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  1. Nothing to do with the precache limit unfortunately.
  2. [Finished] awp_bh_colours

    The map has been added to the DEV server and can be nominated/rtv'd for when the JB gamemode is running
  3. [Finished] awp_bh_colours

    Sorry but we won't adding a map with gimmicks onto a server like Awp where people prefer to play seriously
  4. ttt_death_star & Requests

    Forgot to uncompress it, my bad. Should be on now
  5. [JB] Zombie Revenant Skin Bug

    Looks like a clientside issue and there isn't much we can do about it, do what Cloud suggested and delete these files materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_body_d.vmt materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_body_d.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_body_n.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_body_s.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_hat_d.vmt materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_hat_d.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_hat_n.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_hat_s.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_head_d.vmt materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_head_d.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_head_glow.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_head_n.vtf materials/models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant_head_s.vtf models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant.dx90.vtx models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant.mdl models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant.phy models/player/zombie/revenant/revenant.vvd Let us know if you have any luck
  6. Unfortunately Valve is so vague that its hard to tell whats allowed and what isn't. Takeknife/stealknife aren't allowed but !cw and !katana is
  7. Yep, zombie claws or any other custom arms are no longer allowed Player Models / Skins are fine. Any weapon or viewmodel changing isn't.
  8. http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/server_guidelines/ We planned on adding !cw to other servers but after this announcement we'll be removing !cw, !katana and even !takeknife. Make the most of them while you can because I'll be removing them very shortly.
  9. ttt_death_star & Requests

    It's been added again
  10. [MultiMode] Rainbow Multigames Exploit

    I was unaware of this, thankyou for letting us know. I've added a possible fix so please let me know if its working or not.
  11. [TTT] Suggestions & Requests

    Managed to get a flare gun working, should be on the server in the next few days along with traitor Teleporter and Disguiser.
  12. Who are You Ment to be? :huh:


  13. [TTT] Suggestions & Requests

    That's the easy part.. the hard part is detecting when a ragdoll is shot
  14. [TTT] Suggestions & Requests

    A DNA Scanner overhaul is one of my longterm plans, I hope to have it mimicking the Garry's Mod version where you follow a radar-like sample through the map. I don't plan on adding any roles, now or in the future. I don't want to deviate too much from the gamemode. However I have been thinking of ways to implement a flare gun, not much luck yet but when I find a way I'll definitely add it in. A Detective radar is super easy to implement considering I've already created a radar for Traitors, however if I'm running T and D radars it might be too expensive for the server especially at 28 players. Unless I can find a good solution to prevent that from happening, its either no D radar or I change T radar to make everyone glow one colour instead of differentiating between T & I (red and green) According to the code, Detectives *should* be receiving an m4 and also a revolver if they do not have a primary/secondary. Not sure if this works or not, but if it doesn't I can easily fix it Thanks for the suggestions