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  1. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/Mr_EvilDr_Porkchop/saved/#view=H7TJxr It's 1200 with: an overclockable CPU 6600k Plenty of RAM 16GB 240GB ssd, 2TB HDD Trust me a 1TB HDD is not enough for storage, my steam library alone is 1TB in size. 120gb SSD is only enough to put on OS and a couple of games You don't need an overkill powersupply like the other people in this thread are talking about, simple bronze with 400~ watts will do you justice considering the power efficiency of skylake and pascal Any quad Core CPU from the past 5 years will not bottle neck a graphics card. @Neiva I don't know why you're talking about "future proofing" for ram when you can easily buy an other stick and wack it in. On the topic of "future proofing" you've all given him a non over clockable CPU how are you meant to have a "future proof" CPU when you can't enhance it's performance @NightHawk Plz stop..... $800 is a potato PC One more thing, if you don't plan on upgrading this PC buy an OEM version of Windows 10 off kinguin for $37 Regards Porky
  2. ^ come on...... simple spell checking Rank: MG1 Proficient in Assault rifles and Daks #best entry fragger, I'm the only one on my team who has any balls to go head first into the action, unlike the rest of my team...looking at you ace, brandos and every other ban-hammer member I play with. but since you've taken the spot, I'll go for IGL, lurker or rifler.
  3. PP-Bizon ftw, that's the ultimate run and gun
  4. I would like too play... but I don't drink ;(
  5. First and foremost the Traitor would relinquish his identity as a T to the server with big text poping up saying (for example): "BROSEPH HAS BECOME A SEXUAL PREDATOR WATCH YOUR ANUS!" Something similar to JB's rebel system would work well here, as people have mentioned scaling for health is a big issue, thus why not make it so health scales up or down due too how many people are alive in the round. Likewise, this can only be a 1 or 2 time purchase though out the whole map, I don't want to see a full team of predators every round. Also pricing is a another point of contention, yes a high pricing would suit but it can't be too expensive that unskilled players can't work up the credits to buy it. Weapons the predator would receive the M249 and the R8, these weapons can still dish out damage but not overpowered as say a 1 tap cross map with a Negev. Also the T store would have to be deactivated, otherwise they would be able to buy copious amounts of health shots to put them back too 1000hp, buy awps, more armour and other items making it a ridiculously unfair advantages to other players. Balance changes regarding the pricing of predator mode, health received and weapons etc... will almost certainly be changed during the course of it's implementation. Feel Free to comment on my thoughts and opinions with your own Regards Porky
  6. when you get a chroma 2 case ;*( USP-S sounds like a Pee shooter PEW PEW!!! Glock and Deag sound similar too their old counterparts but are a little more IMO punchier. Gamma 2 Case skins look amazing.
  7. Pretty sure you can't loot ban requests..... unless you're talking about looting them for information? +1 Always see him on the servers helping those in need, giving helping tips and tricks as well as enforcing rules and regulations. He's a great friend to play with always willing to have am chat and play something else other then bloody TTT. It would be great to see him on the admin team. Good luck Porky <3 P.S. -1 for today it's his birthday, keeps using abbreviations anyone such as Ayy lmao
  8. This is coming from the guy who got VAC banned......
  9. +1 I've had a great time playing TTT with Annie, asking for his opinion regarding meta-gaming, rdm and general player shenanigans. I would like to see him in the role of admin (atleast trustsed). Hope you do well Porky He asked me to proof read his admin app... there were ZERO grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  10. He didn't ask me to proof read his app.... ;( after all I did get him to trusted in a night with my superb writing skills. +1 from me
  11. Don't worry there was a glitch with the banning pop up and you joining back, I'll be talking to the Devs about this issue, you have been unbanned But next time stay within the game, take your slays and hopefully you can still have fun on our servers.
  12. Simple solution, don't shoot anywhere near people otherwise people will shoot back.... simple. Only shoot when your life is being threatened or you have 110% evidence that another player is a Traitor.
  13. What does this button say in nice big bold red text.... Traitors Incase of Emergency 1. Where you a traitor: no... 2. Had the round started: no... Simple Solution to all of this, don't press the buttons... especially if they have a nice big warning on them, it's "common" (it's becoming less common everyday) sense. @Gary the Goat We have banned people plenty of times when dropping the building, you don't give a warning for when people mass rdm. @Mum Granted yes my actions against you where "somewhat" hash (even though you did kill 3 people with trap), but a player just pressed the button a few rounds ago and action was taken against him, you would think people would learn, as Malala stated Ace understands, the only way to stop people from breaking the rules,is to make an example of the idiots who break them, if the punishment for pressing a button was a round slay everyone would be doing it for shits and giggles where as when someone is banned for a day+ people start to realise it's not worth the ban. Or here is a simpler version don't press the bloody button We do have a guide, that's why I banned you. It's easier said than done to implement rules, First a post has to be made on the forums (in the admin section), This will be discussed in the next admin meeting (once a month) which will either get rejected or accepted by the admins. I would like these rules to be implemented asap, I think we did in fact bring this discussion to the meeting previously but nothing was done about it.
  14. Or not waste your money on CS:GO skins (Coming from the guy with a $100 inventory) and buy some half decent games.
  15. +1 Everyone has been regurgitating the same comment in a different way..... eye ken thpell, even with your lack of ability to spell the simplest of words I still have to give praise to this man. He has surpassed all expectations, doing what ever is required of him to support the community and give back to those whom have given to him. To be honest when I first heard his voice I tried to ignore him completely, but after hearing what he had to say it reassured me that there was still hope for this world and our generation. As soon as I saw the myriad of applications I couldn't be bothered to write the same reply reworded a thousand times, but Eye's stood out, I want this man to receive this privilege. Nothing much more needs to be said. He's a great member of the community and is deserving of the Admin or Trusted title. Good luck M8 Porkins <3