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  1. I was gonna say neutral cause i don't have anything bad to say about you but since you're saying that you cant play on weekdays i'm gonna have to say -1, i just think that it would be better to have an admin that can play/be available on weekdays. p.s.I respect that you said you wouldn't be able to play on weekdays, others would have probably left it out.
  2. Yea solid -1, everything has been said, i was more than surprised when you got trusted and i don't think you're a good candidate for admin.
  3. +1, He knows the rules and does his best to enforce them. twat made me slay for shooting a vent after the round ended
  4. Its Trusted that needs to add colours
  5. Do you also feel this post is lacking a good colour scheme? cause it definitely is
  6. He never said no noclip, ezy wins
  7. ha ha my name is snapz and im a big idiot

    1. Snapz


      My names actually *****, but ok


  8. ttt

    Average TTT population = 0 0*150% = 0 ~RIP All jokes aside, this sounds like a good idea and it is clear the TTT server is struggling, but it will take a lot of time and effort to pull off
  9. Well this already happens, but only regulars do custom lr's and generally keep it short and nobody has a problem, so implementing a custom lr won't cause that problem. Plus most just accept when they have lost the lr and let the other person knife or shoot them. This is a very rare situation that late is talking about, I have never seen it happen before and I believe in the long run saying that you can only do a custom lr if you pick the "custom lr" option will cause more problems that it's addition will solve. Finally, the CT should have zero choice when it comes to an lr (unless it's someone who has rebelled). So plz don't give them the knife option as knifes are important for lots of map games.
  10. Your boy Fish Fingers, i don't think you are ready for an administration role in this community yet, i think you should wait a while, learn the game and rules a bit more before stepping up into that position. I have nothing against you're a good steam mate and i love playing with you, but none the less i believe your position on this server is better as a trusted member (i believe i'm not meant to comment on that) or as what you are now, but please prove me wrong and get admin. Good luck mate Neutral.
  11. You honestly seem to be a great guy, and i believe it would be great to get to know you one day (english is my second language trust me), you haven't been on as much (recently) is i would like you to, but i think you still deserve a +1 because of your knowledge of the rules and your friendliness to people on the server. None the less best of luck on your application +1 and best of luck in the future.
  12. Magic is very active, knows the rules and seems eager to help. +1
  13. From what i have seen, Chosen is mature, knows the rules well and does his best to help out. +1
  14. shouldn't be dogging the boys, this is already in my JB vocabulary.