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  1. Tricking While Transporting

    tbh i think the tricking while transporting is very small now compared to say, early 2016. removing it is stupid because its fun and it isnt exploited on a massive scale not yet at least
  2. Jb_Notch (In beta)

    doors are no longer fucked
  3. Jb_Notch (In beta)

    doors are fucked
  4. hg server?

    u can say all you want to get a server introduced, but until you can find a way for us to support it money-wise, it's probably not gonna happen i can assure u that if you donate $600 directors will give it a shot, but unlikely otherwise
  5. Coin Flip

    i mean i sort of took a shot at a simplified version of this where you just have a 50/50 chance against RNG alone to win, and limited it to being used once a map (because otherwise you could spam it over and over, and potentially get lucky and gain), and it was about 60 lines long, and worked fine. if you add another player it'll probably only total to 100 lines max, 120 with menu interaction it's 15 minutes work for a feature that people could enjoy, there's no real reason not to do it, especially since i've in theory already done it.
  6. jb_deepjungle

    yo this map sounds alot like oldmate jb_yeetnam hehe
  7. [MULTIMODE] TeknowNinja | Trading for Knife's Admin Application [DENIED]

    only multimode app i can really comment on, +1, youve always been a pretty cool dude whenever ive seen u but like demo said, b careful about the whole minimum 10 posts thing, that would be a really shitty way to be denied.
  8. [RESOLVED] turtle12345's Ban Appeal

    given that we can't actually reliably find a demo for this scenario, and it's unlikely that trusted will remember it, I'd suggest changing your ban appeal from how it is now to a sincere apology and insurance that it won't happen again. good luck turtle
  9. What Is Everyone Doing For School Holidays

    probably committing suicide
  10. [RESOLVED] DrTaCoJr's Ban Appeal

    The CTBan was meant to be 30 minutes. I would remove it myself because it's obviously a mistake but I can't. It will be resolved by tomorrow though.
  11. Add "Custom LR" LR

    For the custom lr, an important factor would be that you shouldn't allow the last t alive to do this, because although they still CAN custom lr through other options, they'll likely be more inclined to pick a normal lr, and prevent unnecessary delaying. as far as how does thi lr end, the t must clearly define it, and if either party delays in such a way that it keeps the server waiting, an admin just slays them. easy as pie. Could you possibly just give the people in the LR infinite ammo in the same way as you do in a hungergames? that's what causes you to have infinite grenades on hungergames days.
  12. Add "Custom LR" LR

    i do it every time i see it happen, regardless of what they say it's obvious, and it's essentially unfair lrs this bug has been known about for a very long time, i think it's to do with the server trying to equip the player with an HE grenade even though they already have one, because the server thinks the player has already thrown, and therefore breaking the loop (while loop?) that gives them the he. This then means that the loop that gives the other player in the lr a he grenade stops because the program thinks that the other player is dead/the lr ended? probably an unavoidable ping thing, but i wouldn't know.
  13. Creating jb_?

    make sure there's not pixelwalks through the ass because if it's ur first map, chances are there will b heaps
  14. [Jailbreak] Magic.'s Admin Application

    +1 been waiting for this app deserves admin more than I did most helpful person on the server 110% of the time, amazing dude, friends with everyone, knows how to have a laugh but has no issues with favoritism or otherwise.