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  1. Thankyou for applying Avex, At this moment, we will not be accepting your admin application. Even thought I have seen you help players, knowing the rules but at this time we feel you would not fit the role as an admin yet. Please contact me on steam as soon as you see this. @Avex DENIED.
  2. Has been removed. Thanks Master
  3. JB_Oldskulin - best name (Old school kulin) Map games you can try putting in; Slide race - something to point out who the winner is. not much work but to slide down and someone wins mini deathrun strafe race climb
  4. I added most of the maps except the workshop ones cause well no idea, but will try again when i get home
  5. Thanks Queeno for suggest quite a few AWP maps. I shall look into these soon.
  6. Thankyou for letting us know of what you think of the state of Ban-Hammer's Jailbreak. I'd like to say is that, the reason why some maps have minimum players needed because of the size of the map. We can possibly lower the minimum players amount. With maps, i believe there is a thread of people who suggested different maps to put on that we can look into. I have to apologise that I have been extremely busy to look at most of these problems but will be looked into. I know the other directors and TRUSTED have looked into this situation to find a good possible way to improve our Jailbreak server that we all love. With the skins or items in the store, We have been slowly adding new items/skins onto the server but for the last 2 months, we haven't had time to add any. I'm sure some or many will agree that they liked the old store because they used that particular skin/item everytime they played and maybe feel someway for the new skins. We try to improve what we have but there is also a limit of skins that are out there for us to use. This is another reason why it sometimes makes us delay some skins. With the admins of Ban-Hammer, if you believe something is not right or you feel unhappy of what they are doing, I highly advise you or anyone else to PM me on the forums so I can look into the matter. We do take these things seriously as we want the community and our members to feel happy that they are playing on Ban-Hammer servers. .KULIN
  7. Hi Kulin!



    I am not %100 unbanned. I just need to be unbanned from ct. 


    king regards,


    1. KULIN


      The appeal says you wont be unbanned from CT.

  8. badmin, doesnt see the line through a joke and admin abuse from ace

  9. Thank you for applying Zach, We like to welcome you as you have been accepted to join the Jailbreak Administration team! ACCEPTED.
  10. Thankyou for applying Spodeyy, Congratulations, you will be joining the Multimode administration team! ACCEPTED.
  11. Thank you for applying Puppy, Your application was written well. Seeing you on the server for at least 1 hour every single day is very impressive! But at this stage im afraid your application will be denied, as we believe we have enough admins at this stage. One thing i believe you could improve on for the next time you might re apply is to show players if theyre doing something wrong in a way people notice. It may seem hard but its just one of many ways Hope to see you on the server!
  12. Thank you for applying Zinzo, We are pleased to announce that you will be joining the Jailbreak Administration team! Congratulations! ~ ACCEPTED
  13. Thank you for applying Mike Nolan, We are pleased to announce that you will be joining the Jailbreak Administration team! Congratulations! ~ ACCEPTED
  14. Thank you for applying trigga, Sorry for the long delay. Congratulations, you will be joining the Jailbreak Administration team!
  15. wtf are these name colours fak