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  1. -1 Your complete inability to follow rules is ridiculous.
  2. These are my suggestions: Remove all default maps, they are horrible for TTT. Remove TTT_Subway, De_Codewise and The_Tops. All 3 have glitches that players have regularly abused to get outside of the map Remove the map camel. Horrible looking map, the helicopter has a visual glitch of not showing the fire so non regular players constantly die to it. Remove Cache Minecraft, horrible for TTT Remove skycastle. Not well liked and has killed the server in the past Remove drybone swamp. Visibility is just stupidly slow, radar doesn't work properly, the map and rounds drag out 90% of the time For the map clue remove it from the map pool when a thresehold of 15 people is hit. Above 15 people c4 spam is just too much of a problem. Include Canyon back into the normal map pool Include the map ttt_minecraft_ub_a6 into the rotation. It isn't listed above but I know for a fact that it is on the server.
  3. I am down to help. Maybe include a low grav trigger in the area where warden can set grav. May I suggest that cts nades are wipped avoid the accidental he nade.
  4. I really don't mind if this rule is removed. I understand both sides of the argument I would think the rules were there to bring back regulars which in return bring new people. If the regulars don't play the server population goes down to 0 and new people don't join a server that has no one else. Just a polite disagreement
  5. +1 great member always helping new people, puts up relevant ban requests for cheaters and makes the server a friendly place where people want to play. There is no other person more deserving of admin then he is. p.s @Queeno I am first on the support list and totally didn't blackmail him to give it to me
  6. Does first reaction abide by the same rules as last reaction? My assumtion is a yes but I would like this to be clarified An example is that last reaction can't be played with more then 10 people so this should apply to first reaction?
  7. +1 On the few times I have seen Kazbolt on the TTT server he is always helping and enforcing rules. The trusted system is ridiculously restrictive but you have made the most out of it and have tried to make TTT a better place. Good luck
  8. Hands down Crummy Cradle. If not do water park. Its fun to see people go splat. Also @Q4-Bi. did you remember to turn auto bhop off?
  9. If you applied 3 months ago you would of had my support @Goose But as I have been inactive and the JB server dead it will be a neutral from me. Good luck though
  10. +1 all has been said
  11. so if a server has 30 ts and cells are open do you have to order every single 1 by name? If so that just won't work out well.
  12. +1 Helpful, supportive of new players, enforces the rules and pretty fun to play with. Overall good player and definitely deserves trusted/admin
  13. Clit what I told you to do was leave the server to avoid a ban extension on the original 4 days from @Bodes. No matter what you did the alt was going to get a perm for evasion. The reason for the perm ban on all alt accounts is to stop the player avoiding bans in the future. While I know you won't make the same mistake in the future but enless there is a need for the alt to be unbanned it rarely is.
  14. -1 Bodes name is in front of me time to do the /ban Filipe 99999999 command... That joke aside it is a +1 from me. You have greatly helped out the server and you are always willing to help me out. You know a majority of situations that can occur and can solve them without causing problems/arguments. Your well liked in the community by most members and as bodes said helped out the new admins instrumentally. You can't get much better then that.
  15. -1 didn't ask me to support your admin app when I last saw you That aside every time I have seen him on he is helping people and is always watching out for hackers. +1 from me