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  1. With 8 teams left, legends old and new will battle on the road to the Finals. Can the home crowd rally Virtus.pro to victory over North? Will Gambit continue their dominance from the group stage or will Fnatic stop them in their tracks? Who will survive the epic matchup between SK Gaming and Astralis? Immortals and BIG clash to see who can advance in their first Major. Watch all the action starting Friday at 6am EST (12:00 AM CEST) on the official Twitch stream. And remember to make your Playoff picks for the Pick’Em Challenge before the matches begin on Friday. View the full article
  2. Left 4 Dead 2 - Update View the full article
  3. The PGL Krakow 2017 Major gets under way this Sunday at 5am EST (11:00 AM CEST). While you’re watching PGL Krakow 2017, you’ll have a chance to receive a souvenir package commemorating the event. Each souvenir features a weapon from the collection of the map being played, golden stickers of the teams who were playing, and a golden signature of the MVP from the round where the souvenir dropped. To be eligible for a souvenir package, all you have to do is watch the event. If you’re watching in GOTV or in the main menu, you’ll automatically be eligible for souvenirs. If you’re watching on an official Twitch stream, make sure you link your Steam account! And don’t forget, you can support your favorite players and teams by purchasing PGL Krakow 2017 items. 50% of items proceeds go directly to the players and organizations. You can also use the team stickers to make your picks for the Pick’Em Challenge. Remember to make your group stage picks before the Group Stage begins on Sunday. View the full article
  4. Left 4 Dead 2 - Update View the full article
  5. The CS:GO Major Championship Series is just a week away from the main event – the top sixteen CS:GO teams from around the world are set to battle in Krakow, Poland for the title of CS:GO Major Champion! Join in the competitive spirit by supporting your favorite teams and players. Team stickers, player autographs, and team graffiti are all available for purchase in-game or from the Steam Community Market, with 50% of the proceeds going to players and organizations. Team Pick’Em Challenge Use your Team Stickers as game pieces in the Team Pick’Em Challenge, a prediction game where you can earn points toward a Krakow 2017 Team Pick’Em Trophy. Make your first set of predictions before the group stage begins – pick all of the teams that will advance to the playoffs, and predict the most (and least) successful teams. Make your second set of predictions after the group stage is over and before the playoffs begin – build a bracket and predict the Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Grand Final winners. Make your picks and display your favorite teams with pride – the next CS:GO Major is almost here! View the full article
  6. Left 4 Dead 2 - Update View the full article
  7. Wingman returns as this week’s Operation Hydra event. For its return we’ve added Inferno and Cobblestone to the map list along with the ability use solo matchmaking. Play solo or put your friendship on the line in a quick 2v2 best-of-16 match. The pressure is on – don’t let your wingman down! View the full article
  8. War Games are back as this week’s Operation Hydra event. You can now select the War Games you want from a lobby. Jump into a match and try out these unique twists on classic gameplay! View the full article
  9. This week’s Operation Hydra event, Weapons Expert, is live! How deep is your weapon pool? Play a 5v5 best-of-30 match with a twist – once you buy a weapon, you can’t buy it again for the rest of the match. Coordinate with your team, grind the enemy out of weapons, and try to keep your best options available! View the full article
  10. Left 4 Dead 2 - Update View the full article
  11. Left 4 Dead - Update View the full article
  12. Operation Hydra features the all-new Operation Hydra Events–a 2v2 competitive mode, a 5v5 mode that requires broad weapon proficiency, and twists on classic game rules including a chance to play using a special heavy armor, low-gravity sniping, team deathmatch, knife and zeus-only, and others. There’s more – Operation Hydra features a set of new and returning community maps available for casual and competitive modes, along with a full Guardian Mission campaign, an Operation Coin upgradable to the new Diamond level, an Operation Journal with friends leaderboards, the opportunity to gain extra XP, Operation weapon drops, and the all new Operation Hydra Case! View the full article
  13. [ PERFECT WORLD ] – Added ability to send friend requests using CS:GO friend codes for Perfect World Beta accounts that had their identity verified. – Added support for CS:GO Community chat in Perfect World launcher. – Added support for CS:GO url handling to inspect CS:GO items, download match demos, and join parties in Perfect World launcher. – Fixed missing content for Crown sticker and Blitz Kids music kit. – Fixed Arms Race configuration on Shanghai and Guangzhou official servers. – Other UI and content fixes for Perfect World Beta players. [ MISC ] – Added ability to invite a recently played with player to your party even without being friends with them. – Headshot dink sound is no longer audible at a very long distance, except for the player who scored the headshot. – MOTD custom URLs are now restricted to http:// and https:// protocols only. View the full article
  14. [ PERFECT WORLD ] – UI and localization fixes for Perfect World Beta. [ MISC ] – Disabled holiday cheer. – Fixed some exploits related to packet loss. – Unified deploy duration for all knives to be exactly 1.0 seconds [ MAPS ] Militia – Added path near CT spawn that connects to sewer and barn – Tweaked lighting throughout map Cbble – Tweaked sightline in connector between underpass and Long A – Fixed various minor bugs Canals – Rebuilt tunnel stairs area with smoother movement – Fixed boat geometry overlapping a pier at CT spawn – Fixed box intersecting windowsill at B – Fixed pixelwalk on railing at CT spawn – Moved plywood down on scaffolding below B to block a bad sightline – Fixed sticky scaffolding clip brush below B – Fixed some fade distance pop-up issues – Added two picnic chairs at short and made clips smoother – Removed lamp at ivy/garbage View the full article
  15. [CSGO] – Added Holiday Cheer. [GAMEPLAY] – For a limited time, the Negev and R8 Revolver are available in Competitive Matchmaking. – R8 Revolver: Price reduced to 700 – Negev: Price reduced to 2000 as a starting point, to promote experimentation with the weapon. [AUDIO] – Volume now decays smoothly over distance, instead of by discrete steps. – Adjusted HRTF audio mix to more closely match sound quality without HRTF. – Added snd_hrtf_distance_behind (default 100), which allows HRTF to more closely match the perceived direction of a sound source as seen by the actual player behind a monitor. – Fixed a bug where music volume would be set to the maximum level while accepting a lobby invitation. [SERVERS] – Added support for official game servers in Guangzhou and Shanghai for the Perfect World CS:GO Beta. [MISC] – Added Team ID option “Always On w/Equipment” to Game Settings – Spectators can now use overhead equipment display. – Fixed overhead equipment display not updating in some cases. – Fixed orientation of stickers on dropped weapons. – Adding Game State Integration output for use by tournament organizers. New output for player equipment value (with log_level 3), showing the observer slot for each player and adding a new ‘PhaseCountdowns’ feed for timing the end of warmup/freezetime/round ends. View the full article