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  1. [Jailbreak] Goose's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Everything that I wanted to say has been said. gl +1
  2. [TTT] Fillipé's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Fallopian tubes has been one of, if not, the most outstanding TTT regular to me thanks to his maturity, commitment to the server, knowledge and enforcement of rules and just generally being a very friendly guy. Not much to say as it has already been said, Good luck. +1
  3. [TTT] Shitterlord's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    It is an easy +1 from me. Shitterlord is a very helpful and friendly member on Ban-Hammer. I normally see shitter help out many people on TTT and JailBreak. He enforces rules on both servers and I believe that he is more than capable of handling a server by himself thanks to his maturity. Goodluck
  4. Triangle Beacons

    I honestly don't think that there is a need for more beacons because the only beacons that are used are the small ones, square ones and occasionally the green ones that spawn at the warden. Although, the game that you came up with can be interesting and can be done a different way that doesn't need to have a triangle beacon. It goes like this: you make the t's unstack along the rim of a medium/big beacon. You then explain that when you say go not the first time that you say it but the next, the will do one of the ((however many actions) for this example, 3 actions being, crouching remaining crouching on the spot, button freezing and jumping on the spot). You then type one of the actions in CT chat that you will kill if people are doing that action. You then say go, then you kill the people who are doing the action the action that you chose. That is just how I think the game should be played. Good idea though
  5. (VIP and Jailbreak Suggestion) Highlight player

    I think that this is a good command, but not one that should be restricted to only VIP members.
  6. The Beast

    What happens if no one wants to become a beast?
  7. Hey look at my bhops

    Better macros bhops than turtle.
  8. Hi as well

    I like grain waves as well. Welcome
  9. [Jailbreak] Magic.'s Admin Application

    +1 Magic is a very nice, helpful guy that enforces the rules, and has used his Trusted powers appropriately. (From what I have seen)
  10. In-Game Name: eye ken thpell Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:92336837 Age: 14 Server Playtime: 61 days Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? Before I start, whether or not JailBreak has enough admins I will apply because I think that I have had enough experience as a Trusted member to become a part of the Admin team. I would like to become an admin for the JailBreak server because of a few reasons. I would like to become an admin because there are a few flaws in the Trusted menu system that can restrict me from keeping the server in control, I believe that I am mature enough to control a server and I can make the right decisions without being pressured from any friends, last but not least, I am an easily approachable and friendly person. In the Trusted Menu there are a few flaws that can restrict me from keeping the server in control. Some examples of them are, not being able to CT ban or Ban people. In certain situations these commands can be used to stop people breaking the rules. For example if someone decides to join the server and start to mass freekill. I won’t be able to do anything other than swap the freekilling CT, kick him or quickly getting an admin to come on the server to deal with the situation. All this said doesn’t mean that I will just be punishing players if they do something wrong, it also means that I can help make the experience fun for players by using my commands to play a game of freeze bomb or Pacman. When it comes to being an admin, being mature can be a key factor when it comes to dealing with certain situations. A common comment that I see when looking at previous admin application goes along the lines of “I just don’t believe that you are old enough to control a server without cracking under pressure”. Over the past few months of being a Trusted member and feeling what it is like to be in certain situations, I feel as if I am mature enough to control a server and deal with tough situations in a mature manner. I also can assure you that whether or not I am friends with someone that breaks the rules the punishment will be the same. I would say that I am a very friendly person that is both easy to talk to as well as easy to approach. This may become handy in many situations, for example, when it comes to telling a new player to switch teams and read the rules without sounding angry or frustrated. Just a side note, some people may notice that I have a hefty amount of Sourcebans (approx. 7). All these were from a year and a half ago because I was being stupid. Broseph has given me permission to apply for admin. What time(s) do you normally play? Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I am able to play from 4pm - 7pm. Wednesday and Friday I am not able to play as much. On the weekends I am able to play from 7am - 9pm (with a few breaks in between) Who will support your application? A large majority of these vouches were from a while ago. If you are on this list and you have changed your decision of being on this list, just PM me :). Spodeyy, Zinger, Niloc, RossageRoll, Zinzo, SoftDrinks, Ace, Mike Nolan, Skarecrow, Queeno, Trigga, Fishlings, Demomeister, Jake, Byali, Cloud, sabreguy, M1XTAPE/Ventmeister, Blobby, Tracy, Puppy, LittleScanlon, Flash, Lighten, Echol, Spunnnnno_, Trinx_, Jandals, Robert, Lui, Brekkie and Sn'Bants. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I have been a Mod+ on a few MineCraft servers. I have also been Trusted for 5 months. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Not quite, but I am open to learning about Sourcemod.
  11. [Jailbreak] Fishlings's Admin Application [DENIED]

    When i saw this application, I thought to myself, "finally". I really feel that Fishlings deserves the admin position because of many reasons. As he said himself in his application, he helps out a lot of people. I remember going on my smurf account just to mess around an I saw Fishlings constantly helping and enforcing rules to those that are unaware. Again, as he said, he is a very friendly guy. He likes to say hello to everyone and is always happy to engage in a conversation with someone. My only concern with you is how you will handle with tough situations, seeing how you were previously a jailbreak admin, I don't think you will have a problem with it. For the reasons that were stated above, I will be +1'ing Fishlings. I wish you the best of luck with your application.
  12. [Multimode] Zengelf ツ's Admin Application [DENIED]

    I thought that you were much much older than 14. Although as @slinkycc has said, I feel as if you need to interact with the community (eg. forums/teamspeak) more. I can see you in a Trusted position but I am unsure for admin. There for I will be giving you a Neutral
  13. Suggestion: New Hungergames Gamemode?

    When I first started playing CSGO I played on a HG server, I was fairly active on it until it shut down. I think that this is a great idea. +1 ,':^)
  14. Looking for a 5queue to play with ;p

    I am the designated anchor of the team. I am GN2, I am almost guaranteed to be the bottom fragger on any map unless I play Dust 2. Nah but seriously, used to be LE until the update came along, now Gn2 and I rarely play, but I am up for starting to play again. I am not really the best but if I warmup for a bit I am better. Don't know many callouts for maps other than Mirage, Cache, D2 and Inferno. I like awping (i am pretty bad at it though), entryfragging and lurking. HMU if interested
  15. [Multimode] Spodeyy's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Honestly, this guys is one of the worst people in the community, he abuses me and hurts my feelings... *realises this is spodeyys application, not trigger's* Oh whoops I though this was trigger_scrub applying. Anyways, Spodeyy is not a good friend, but a good member of the community. From what I have seen on my time on MultiMode while playing with spodeyy is that he is a very funny, friendly and overall helpful guy. From what I can see on JailBreak is he acts the same on other servers. I honestly thought that Spodeyy was older than 15 because you're so mature. I will be +1'ing this application for the reasons stated above. jkjk! i love trigger_scrub