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  1. +1. Despite Goose handing out more firstbloods than the average player (and choosing bad support picks), he is extremely helpful when it comes to the rules and enforcing them. He definitely deserves the role, as he is always willing to help throughout all facets of the game.
  2. +1. Definitely very helpful when it comes to dealing with rule breakers. LateKO has definitely matured considerably and in doing so has developed extensive jailbreak knowledge, thus highlighting his ability to admin the server. Although I haven't played much recently, I know for a fact Late is suited for this role. P.S. Late has also been an admin in my TeamSpeak channel --> shows great levels of maturity (^ is an inside joke btw @Blobby)
  3. +1 In spite of his few bad actions, I believe Chosen is perfectly suit for the combat admin team. His willingness to help the server through a variety of means alongside his maturity are mere examples of why he is more than capable for the role.
  4. Maps need a certain player limit, or else you'd have 5 people on the biggest map in the pool, e.g. on wakka, canyon or industry. The map pool is somewhat stale, however I believe that is due to the consistent playing of clouds and some other maps. The store update did remove some skins, however they were to ensure smooth gameplay. Other servers don't care so much about hitboxes and general gameplay however that ruins the game completely. Due to there being limited creation of skins, there has been a limited introduction of skins. VIP skins aren't there to be P2W either, seeing as the Lara Croft skin is better than the skele skin it seems. Having a skin like the skeleton skin as VIP is a benefit of donating as it was completely overused previously. For anything you mentioned, there are suggestion posts made where you can suggest what you want, so feel free to.
  5. +1 xd Really active player on TTT who is always helping where he can. You're a pretty funny (xd) guy and good bloke to get along with so you definitely deserve admin. Not to mention, you do play JailBreak and help there so you're definitely suit for admin. xd xd xd goodluck xd. xd
  6. Big +1. Fillipe is extremely active and is always helpful. He is definitely suit of the admin role as he completely understands the gamemode and the possible situations associated with it so he'd make a great admin without a doubt. Just in the last 2 days Fillipe has been extremely useful to the new admins on TTT, thus showing he is more than capable of becoming an admin.
  7. Huge +1 From the times i've seen Master on the servers, he has always helped others for the sake of helping them, not to stand out. Currently the best suit for admin considering his activity and maturity. Edit: I forgot to mention that Master is an extremely genuine guy to talk to on the servers so undoubtedly he would make a good admin. Numerous times I have just jumped on and had chats to him whilst also experiencing his levels of maturity (as previously mentioned), which is manifested in the way he deals with situations. For those mentioning activity @Fillipé @Aussie, Master has had a forums account for 1 month now and has 10 posts. He claims to check up on the forums everyday, however doesn't post pointlessly. There isn't much more to being active besides him maybe making a few discussion threads himself (which is completely unnecessary as there is only so much you can talk about with gaming servers).
  8. The main reason this hasn't been added in i'm pretty sure is to prevent lazy wardens. Besides, it's gonna be extremely hard for those who have used these words to adapt to, however that doesn't mean i'm completely against it (i'd still rather it not be changed though). Adding this in with an edit: Also @Heller restricting it to a single order is completely unnecessary as you don't want to be too restrictive with the rules wherein you're tackling specific orders, nor do you want there to be lazy wardening like that. To continue on with what I said before, it may help players starting of as CT. However, by making early mistakes and by learning JB vocab, a CT will ultimately become much better and therefore may be seen as a better warden (!pmenu vote him 5 amirite).
  9. As I told you in PM, neither should be added. Here's my two cents. Intentionally delaying, more commonly referred to as the disrupting the flow of gameplay, is something that is monitored in which people are punished for. Restricting an aspect for t's to use rebel will change the game completely, as essentially less people will be rebelling in multiple ways considering that rule will apply to many instances, not just to those hiding in cells. Furthermore no rule regarding the single ordering of hot cells should be added, as generally ct's help each other with the neutralising of hot cells (anything else would be mic spam most likely, e.g. ordering different things at the same time). I know what instance you were talking about with this example. If this rule were to be implemented, you'd be in the wrong considering a ct was helping the warden with the hot cell and you jumped in.
  10. Neutral. Really mature for your age however definitely require more experience before administrating a server like multimode. Also, sometimes it seems as if you're helping to impress, rather than from your willingness to help the server.
  11. Just a new feature to have the maximum evenly split teams possible or a certain amount of evenly split teams depending on the amount of t's alive seems like a better function. You shouldn't be able to opt out of it as well however if you are allowed to opt out of it, don't make it VIPs only. EDIT: There is no reason nor need to opt out either.
  12. Huge +1 Michael has been playing on the AWP server for ages and definitely deserves admin considering his commitment and usefulness to the server itself. It's good to see that Michael attempts to get along with everyone and represents himself to his best always. I'd like to add that Michael is completely mature and suit for the role, despite him being under the age recommendation. There have been numerous times where Michael has assisted in applying punishment, such as by messaging an admin or through help on a ban request, highlighting his adequate ability to help when needed (which undoubtedly would carry on further with admin powers). EDIT: Recommended age*
  13. Happy birthday chodes ❤️

    1. Bodes


      Thanks beautiful <3 

  14. +1 Didn't realise you even applied. Really active, funny and good with the rules. 100% deserve admin.
  15. -1 (below was my original response) Can't say much about you other than you're a pretty nice and funny guy considering I haven't been on for while. You definitely know the rules and know how to enforce them so you'd do a fine job as admin. EDIT: Originally this was a +1, then I changed it to neutral, now i'm changing it to a -1, sorry (what will be bold will be my latest edit). Recently whilst playing I have noticed that you haven't helped as much as you should be, contrary to what I initially stated. There have been times where I have laid back to see if anyone helps and all I really see are the current Trusted members who go out of their way to help constantly. Furthermore, there have been also been instances where you can't understand the most simple situations and it seems that you don't understand the rules enough to be an admin. I'd suggest just continue playing to understand the rules more which will enable you to develop the ability to engage with the community more, which is something I see happening quite easily for you considering you get along with people really well. I can definitely see you as a staff member by the time you next apply, however goodluck for now. What was said in my response still stands however, in that you have fine qualities of an admin. Just work on your engagement with players and your enforcing of the rules.