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  1. No Hand

    I can only see my knife on jailbreak.
  2. I would love to see Zombie day being fixed and added back to the server. This has probably been in the debates for a while now but it would be really cool if the old school zombie day got brought back in. Off coarse though their would be some minor adjustments being made such as the ct's get more hp for the amount of t's alive at the start of the round. Also their could be rounds where everyone is only allowed to use one weapon such as ak-47 or p90. Warden will also have to specify out of bounds areas such as climb on certain maps because it will make t's impossible to kill if they are standing at the top as a group spraying down on ct's. I saw on a different server a game mode called "One in a chamber". Most people probably already know this game mode from other games. How it works though is everyone has a deagle with one bullet in it where it only takes one hit to kill someone and if you do kill them you get a bullet back. You will also have a knife where you could make it one hit or just leave it as it is. I would say rules for this is hunting straight away with no teams but could also have normal rules like hunger games.
  3. [Combat] Master's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Neutral This admin application doesn't seem very thought out and very rushed like someone in high school writing an essay to get the word count to the right amount. I also feel like this is a very forced admin application with Broseph wanting you to be the next admin. I feel like you have not fully extended yourself to help the community with you saying you are the most active player (on the server) and seeing tons of hackers come onto the server without being banned with you not thinking to record any game play and submit a ban request. (What I can see from your forum account) Also I agree with what Fillipe said about your activity on the forums. I kinda feel like you are just being active to have a better chance to get admin because the only reason you did make a forum account was to apply for admin. (What you said in your introduction) However though I believe the combat server does need a new admin or two (What I have seen by playing the server for a couple weeks) but I'm not sure who can fulfill that spot and you might be the best candidate because of your activity and your presences in game as a figure head for younger players to listen to. This is my own opinion you might have some disagreement with what I said however.
  4. Having to say "Rush" and should it be removed?

    I don't think they should change this in any way. Rules are rules and you can't just change them when they have worked fine for so long. It's apart of the game to learn how to warden properly and if you can't remember to say 4 extra words you shouldn't play ct. It's just very logical to say rush/no detours or delays and will in the end be replaced by other words.
  5. Forum Name: Aussie In-Game Name: Apdo Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52004054 Ban Type CT-Ban Which server have you been banned on? JailBreak Server Map Name: Fortify When were you banned? 12/29/2016 Ban length: Permanent Who banned you? Suacy Known admins on at the time: Suacy What happened? I said stay in the confines of skipping without detours or delays then everyone ran away or didn't stay in the confines so I killed them all.
  6. Sensitivity's

    Steelseries rival 300 2 sens in game 400 DPI
  7. [DENIED] s0lar.'s Admin Application

    You cant really say much for yourself you have mic spammed tons of times on the server. For example when you got your new mic you came onto the server and started to in other peoples words to "deep throat" your mic and I understand this might be funny but its not qualities an admin/trusted member should have. But you could also say you have changed recently but I am only bringing this up because you only seem to bring up the past on other peoples post so I am going to do it as well.
  8. [DENIED] Aussie's Admin Application

    Also I thought the exact same thing the admin apps are flawed in so many ways. But I would think they would consider what some people said but mainly they would ask admins if they think the person should be and admin or trusted. Also if I did get admin or trusted I would step up to my position and try stop people from rule breaking.
  9. [DENIED] Aussie's Admin Application

    I would like to say im not really going for admin as I said in my application but I do get what you are saying. Thanks for the detailed reply means alot.
  10. [DENIED] Aussie's Admin Application

    First off I know I am a little immature at times but that is for a little fun. I thought the server was all about having fun. Also how does being "incredibly Nazi" affect anything? I get your still mad over when I killed you on Renegade when we where down like 3 or more rounds from t's rebelling every single round. Then I got warden I was like to myself "I'm going to be Nazi so we can actually play map game and make it to lr period. And we did but you got killed during the process and rage quit because so. Again I know I'm immature but its the same reason for fun. Also just a question how do I tend to bend the rules a lot? From my knowledge the only rules I have bent in any ways would be Simon says rules but that is to get knowledge about how I should actually play the game and what orders I can say or not say. Well admins/trusted/directors members are on the server 95% of the time and maybe you and me are on when all the admins/trusted/directors members and they are helping the community out by muting people and helping them in chat so I don't see why I need to people people when admins/trusted/directors members are already doing so. Also I do actually help people out when I can for say helping them when they have a question in chat or for them to stop doing something that is breaking the rules or explaining why they got killed because they thought they had been free killed. This is a good reply because it gives directors more information about me and will help them in the long run if they actually want to pick me up as a trusted or admin. Also it will help me improve for next time if I do not make it because now I know in more detail what I actually need to improve on.
  11. In-Game Name: Aussie Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52004054 Age: 16 Server Playtime: 35d 05:02h Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I don't think I am ready for an admin position but I would like to apply for Trusted. Also I know the last time I applied for admin I got denied for being under age and a bit immature and not enforcing rules. But I have think I have matured over the time of the last application and I have started to enforce rules more. I have even done my own mic checks before when Setha's mic did not work and helped him out to making sure all cts knew the rules. Also when admins where offline I have done my own questions to some cts who do not know the rules to swap off and read the rules before swapping back to ct. Jailbreak is made for fun and not for people to complain over every single aspect of the game. I will be able to take actions against players who act immature, abuse other players and also mic spam over warden or other players. Also I would like to be trusted to start hunger games if we are having a good map to have a little more fun. I will also like to help the community understand some rules that might have some confusion in. I am also a very trusted member on the server and lots of people know me and I am pretty easy to talk to if you have a question about something. The server is meant to have fun and I will make sure if I do get trusted it will stay that way. I will also be able to help people understand why they got killed and stop them from spamming "freekill" in chat when it clearly was not. To conclude thanks for reading this and I hope you consider me as a possible trusted member. What time(s) do you normally play? During weekdays and holidays all day basically. During school 4PM-10PM unless I got homework Who will support your application? eye ken thpell, s0lar, Shrood, Magic, Thomas, Spodeyy, WaterMelon, Setha, LateKO, Ari, Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I was a mod on a minecraft server if that counts Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Basic understanding with some commands
  12. [RESOLVED] haash's Ban Appeal

    I was on when this happened and Mitch should not be perm banned because he surly gave a pretty obvious clear break between his orders. I have also done this trick plenty of times but not to this scale of kills. I think the only reason Mitch got a perm ban is because his other confusions during Simon says and also the amount of people who got tricked. Simon says surly needs fixing because the players and admins do not have the same mind set on the rules of Simon says and the rules need to be more clear in the future so less people get banned for stupid reasons. I'm not sure if this post will give insight in what needs fixing to some of the rules and what admins need to do to keep the server running smoothly with no problems. Also hope Mitch gets unbanned because he has surly helped the server improve in his knowledge of rules and his ways to exploit them and make admins fix the rules. This comment may be pointless but just giving my opinion into the situation.
  13. In-Game Name: AussieBogan Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52004054 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 19d 20:16h Which Server are you applying for? JailBreak Server Why would you like to become an admin? First off I know you have to be 16 to apply for admin but I am turning 16 in a few months. I will also make sure that I am active on the forums if I am picked. I would like to be admin or trusted because I am a very active member of the community and I will make sure there is no disturbance of game play also to make sure everyone has fun playing. I will be able to keep everyone under control if they are mic spamming over warden or they are being mean to anyone else on the server. Also it will be very helpful if I was picked that I am able to set up special days or play games which need admins to set up like pac-man. I will also be able to mic check new members to ct if they do not know the rules or to make sure there is no people who may cause problems during the round. I will also be sure to punish people who do break rules and keep people from being upset that they got free killed and the person who did did not get slayed. I will also like to admin to make sure game play flows smoothly and everyone is having fun during the round and keeping rule breaking to a minimum or none at all. To conclude I am a very trustworthy person who is very active and will make sure the community will not turn into toxic people and we will have fun playing a game mode we all love. I have probably missed some detail but these are some of the reasons why. +1 boys if you agree. What time(s) do you normally play? Weekdays after school until 9-10 Weekends most of the day Who will support your application? My mum, dad and nzinmate Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I used to be a mod on a minecraft server if that counts Are you familiar with Sourcemod? A little bit but I can learn
  14. Multimode sheild bug

    On the multimode server i got the sheild that is worth like 3000 credits and it does not show up on my guy but when i look in the shop it says i have it on and i cant take it off when its not even on.