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  1. for the disco songs it isnt loading because you havent actually packed the song files into the map file. use pakrat to do this. also just continue to post on here with updates for it
  2. this sort of relates to what Kakashi said to somewhat solve this issue we could add/change rules to permit CT's to move guns but only if in doing so you are helping the warden. Also, include that moving a gun that is in a sperate area to the warden is not helping warden UNLESS the warden asks you to move it. if that makes any sense whatsoever (it does in my head)
  3. but then you come back with but isn't it the CT's job to stop the t's rebelling. which is why they would move the guns
  4. WOOT WOOT! thanks for this ab! cant wait to try out the new stuff! and super keen for murder to come back
  5. then there are no competent cts on the map is way too t sided. i agree with you tho. its a great map
  6. I think you owe me a month of vip sir
  7. i think you're missing what i mean here. to do this you would need to contact all of the map makers for all the various maps and ask for permission to edit the map. then you would need to decompile it and extract all the custom textures to make the map actually work and then you can start the process of adding in all the teleport and buttons required. sorry if that came over wrong.
  8. its not complicated to do this but it would take forever to do it for every map
  9. i think what hes trying to get at here is that the t who cannot finish race but is about to be kos lr's with a guntoss or something and wants to do his guntoss outside of race so then continues to try and finish the thing while the ct was sits there for ages til he realises he cant finish it and either slays or asks the ct to come inside race which takes up even more time.
  10. Ay, see that shitty red bit on the right named disco, that was all me dude!
  11. the main problem with the hns prophunt on multi previously was the ridiculous bhoping to placed you wouldnt normally beable to get to. and the jumping up on clips glitches and stuff. but a pure Hide and Seek mode much like the one in gmod ~~ i think this would be amazing to have
  12. im not entirely up to date about your activities as of late so ill leave that out. from what i know from the past, you're a really friendly guy who is easy to get along with. from what i remember you solidly knew the rules and weren't afraid to inform others of their mistakes its a +1 from me
  13. the slight problem that has been happening is when a ct opens the cells and is such a dick that they close them very quickly. say that a t is on VIP island inside the house and is typing to a mate in steam chat. there is no sound to indicate cells being open so by the time said t has finished talking to his mate and starts to walk across the bridge he shuts on him before he can get over. this isnt a problem in other cells as they have doors.
  14. the gunroom door doesnt stay open if there is a ct on it, i closes after 15-20 seconds or so.
  15. At someoint. We tested it on the dev server and i found a few bugs that needed fixing will upload a new version asap