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  1. [PUBG]Highlights

    I recognize that name...
  2. [PUBG]End Game Screen Shots

    Managed to win 3 out of 5 squad games I played yesterday. I think the most kills I got was roughly the same, 15-18. Also had a squad game where our squad got like 30 kills overall, pretty dank. I don't take screenshots of my wins, far to common can't fill up all that hard drive space ay
  3. Come attempt a record on Mg_Courses!

    ikr, what a hacker
  4. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    1.1 All players must complete their objectives to the best of their ability and shall not by any means hold up the flow of game play. 2.13 GUARDs inside gunroom have 10 seconds to exit gunroom from the moment WARDEN is selected or from the moment they enter gunroom. This includes when all T's are in an !lr This rule is unnecessary, there is already a rule saying not to camp gun room. Why specify 10 seconds for this but not for medic and vent camps? 2.20 GUARDs cannot order PRISONERs in their cells before they're open unless they are in a HOT CELL. All the prisoners are ordered before cell opens, this rule doesn't specify singular or plural, either specify or remove, who's gonna order a T to do something in a cell anyway? If the order cannot be completed it is invalid. I'll edit when I think of more stuff.
  5. hg server?

    But what about population? The server would have to have at least 6 people on consistently to even be remotely fun (who wants to play HG with like 2 people?). People hardly want to sit on TTT or JB when nobody is on and wait, why would they for a HG server?
  6. Add "Custom LR" LR

    How about instead of adding this, you just do a normal LR like they are intended? 'Hey, wanna do a custom LR? Better choose Gun Toss or Knife Fight!' <------ Add to rules 10/10 If you choose Mag4Mag and don't get first mag so you just custom LR, fucking slay em. Job's a good'un.
  7. wtf are these name colours fak


  8. bots

    The bot wouldn't be there to play the game, it would just be someone to shoot while some rando sits by himself on an empty server instead of doing something constructive with their life.
  9. Drinking Games

  10. Drinking Games

    Oi fgt, I'm doing it and I won't let you not let me k? I'll record this shit and give it to ross to never edit (jks bb i <3 u) Whenever mate, just let me know.
  11. Drinking Games

    Only 5 people can play tho, why would you want one of those people not to be drunk?
  12. [TTT] Highlights

    nice rdm mate (banned)
  13. [TTT] server changing the claiming as detective rules

    but u didn't include me meridian. When I claim an area I rarely actually kill anyone. At most one or two warning shots, but that's about it
  14. Scissors, Papers, Rock

    Thank you Trusted, I <3 more.
  15. Scissors, Papers, Rock

    Fuck, I hate you aussies and the paper, scissors, rock bullshit.