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  1. The Unofficial Best of Jailbreak 2017..so far

    Were's best VAC'd admin at... Ow wait was I the only one? lul
  2. 2 Accounts OW banned then VAC'd.

    if it is indeed a vac ban maybe u didn't remove your imaginary hacks from your computer as steam scans for anything suspicious within your harddrives. (bootstrapper.exe its a bitch) overwatch bans show up as something completly different to just straight out vacban's. it shows up as developer ban or someshit ( wouldn't know specifically as this was not that way i got banned). im conclusion clean your computer out of anything that even resembles a hack/script/macro that has anything to do with cs:go cs:source or even for the old schoolers 1.6 and buy a new account, $20 for the game in my opinion best $20 you could spend!! i hope my 2cents helped GL
  3. Am I the first legit global?

    ofcourse i count
  4. Trusted's Admin Application

    +1 definitely deserves the admin role, does everything an admin should do and with the played time would definatly be active! Best of luck!
  5. Jordyn's Admin Application- Skill Surf

    +1 definatly trusted throughout the community! best of luck =)
  6. CTs with unclear orders

    ^ +1 There's a place for everything and everything has a place.
  7. Slippery Dildo Admin Application

    -1 I believe i was the last addition to the admin team and they are currently closed, with the addition of me there is another 26 admins i believe! its a neg1 from me just because i never really see you enforce rules/ engage in the game more than most people. i love your commitment and frequent activity in the JB community but you still need to play alil more, make a bigger impact and also change your name >.> sorry buddy best of luck though.
  8. Seiyuugi App

    -1 why not wait till october 29th? your a good player that knows the rules ( even though your annoying as shit ! =) but you really should have waited the 3months. regardless when u turn 16 i will happily +1 for trusted.
  9. Lanky_Man JB Admin Application

    neutral I always see you on and you follow the rules but i never really see you correct or warn people about rule breaking.
  10. De-amo's Admin Aplication

    +1 passionate about Jailbreak very creative ( although some of the games he thinks of are trash) all round would be great for the Jailbreak community for the long time to come.
  11. OJ simpson admin application [ACCEPTED]

    hey hey hey, hyphy will get there eventually =)
  12. OJ simpson admin application [ACCEPTED]

    yeah i mainly play early morning just because it works with my work, also dont really like 3pm plebs moaning and groaning in there squeeky voices :')
  13. OJ simpson admin application [ACCEPTED]

    Ow im so sorry sir i missed the capital letters, thank you JaayMax!
  14. [Jailbreak] Coby's Suggestions

    +1 for 1 and 2 3. i reckon we should be able to trick during transport, however saying rush and rushing or bullet shot and bullet shots can not be one of the tricks able to be used. i feel all T's should be rewarded for listening, and no tricking during transport makes the game bland at some points. 4. for sure if its within the rules kill away, for example - if T's are jumping while supposed to be button frozen, when the server is full kill them, you need to get the numbers down somehow. if there detouring and delaying in a hot cell count to 3 kill them as long as u say no detouring or delaying of course. the overly Nazi shouldn't be a thing if you can't listen carefully your going to die, it will eventually teach them to not spam mic/ not listen. this is just the way i feel though.
  15. OJ simpson admin application [ACCEPTED]

    could you please right i carry you alittle bit smaller lol maybe size 1 would be suitable !