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  1. Neither Cavern nor Exile is on that list of best maps so therefore the vote is invalid due to not having the obviously superior options. Also no Mangaroons.
  2. That's because we part of the OG crew
  3. Project Bare-Bones

    Still not as good as Project Bone-Bares 😏
  4. ttt map pack 2

    @Malala Can you try dropbox / google drive please, that website isn't sending out it's shitty email confirmation email
  5. Jailbreak Contest Project

    Only if you call it Catcharoonies
  6. ttt map pack 2

    Setting up - probably won't have time until next Friyay
  7. ttt map pack 2

    Most of your links seem to be broken btw
  8. Took the words right out of my mouth 😂
  9. [Jailbreak] DiamondEdge's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Will just remind everyone that this does exist: Seems a lot of you need to read it, any further comments that clearly haven't read the above link will result in warning points. Also, Diamond I suggest you consider your replies to comments as well and how they reflect on you.
  10. [EXPIRED] Lopez Tai's Ban Appeal

    Ban Expired

    Maps are now live - feel free to leave map feedback on this post.

    Already put in my resume 👍

    With the revamp of the TTT server and the removal of many maps from the map pool it's only fitting that we begin to introduce some new maps into the map rotation. This will be starting with the release of 4 new maps for the TTT server which are as following: ttt_hotwireslum ttt_manor_night ttt_roy_the_ship ttt_terrortrain These maps will be going live within the next few days - any feedback on them is of course appreciated and we hope you enjoy. More maps will be released over time - if you come across a map that you believe is suited for the server make sure you let us know as well.
  14. TTT maps

    Alright sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the ride that is my fucking opinion "de_bikinibottom" - I don't think this maps had enough time on the server to consider keeping/removing it yet "ttt_caboose "ttt_mario64_peachcastleoutside" ttt_desperados "ttt_dolls_csgo" "ttt_island17_pezversion" "ttt_minecraftcity_slayer "ttt_rooftops_slayers" "ttt_richburg" "ttt_subway" "ttt_teenroom "ttt_parkhousefix_ "ttt_aircraft_ "clue" - I agree that this needs some sort of a player cap on it, in saying this I really want to play this map with a full server as well "ttt_canyon_b1" - Indifferent, I personally prefer not to play it though "ttt_highschool - I don't know about anyone else but I'm starting to get bored of this map "de_malibu_vc" - I haven't seen this map played often, I don't mind it but if it does nothing for the player base then axe it "csmu_waterpark_night_v1" - Not a bad map, I wouldn't care to see it stay or leave "ar_skycastle - I don't mind this map either, but again if it does nothing for the player base then axe it "de_codewise_snow" - I like the map design a lot but I don't think it's well received on the server perhaps due to the game mode "cs_minecraft_landscape" - Don't care, just find it a boring map to be honest "ttt_nukehouse_ - I personally hate this map, too big, ugly as - only benefits are the fridges "ttt_whitehouse_slayers" - I find it quite bland in terms of game play "ttt_drybone_swamp - Awkward map with awkward game play - never seen it play as it seems to kill server "ttt_thetops - Also find this map quite bland "de_cache" - Trash tier default map "cs_office"- Trash tier default map "de_dust2" - Trash tier default map "de_inferno" - Trash tier default map "cs_assault" - Trash tier default map "de_mirage" - Trash tier default map "de_cache_minecraft" - Trash tier default map, minecraft style "ttt_chateau" - Ugly ass map that I find quite boring "ttt_stadium_slayers - Not a fan of this map, I find it quite boring "cs_deadhouse" - Has run its time, soon to be replaced with a similar less tacky map "ttt_camel_bh_go_v1h" - Not a fan
  15. Tricking While Transporting

    Looks like commonsense decided to show up - I 100% back everything in this post