I respect you and as far as I can tell you are quite suitable for admin. However, with admin comes a rise of one's ego. As an admin, you need to have respect for all other servers and those who play on the server. Whether it be for the meme or joke, you have constantly shit on TTT and Multi-Mode and therefore, in my eyes, you coming into a position of power may not be the right decision. But I would rather you than anyone else who has applied so far, Neutral.
  5. yeah, this^^ I still can't wrap my head around as to how you of all players got trusted member. You were constantly immature and completely worked your way around it all. I personally believe you being trusted right now is what is better for you, because if what cloud said is true, your attitude only changed once you were given the position, I think that you should wait a little bit until your attitude is completely solidified into how you work as a trusted. -1
  6. Jailbreak is changing guys, they are taking down my channel hehe map pool There is a suggestions tab on the forums for you to suggest maps for the server, but also it's up to the players on which map they choose, because it's not the server that is playing renegade, clouds, avalanche on repeat. The Store The store isn't what it used to be, but compared to the previous store there is more variety, it's just that everyone uses the same one because of the band wagon effect. Also bring back skele for filthy casuals. But also you can suggest things on the forums. Admins Well, if you can find them on Teamspeak and there is a rule breaker, you can always poke them or you can submit the evidence in a ban request yourself. I Think Jailbreak is pretty fine as long as the map rotation is diverse with every hour, the player count is at a consistent number and everyone is able to have fun it's still a good time. Also +1 for mic checks to be I'm a little tea pot like the old days.
  7. What is the problem here? I think map secrets are really dumb if they are specific or give the T an unfair advantage (like speed which is what I can see from this thread), and while I would watch the video, I could care less about petty map secrets. Yes they are secrets but is it really necessary to keep it all to yourself? I mean, when peanut came out people wanted to know how to get the dev room and now, everyone knows and the secret room with hot grill near pool is actually quite recent I think. Having knowledge of where map 'secrets' are is good because what will a CT do to combat it if they don't know where the T is heading and they come back with a gun and super sonic speed blasting each CT down? I think this is pretty good in terms of balance, but then again, I guess the people who want to be aids and rebel every round and keep the secrets all to themselves fucking with everyone's enjoyment will continue to be aids. That's not to say that a secret is still a secret but if it gives super speed I personally think it should be taken out, what is the fun in running really fast making it a pain for all players on the CT team
  8. +1, Best young guy playing the servers, would give community admin, best guy (but not really) +1+1+1
  9. +1, magic is cool, cool admin material
  10. this is pretty much mine in a nutshell so I will just link to the entire script of the bee movie. also +1 http://www.script-o-rama.com/movie_scripts/a1/bee-movie-script-transcript-seinfeld.html
  11. +1. even before trusted, zach was probably one of the better choices for admin and it reflects in how he acts. Sure he can be of a fucking dumb ass sometimes, but when it comes to his position, he steps up his game. In my o pinon he deserves admin more than any other applicants right now. (I can't see who they are but I bet they are pretty bad compared to the bird whisperer here). Good Luck also add me to the vouch list, dickhead
  12. Special days have special in the name. They should be that rarity where admins come on and be like, "you know what, HnS!" The only reason I could think of this being added is to combat the spam admins would get by players asking for one, which is pretty annoying from my experience. The game mode after 5 rounds should not be changed from JB to Hungergames every map, I think that it would be much cooler if it was just revoked completely and Trusted+ have the say in what they want. (because, the CT team choose what game really, the T's have no say in it. Also, would this limit admins doing special days of their own? because I really do miss having a Zday, but now I have to pretty much talk the CT's into it for the bants (not speaking from experience))
  13. +1, nuff said. Knows the rules, friendly, approachable.
  14. You can have stairs with a ramp function. I would like more maps without any hot cells but still gives T's the opportunity to rebel during the round. Also nothing that could have master b-hoppers get away easily and a one way gun-room for T's, like umbrella. Make sure the map games are fun and never get boring, something that it is easy to finish, but even if you know it you can still fail (for climb, race, DR). Climbs like hybrid on renegade and Deathruns like Purple Deathrun on Peanut fall under that category depending on how you make it. Make sure you don't overload your map though, an ideal map is the size of renegade, but with as many map games as peanut because: - It doesn't take forever to get to map games - allows T's to rebel and get around faster - allows for a good early round for CT's. - Allows multiple map games in one round IMO, you want an open cell block and an open game's area, keep the games away from novelties like war-day, disco and pool, so that it avoids clutter. Also no vents which lead to gun room and/or guns on the map, It's more fun for the T's to stealthily make their way to gun room and pick off CT's rather than getting an auto-sniper from where they come out of a vent. *cough* jay *cough* Wait why am I commenting, I barely play JB anymore, do what you want.
  15. Brekkie, you're a lot like eye ken, you're mature for your age, know the rules, can have fun and joke around when you need to. The difference with you and eye ken is that eye can (pun intended) handle things under pressure and make decisions not based on peer pressure. From what I have gauged from you is that you can't handle things like other younger members can. The reason why I compared you to eye is because you both are quite young but mature unlike some people, Zach. All in all though I would say beside that point you would make a good admin but should be considered for trusted instead. Neutral