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  1. Adding Murder. 10/10. THANKS AB.
  2. UPDATED RULES SNAPSHOT 8TH FEBRUARY 2017! CT RULES: 2.25 GUARDs must demo non-map games, failing to provide a demo will allow PRISONERs to opt out. NOTE: If the 'non-map game' is not dangerous the WARDEN can force a prisoner to demo. 2.43 When GUARDs are playing a game that requires 5000hp (Bullrush, Cops N Robbers, Shark Tank etc.) and the GUARDs that have been chosen to participate are shot by a rebelling PRISONERs for 100hp or more the GUARDs must slay 2.44 A PRISONERs that is not following orders (rebelling) cannot be baited. PRISONER RULES: 3.9 PRISONERs cannot initiate or participate in an LR in Gun Room or Medic. 3.11 When there are 3 PRISONERs left alive during a Hide N' Seek Day the camping of map secrets is prohibited.
  3. Updated Simon Says Rules.
  4. I've already asked ab. about this and the reason Broseph gave above is exactly why we can't have it.
  5. No Dilly-Dallies.
  6. More features are always a good thing as long as the don't break the server or cause interference with game play.
  7. This is just Rock, Paper and Scissors but will less options, If !rps wasn't already implemented this would be a good idea but I just see it as a waste of dev time to be honest. Good idea though. Just a bit nonsensical.
  8. Probably one of the best written applications I've read in a long time. I haven't had any personal experience with you, but from your application you clearly understand everything that is required from an administrative position, which is very promising. I'd personally be fine with seeing you as a member of the Combat Admin team and think you'd probably fill the role nicely.
  9. UPDATED RULES SNAPSHOT 27 DECEMBER 2016! CT RULES: REWORDED 2.17 If a GUARD orders a HOT CELL, the PRISONERs in that cell must be ordered by name. NOTE: If GUARDs are unable to see names, they must identify HOT CELL via bullet shots, beacons, sprites ETC.2.18 If PRISONERs are hiding in HOT CELL and their names are not visible you may order them to 'come out' or be killed, allow for a reasonable time to comply.2.19 If a PRISONER tosses a HOT CELL gun into another cell, that cell becomes a HOT CELL. The original HOT CELL is no longer considered as a HOT CELL. 2.27 GUARDs cannot kill PRISONERs after the round ends as it would be considered a freekill. Unless the PRISONERs are actively rebelling orders. ADDITIONS in GREEN. 2.23 GUARDs must order lone PRISONERs by name. You must have sight of a player to order a lone PRISONER, you cannot order PRISONERs on a FREEDAY. WARDENs can order lone PRISONERs by name regardless of whether or not they have sight of said PRISONER (excluding FREEDAYS). 2.25 GUARDS cannot order a PRISONER to do something that will result in them being harmed or killed. GUARDs must demo non-map games, failing to provide a demo will allow PRISONERs to opt out. 2.43 GUARDs cannot obtain 'map powers/secrets' until !lr period. (eg. speed boosts, low gravity, etc). This includes 'special grenades' that give you additional abilities. ADDITIONS to VOCABULARY 4.10 Camping: DELIBERATE or INTENTIONAL stationary placement in the vicinity of a questionable area, e.g. Gun Room, Medic, vents and teleporters. Looking directly at a 'questionable area' for longer than 5 seconds. 4.14 One Step: One Step out of your cell is roughly the distance of two PRISONERs unstacked side by side. 4.15 Actively Attempt/Fail: To perform the given task without detour or delay until completion. We also removed some rules that we thought to be unnecessary. If you have any further questions in regards to the new changes. Contact me at anytime.
  10. If I didnt censor myself on the forums "mostly" i would probably say some things here but... Basically I'm just going to fix it because it was supposed to be 30 minutes but then I thought to myself I'll just leave it indefinite for a while. Anyone admin has my permission to set his CT-BAN to 150 minutes. You can contact me if no one has changed it by later today. (Gotta be on the server to change it.) Ban Appeal RESOLVED.
  11. Application was well written, deserves a chance. +1
  12. I vouched for you before and I'm vouching for you again, I feel the exact same way i did before but now you have the experience on the server required to make that next step. +1
  13. After talking with SIMON 1 on 1, i feel as if though these sorts of things won't happen in the future. During the demo SIMON did indeed freekill one T, however none of the other kills were 'technically' freekills. The debatable aspects of his actions is whether or not he was concise enough with his questioning and if we want these sorts of games to be accepted as a viable means to win a round as CT. Ban Appeal RESOLVED.
  14. Settle down kids. LOCKED.
  15. +1 Mikes recent playtime is impressive. He has really stepped up lately when it comes to responsible behavior (not saying you weren't before), helping out the admin team and making sure that no one is ruining the experience for others.