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not earl

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  1. he's okay i guess cutie patootie +1
  2. if you think it should be slayable you don't know how to have fun there is next to no harm in letting people jump on barrels and kill themselves
  3. If it's hentai.
  4. i'd only check out Electric global both of those maps are clearly sub-tier because i'm pretty sure the creator has cerebral palsy and autism
  5. +1 more than anyone else in the world i love you goose you're the funniest guy i know and you're my idol i love you
  6. mate you're cool sometimes but like i gave you shit for an hour and you snapped at me harder than a feminist at a neo nazi convention -1 if you can like chill out and take criticism less super seriously
  7. -1 as long as i've known you i have never considered you admin material not a critique of person just like ya know we call each other on the server like for real dawg plus you haven't been trusted for too long m8
  8. the problem with it being an independent server is that the regulars of the server would have a huge advantage over those who are new, meaning they're not gonna find guns anywhere near as fast and die, then proceeding to have to wait until you can repeat until that game of people who know the maps off by heart can finish trying to navigate their way through the RNG of csgo's spaghetti code. because it's a lot of work for the directors for something that could fall on it's face. not tryna be an ass but Murder was a lot of work and that went down the shitter pretty quick.
  9. Congrats on being a 50 Day Veteran dank, hope you're here with ban-hammer for another 50


    Thanks for giving me the best things in life: Your love, your care, and your cooking. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Love from 55standstill55