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  1. JUST MY 2 CENTZZ Need to add some people to best T, like beaky and boosted/whateverhisoldnamewasicantremember Vote for turtle or dank as best ct lets be real here and i dont understand how i didn't make the hall of shame i was there 2 Categories to add Best day Roelplay day(what dank and turtle got in the hall of fame for), suicide day(whenever ace or lateok were warden) or that one day were turtle said "mynigger is a compound word." Best strat Ele strat - undisputed in my opinion p.s. Chodes opinion is poop
  2. Fortnite

    Fortnite on PS4 is also lit, so you should also get amongst it
  3. Jailbreak Update

    Please do not attempt this IRL
  4. Jailbreak Update

    keen as a been
  5. jb_paradise_lost

    The map looks great, large and full of map games, just like Banteroonies Inb4 this map doesn't get put on the new server cause its "too big" like Banteroonies, that logic does my head in
  6. Destiny 2

    Its the better option for my friend group, cause we don't all own gaming PC's
  7. Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 on PS4 is lit, get amongst it
  8. Rules Draft

    I'd say keep these 2 rules as well, or include them some how 2.6 GUARDs orders must allow for reasonable time for completion by PRISONERs, while any reasonable requests for a repeat must be adhered to. 2.35 WARDENs cannot give orders that apply for the whole round, excluding transporting and vent orders. Other than that 13 or 15 rules for CT's is a lot better than 39, so +1 for this rule change
  9. If i had to sum Jordan up in one word it would be "Trusted of the month" +1 p.s. Over the last couple months I have seen Jordan being a solid trusted member and see no reason why he shouldn't get admin.
  10. In-Game Name: Snapz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:50286172 Age: 19 Server Playtime: 26d 04:24h Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I am an active member of the community, from playing in game, to being involved in forum discussions, to basically living on the ts server. If given the chance to be admin this WILL NOT CHANGE. My time spent on the server has allowed me to learn all the rules thoroughly and understand the situations they are relevant/referring to. I think of myself as an approachable person so if people want to ask questions they easily can and with my level of understanding of the rules i am able to explain the rules to anyone who is struggling to understand them. I try my best to help players out and stop players from breaking the rules, but i find myself from time to time in situations where i need to contact and admin (like last night ) as i am powerless to stop most rule breakers. I believe from being punished myself and seeing others being punished I have grown a solid understanding on how someone should enforce these rules on the server As far as confidence and ability to control the server, I guess the closest I have gotten to experience in this is being warden, which I believe I do a good job in controlling the server during those rounds. I have never really had a confidence problem or “public speaking” problem and will be able to calmly and maturely control the server when needed. The main reason I am applying for admin is because I believe that with these admin abilities I could help the server be a more enjoyable place for everyone playing in more ways than just dealing with rule breakers. I see myself as a more lenient admin than most but I will be more than capable to enforce the rules/give serious punishments when it is necessary. I guess being admin will be my way of giving back to the server and community so i hope you will give me the opportunity be one, thanks for reading my app. What time(s) do you normally play? Anytime, mainly at night Who will support your application? I didn't ask many people but, TIG, Spodeyy, Goose, Mike, Lighten, Jordan Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Good old Minecraft server admin Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No P.s I'm a gay cunt, love tig
  11. [Combat] Gokuscripting's Admin Application

    At least have the decency to spam 10 shit post on the forums before applying . -1 -
  12. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    MAKE THE WARDEN SYSTEM WORK FOR 1 CT ~ PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE 2.0 CELLS MUST BE OPEN BY 11:30 (11:30 on game clock = FREEDAY). 2.1 Orders must be given before cells open; otherwise there will be a freeday. 2.2 WARDEN must be claimed before cells open, first come first serve. Make this one rule, such as - Warden must be claimed, cell orders must be given and cell doors are to be opened, all by 11:30 on the ingame clock - less rules the better 2.3 GUARDs must have a clear working microphone.2.6 GUARDs orders must be clear and delivered in English Join them - Guards must have a clear working microphone and give orders in English 2.9 GUARDs must allow for a minimum of 5 seconds for PRISONERs to exit their cells, before closing cell doors. Idk how to fix this one but getting killed in cells (and there are regulars who do it) cause you didn't notice the cells were open is not fun 2.11 GUARDs cannot camp in or around vents, gunroom and medic. This includes scoping in on a vent from distance, and sitting ABOVE a vent, regardless of where the CT is looking. Change to ~ GUARDs cannot camp in or around vents, gunroom and medic. - as camping is explained in the vocab 2.13 GUARDs inside gunroom have 10 seconds to exit gunroom from the moment WARDEN is selected or from the moment they enter gunroom. This includes when all T's are in an !lr 100% agree^^ 2.17 If a GUARD orders a HOT CELL, the PRISONERs in that cell must be ordered by name. NOTE: If GUARDs are unable to see names, the must identify HOT CELL via bullet shots, beacons, sprites ETC. Change to ~ Before a GUARD orders a HOT CELL the PRISONERs in that cell must be made aware they are in a hot cell via bullet shots, beacons, sprites 2.22 GUARDs must consider PRISONERs who have already escaped cells or in the process of escaping, and are required to give those PRISONERs adequate time to comply with orders. I think it should be made that leaving cells before the cell doors are open is rebelling. Remove these shitty rules 2.4 WARDENs have to complete each and every order. 2.18 If PRISONERs are hiding in HOT CELL and their names are not visible you may order them to 'come out' or be killed, allow for a reasonable time to comply. Rules not needed, once the guards made it clear they are in a hot cell, they are simply not following orders so the guard can kill them. 2.23 GUARDs must order lone PRISONERs by name. You must have sight of a player to order a lone PRISONER, you cannot order PRISONERs on a FREEDAY. WARDENs can order lone PRISONERs by name regardless of whether or not they have sight of said PRISONER (excluding FREEDAYS). The only part i agree with is the freeday stuff and thats already coverd in the vocab section 2.27 GUARDs cannot kill PRISONERs after the round ends as it would be considered a freekill. Unless the PRISONERs are actively rebelling orders. 2.38 GUARDs must be willing to WARDEN should the opportunity arise, refusing to do so will result in a swap or CT ban. 2.41 GUARDs cannot remove/interact with guns placed around the map excluding gunroom. They may be removable after a PRISONER has interacted with it and/or in LR period.
  13. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Well smally it's a very firm -1, the main reason is that you are inactive/nowhere near as active as other candidates. Over the last couple months while the server has been struggling i have rarely seen you on, but since me simply saying that you are inactive is not a very credible source, i was bothered enough to get you session stats for the ban hammer stats, and you have connected 16 time with a total of 25-30 hours over the last 2 months, with 3 of them being since the apps opened + you didn't play for about a month before they opened?. http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/192256 Now yes the server has been low in population during that time, but i have also linked Lighten's, LateKo's and my own session stats (below respectively), and you can see we each have over 100 hours in the past two months. http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/97155 http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/169942 http://stats.ban-hammer.net/player_histories/sessions/69882 You may not be the most inactive player but since two of the other options for admins have played ~4 times a much as you during a struggling time for the server shows they are more devoted to the server and this community. I realise that you already addressed that you have been inactive in the comments above but i strongly believe that activity is very important and you saying "I definitely plan on being more active in the coming months regardless of the outcome" means very little when your actions show the opposite. I'm sure you have heard the saying "Actions speak louder than words."
  14. I was gonna say neutral cause i don't have anything bad to say about you but since you're saying that you cant play on weekdays i'm gonna have to say -1, i just think that it would be better to have an admin that can play/be available on weekdays. p.s.I respect that you said you wouldn't be able to play on weekdays, others would have probably left it out.