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  1. [Store] Name Tag Suggestion Thread

    Name Tag: {lightred}FazeItUp! Price: 1500 Servers: All For: All
  2. [JailBreak] Cloud ☁'s Admin Application [DENIED]

  3. Removal of Hunger Games on JB

    i said no coby no i posted something about hungergames a month or so ago nothing happend but still jj should look into it
  4. Hungergames MiniMode

    Im only bringing this up because no one wants to play hungergames much anymore
  5. Hungergames MiniMode

    I was thinking about this while doing Hungergames before, my idea is if JJ can make it have it hungergames have a few options like for ex: pistol hungergames or awp hungergames or m4 hungergames or ak74 hungergames instead of having it mixed guns all the time. Just thought ill put my idea out there see what happens Thanks Blueeeee
  6. Seiyuugi App

    -1 from me i rarely know you but it does say u need to be the age 16 or older and you are 15. maybe wait 3 months and just after your birthday to reapply m8
  7. De-amo's Admin Aplication

    -1 doesnt play enought for admin ur a cool guy in this communilty May The Force Be WIth You
  8. OJ simpson admin application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 enough said May The Force Be With You!
  9. Piglets 2nd chance at Admin

    going to have to go with -1 as u were banned while your old admin app was going also u did not wait 3 months. your a great player in this commuilty and i hope one day u get admin just not yet. here is it in the admin f.a.q Q. My application has been denied, what now? A. You may have been unfortunate this time, however you're free to apply again in the future (after a minimum of 3 months). maybe you should be given trusted member and see how that goes May The Force Be With You Mr.Blue
  10. Zergs admin application

    +1 from me i havnt been able to play in about a week or so but ur always around on the forums/server and i think u should get trusted (that i havnt even used mine yet stupid computer dieing :l) good luck and May The Force Be With You
  11. BaneWilliams Admin Application

    +1 great guy and knows all the rules but shadowdogs is right i havnt seen u on the server much but still good luck and May the force be with you
  12. TROYMAN"s admin application

    Hate to say m8 but you have 202 words 98 more to go good luck http://www.wordcounter.net/op!
  13. TROYMAN"s admin application

    thats a Neutral for me because Why do you want to be an admin? is mini 300 words you have 64 words. still good luck and May The Force Be With You
  14. Mr. Blue's admin app

    thanks man
  15. Mr. Blue's admin app

    Thanks zerg <3