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  1. TTT Rule Update - 19/06/2017 Due to community support. prop surfing has been reintroduced. Prop Surfing within the visible map boundaries is allowed and is a non-traitorous act.
  2. Project Bare-Bones

    Still not as good as Project Bone-Bares 😏
  3. ttt map pack 2

    @Malala Can you try dropbox / google drive please, that website isn't sending out it's shitty email confirmation email
  4. Jailbreak Contest Project

    Only if you call it Catcharoonies
  5. Hey all - so an update on the TTT server: Due to large community support, PROP SURFING will be reintroduced as a non-traitorous act COME FRIDAY - 2nd of June (Yes this means from Friday on-wards you CAN prop surf). This will in place for approx 2 weeks as a trial phase and then revisited to decide on a final decision in regards to whether it will be continue. A NOTE: With this change, the opportunity to exploit map boundaries will also rise. Players are ONLY allowed to prop surf within and to areas of the VISIBLE map confines. This means that prop surfing to an area such as behind a cliff in which you would only be visible if someone else were to prop surf up to you is against the rules. Any players caught outside of the visible map boundaries will result in repercussions ranging from warnings, slays and bans (at admin discretion, dependent on circumstance). Also, any players ABUSING map boundary exploits (e.g. using missing/invisible textures to basically wall-hack) will result in being banned. On another note, the TTT map pool is currently being re-worked with many underplayed, unpopular and generally bad maps being removed to help improve the quality of the map pool and pave the way for future maps. (The current map pool can be found here: https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/topic/8539-ttt-current-map-rotation/ I'll be releasing Map Pack 2 hopefully this weekend (with a dank banner of course) and this will include a ton of new maps to the server.
  6. L.ast Updated: 4/06/17 In Rotation "clue" "csmu_waterpark_night_v1" "cs_office" "de_dust2" "de_inferno" "de_malibu_vc" "ttt_aircraft" "ttt_caboose" "ttt_camel_bh_go_v1h" "ttt_desperados_bh_fixv2" "ttt_dolls_csgo" "ttt_highschool" "ttt_island17_pezversion" "ttt_mario64_peachcastleoutside" "ttt_minecraftcity_slayer" "ttt_nukehouse" "ttt_richburg" "ttt_rooftops_slayers" "ttt_subway" "ttt_teenroom" "ttt_westwood2_sg" Recently Added "ttt_hotwireslum" "ttt_manor_night" "ttt_roy_the_ship" "ttt_terrortrain" "ttt_67thway_csgo_v10" "ttt_canyon_b1_fix1" "ttt_cg_skyscraper_2017_b1" "ttt_minecraft_ub_a6" "ttt_princesscraft_beta4" "ttt_princess_forest_b1" "ttt_westwood2_sg"
  7. ttt map pack 2

    Setting up - probably won't have time until next Friyay
  8. Hey all - with thoughts on how we can continue to move forward with the TTT I would like to grasp the communities opinion on prop surfing on TTT. As of the current state - prop surfing is slayable - reason being that it resulted in strings of RDM's of people shooting prop surfers and then getting shot themselves. Any option other than option 1 will be put on trial and then revisited to decide on a final outcome.
  9. ttt map pack 2

    Most of your links seem to be broken btw
  10. Took the words right out of my mouth 😂
  11. [Jailbreak] DiamondEdge's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Will just remind everyone that this does exist: Seems a lot of you need to read it, any further comments that clearly haven't read the above link will result in warning points. Also, Diamond I suggest you consider your replies to comments as well and how they reflect on you.
  12. [EXPIRED] Lopez Tai's Ban Appeal

    Ban Expired

    Maps are now live - feel free to leave map feedback on this post.

    Already put in my resume 👍