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  1. Updated. Phase 3 changed to Completed. Phase 4 changed to Ongoing. I expect it to take 1-2 weeks for the map pool to be decided upon. Implementation of the changes should come soon after that.
  2. signed.
  3. Game Rules have been updated. Updates include, two new games; Circle Jerk and Movement Roulette. Re-writes and further clarification for older games.
  4. UPDATED RULES SNAPSHOT 29TH APRIL 2017 2.23 GUARDs cannot trick PRISONERs in any way when transporting and cannot use trick words outside of games. (i.e. Rush to this bullet shot on the floor then proceeds to shoot the wall) or (i.e. Rush to the beacon and button freeze, alright next ones here, *kills everyone*). This is NOT allowed. 2.39 GUARDs cannot obtain 'map powers/secrets' until LR period. (eg. speed boosts, low gravity, ETC). This includes 'special grenades' that give you additional abilities.
  5. In regards to not having a vote to bring it in but having a vote to take it out. The server had 0 players on it. There needed to be some kind of change and I wasn't going to wait 1 1/2 weeks for the community to bicker over whether or not it should be added. I got input from admins and we decided to go ahead with it and the other changes that were made. As far as I'm concerned its worked pretty well so far. Now that I'm not feeling pressured to get the population up there is more time to discuss and debate these things.
  6. The current poll for tricking while transporting is leaning towards removal also in my opinion I think it would be better off for the server in the long run to remove it. I plan to remove it because I do not think that it is a fun game play mechanic. But this being said I understand that a lot of people do like it and think its enjoyable because of this, If you really want it to stay this thread is for you to post your opinions on why you think it should stay. Simply said, Convince me.
  7. With the new change to the rules we've had some interesting feedback some positive, some negative. I think now after it has been play tested extensively you guys have seen it enough to determine what we want for the future of Jailbreak. This poll will stay up for a while to give everyone a chance to vote. This poll will ultimately decide how we are going to move forward with the rules. Please take this vote seriously.
  8. This questioned has been added and answered in the original post.
  9. You've still given them an order "one step out" so it wouldn't be a freeday. If you told them to go to a place that doesnt exist it would be a freeday. "Rush to the button of main cell ramp" but there is no main cell ramp.
  10. Last Updated: 14th April 2017 Bare-Bones Q & A If you have any further questions I will leave this post unlocked and you can put them below. If you have a good enough question or a question is asked frequently it will be added to this original post. Q: With the new rule, ''2.13 GUARDs may not break vents (Unless during a HungerGames or shooting PRISONERs). However, GUARDs can clear any open vents whilst completing their objective.'' does this mean we can shoot through vents to kill prisoners now? A: Absolutely not, this rule only refers to the situation where either a PRISONER runs in front of or is knifing a vent and in the process of trying to kill them you accidentally destroy the vent. Any intentional vent breaking is not allowed. Q: With the addition of Tricking while Transporting does this mean false/invalid orders no longer apply and they are just considered a 'trick'? A: False/invalid orders still exist, If a WARDEN tells you to go somewhere that doesn't exist this is considered invalid and you now have no orders and cannot be killed until re-ordered. If an invalid order is given as a cell order it is a FREEDAY. Q: With "2.11 GUARDs can only play map games during !lr period." being changed does this mean as soon as !lr period starts I can play any map game? A: Yes, I changed this back to what it was in 2015 because I saw it as an unnecessary restriction. Of course you still must being trying to complete your round objective during the !lr period. Q: With rule "2.27 WARDENs may NOT give winners of a contest/minigame DEATH as a prize." does this mean that you can no longer give knifing Ts to die as a prize? A: No, this mean that you cannot kill the winner as their prize for coming first. Q:With rule "2.29 During an opinionated game such as talent show GUARDs must vote in CT chat" what happens if the votes are tied? A: In this scenario the WARDENs vote counts as two. Q: If the WARDEN orders me to "Rush to my most recent beacon and button freeze" does this mean I go to all of his beacons or just the one? A: If the WARDEN says this, this means you should rush to his MOST RECENT beacon then button freeze. You have now completed the order and must await further orders. This is not a continuous order. "2.34 WARDENs cannot give orders that apply for the whole round, excluding transporting and vent orders." An example of an order that would apply for the whole round would be. "Rush to my most recent BEACONS, Rush to all the beacons that I place, Knifing Vents is KOS."
  11. Yeah, The !grules that would apply for Last Reaction would also apply to First. In the !grules I did make a small edit for now about first reaction in the last reaction section. The Q&A stuff I will post tomorrow after i get home from work. There wasn't much which is why I've put it off but I'll leave it open for more questions.
  12. Thanks for applying SaveTheSheep, Unfortunately today we will not be accepting your admin application because we feel like we still do not have enough data to go off on how you will perform as an admin. On this occasion you will be receiving the rank of Trusted Member so we can gauge you and see how you reaction under pressure. TRUSTED
  13. Thanks for applying Lighten, Unfortunately today we will not be accepting your admin application. We feel like you have a personality that can get easily carried away and sometimes take situations to a place they don’t need to go. We do look forward to see you improving in the future and eventually make the admin team. DENIED
  14. Thanks for applying Jordan, Today we will not be accepting your admin application because we feel you don’t meet the criteria in certain aspects such enthusiasm and in depth server knowledge. With some improvements in these areas we could see you being a great addition to the team. DENIED
  15. Thanks for applying Smally, Today we will not be accepting your admin application on the basis that after receiving Trusted Member we still do not have enough data to go off on whether or not you would be a good fit for the admin team. In the future we hope to see you improve. DENIED