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  1. so if a server has 30 ts and cells are open do you have to order every single 1 by name? If so that just won't work out well.
  2. +1 Helpful, supportive of new players, enforces the rules and pretty fun to play with. Overall good player and definitely deserves trusted/admin
  3. Clit what I told you to do was leave the server to avoid a ban extension on the original 4 days from @Bodes. No matter what you did the alt was going to get a perm for evasion. The reason for the perm ban on all alt accounts is to stop the player avoiding bans in the future. While I know you won't make the same mistake in the future but enless there is a need for the alt to be unbanned it rarely is.
  4. -1 Bodes name is in front of me time to do the /ban Filipe 99999999 command... That joke aside it is a +1 from me. You have greatly helped out the server and you are always willing to help me out. You know a majority of situations that can occur and can solve them without causing problems/arguments. Your well liked in the community by most members and as bodes said helped out the new admins instrumentally. You can't get much better then that.
  5. -1 didn't ask me to support your admin app when I last saw you That aside every time I have seen him on he is helping people and is always watching out for hackers. +1 from me
  6. I think this would be a better option as it would allow players to vote for hunger games when there is a set amount of players on the server eg 6 to start voting. Didn't @Dr. Kittens state that it being part of multi would most likely kill the server even more?
  7. Michael you could easily become an admin and be a great one at that but in the past few days of being on the AWP server I noticed a few things that bug me. Just yesterday you told the WHOLE AWP server (which was full) that ghosting is allowed if people were camping and that you are also allowed to give away the position of a player if they are camping. The rule about ghosting is simple, you don't ghost at all no matter what even if they are camping. What you should of done whether through steam overlay chat, game chat or voice chat is tell the player that camping isn't allowed but while you did do this you also told the server that ghosting at that particular point in order to save 30 seconds was allowed. Another thing that that I pointed out two or three days ago is that you got caught up on the little things too much. A good example was when a single ct was hiding in the tower on AWP_Lego_2 (Name is not exact sorry) and 4 ts were wallbanging it. You told him at the time that camping is not allowed but you had a bit of anger or frustration in your voice. I can easily see this frustration/anger coming out from telling the same thing over and over to different people but as a Admin you can't really allow that to happen often. It puts people off the server especially if it's there first time and didn't know that camping isn't allowed. Other then hen these two things you would be a great admin but it's a Nuetral leaning to +1 from me. +1 for trusted though
  8. What about no weapon for the beast and only has to use a knife? Beast could get speed and super jump which would make him/her more beast like instead of a guy with hp and a gun
  9. The incident that you were referencing I didn't count as revenge rdm as he was traitor baiting and you killed him fair and simple. Sniffery then RDMed you next round and he got a ban for revenge RDM. What I did ban you was for revenge RDMing Michael Man on a different map (de_codewise from memory) a day later. Yes he RDMed you first but you proceeded to shoot him in the head the next round. I will provide demo tonight (as I am currently away from home) and tick number tomorrow. I do not have a problem if this is reduced as I do feel I was harsh in the ban time but you have had previous bans for revenge RDM so I will leave that to a higher up. Good luck with your appeal man EDIT: http://fastdl.streamline-servers.com/fastdl/BrendanD/8592/demo/auto-20161208-1722-de_codewise_snow.dem.bz2 - Demo, Kermit leaves straight after the revenge RDM so I suggest that you just skip until he is no longer on the server and watch his last round - near the end of the map
  10. Neutral When it comes to the TTT server I do not doubt that you understand the rules or know them for a second but when it comes to your maturity levels I do doubt . In the past I have had to deal with problems relating to you and other people, what turned from banter to abuse on both sides. I have had to deal with issues of you rdming but then again I have had to do it for 95% of the server. However with the above I haven't seen you on recently (in the past month or 2) for long and you definitely could of matured in that time frame. What I suggest you do is Enforce the rules more - I don't see you do this often Be more active around the admins - hard with TTT being slow right now but I suggest you do this over the holidays Do more ban requests - your border lining complaining about the work required but as a Admin when someone appeals a ban you still have to check demos and provide evidence. It isn't just ban user don't have to worry about it I would probably support you for a Trusted role as it's a great stepping stone between normal player to admin (still difficult but it helps to have the trusted experience) Good luck with your Admin App
  11. I got to the name of the user applying and stopped reading. Easy +1, knows the rules like the back of hand, always lending a helping hand to new people (usually through spamming a bind "TYPE RESPAWN WITHOUT ! OR /" ) and enforces the rules when necessary. His age shouldn't be a factor as he is by far the most mature 14 year old I have ever met. Also big thanks for PM'img me about rule breakers and demo's I should check @eye ken thpell Good Luck Eye Ken Also you put my name in front of @Queeno, implies I am more important
  12. @Dr. Kittens He's referring more so to TTT and JB?
  13. For the knife what about giving it to 1 random prisoner each round when the server has 15 or 20+ players? Prisionor gets one chuck with the knife? A warning may want to be included similar to jihad bomb? Too close to jihad bomb?
  14. You type record "demo name" in console. Type stop to end recording. This was more meant to be "you should record every moment your own combat" I must of missed this as I went onto awp to give me a break from TTT