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  1. 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  2. I'm down to help. Also make sure to have something such as another button that resets health back to 100.
  3. Remove it. It's hard always listening and paying attention to every specific of an order, so I wouldn't want to be killed during transporting and having to watch for the rest of the round. The way I see it; people will leave if they get killed by stupid tricking orders, however the server population won't be affected when there isn't tricking as it's such a little aspect of the game.
  4. Sounds like a good idea, however they are two different styled maps so don't just mix everything when combining your ideas. Just add the general stuff i'd say, such as climb, bhop, colours, etc. but also try be a bit creative with them.
  5. +1 Michael should have gotten a staff position the last time he applied. I haven't been on the AWP server recently however I know Michael is well suitable for this role as he has an extensive knowledge of the game and maps and helps a lot.
  6. Neutral. You'd be fine as an admin as you can enforce rules and whatnot. However you get really salty way too easily and take things way too serious commonly so I don't know how you'd be able to control certain situations. Goodluck. EDIT: You need to work on how you enforce rules, you seem to raise your voice generally when you want to get your point across.
  7. +1 I haven't really been active to see Smally's activity, however I know for a fact he would be a great admin as he helps when necessary and comes across as a good guy.
  8. +1. Jordan has proved himself as he's shown he can control a server even without Trusted, therefore deserves Admin.
  9. +1. Sheep is definitely really mature for his age (and is probably a lot mature than most people older). His ability to help players and admins out of goodwill when needed manifests his ability to take on a staff role, in which is completely deserved. Goodluck.
  10. +1. Despite Goose handing out more firstbloods than the average player (and choosing bad support picks), he is extremely helpful when it comes to the rules and enforcing them. He definitely deserves the role, as he is always willing to help throughout all facets of the game.
  11. +1. Definitely very helpful when it comes to dealing with rule breakers. LateKO has definitely matured considerably and in doing so has developed extensive jailbreak knowledge, thus highlighting his ability to admin the server. Although I haven't played much recently, I know for a fact Late is suited for this role. P.S. Late has also been an admin in my TeamSpeak channel --> shows great levels of maturity (^ is an inside joke btw @Blobby)
  12. +1 In spite of his few bad actions, I believe Chosen is perfectly suit for the combat admin team. His willingness to help the server through a variety of means alongside his maturity are mere examples of why he is more than capable for the role.
  13. Maps need a certain player limit, or else you'd have 5 people on the biggest map in the pool, e.g. on wakka, canyon or industry. The map pool is somewhat stale, however I believe that is due to the consistent playing of clouds and some other maps. The store update did remove some skins, however they were to ensure smooth gameplay. Other servers don't care so much about hitboxes and general gameplay however that ruins the game completely. Due to there being limited creation of skins, there has been a limited introduction of skins. VIP skins aren't there to be P2W either, seeing as the Lara Croft skin is better than the skele skin it seems. Having a skin like the skeleton skin as VIP is a benefit of donating as it was completely overused previously. For anything you mentioned, there are suggestion posts made where you can suggest what you want, so feel free to.
  14. +1 xd Really active player on TTT who is always helping where he can. You're a pretty funny (xd) guy and good bloke to get along with so you definitely deserve admin. Not to mention, you do play JailBreak and help there so you're definitely suit for admin. xd xd xd goodluck xd. xd
  15. Big +1. Fillipe is extremely active and is always helpful. He is definitely suit of the admin role as he completely understands the gamemode and the possible situations associated with it so he'd make a great admin without a doubt. Just in the last 2 days Fillipe has been extremely useful to the new admins on TTT, thus showing he is more than capable of becoming an admin.