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  1. Im Nova 1, but can't rank up thanks to shitty solo queue teammates. Would be keen to play with you and a few other lads. I play entry fragger alot, and main rifler.
  2. +1. No matter what server, spodeyy helps out with the community and makes it an extremely fun experience. Would love to see him in an admin role Good luck!
  3. +1 Ace has shown that he is very capable of an admin role through the trusted position he has been placed in, I feel as though that he is also very fitting for admin.
  4. Personally I really enjoyed your bhop too. I would also recommend making a bhop similar to chawks in the fact its quite a difficult map game.
  5. I really like this idea, and I remember it being a lot of fun on other TTT servers.
  6. +1 Although most of my time is spent on Jailbreak, when I do come on TTT which happens quite a lot, I see Bants being a great role model and helping run the server with his trusted role. He is a person who is very respected, and is someone who you have some good fun with on the server. Good luck!
  7. Easy +1. Mike Nolan is very active member who I have known for a very long time. Mike is very easy to talk to and always chill, and is a very helpful member with regards to enforcing rules on the server.
  8. +1. Very active on Jailbreak, very friendly and is always helping out with the server.
  9. Name Tag: {white}[{red}Brosex{white}] Price: 150 Servers: Jailbreak For: VIP+ Thanks Trusted So this is what it will look like (as its a white background, what should be white will be lime): [Brosex]
  10. Oh yes (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. Although in my time on the combat servers I have rarely seen you on, I think that sabreguy is very capable of an admin role and I believe that he would make a good addition to the current combat admin team. +1
  12. +1 As someone who has been around a long time, I can easily give queeno a +1. Everytime I am on combat servers, queeno is responisble and dealing with people on the server breaking rules. This application is very well written, and I believe that he definitly deserves an admin role.
  13. I understand your view point, but I think that I am very capable of handling the Jailbreak server. I can also assure you that i'm not applying to gain power over others for my benifit, I would only use the powers when it is nessasary. Personally I would say that I am more mature since my last application which you said something similar, but its really up to your opinion on someone. Thanks
  14. You're a very kind and funny person, but I think you do not fit the admin role from what I have seen of you on the server. -1, no hard feelings.