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  1. +1 is a flamer nice and handles server well.
  2. Actual day. Plus this would also ultimately determine if it's a good stable event or if it would kill the server.
  3. Coming off of what @NightHawk said, If this was to somehow get put into consideration, Instead of causing problems by making it a special day or what-not, have it as a weekend special or something. I remember playing this on CSS (not sure what server maybe old resistance jb or something) but it was interesting and does spark creativity which is what JB players currently lack. If this was to happen, make it happen occasionally for a day or something and see how the community reacts to it.
  4. I think this would be better as of the server lately only seems to hit tops of around 20. This is probably because of school etc, but to be able to play those maps would be nice for the players. I haven't been active on the servers lately but from just looking at the admins and since I know quite a lot of them have school and jobs now and being just more interested in different games right now, I believe the Director team and Trusted should look into getting more trusted members to help control the server. With everything that has been happening lately it seems that BH is just on a downfall, So don't let that be true and keeping trying your hardest to keep the server(s) running.
  5. I think this would be a better option as it would allow players to vote for hunger games when there is a set amount of players on the server eg 6 to start voting.
  6. I think having it on a timer would be fine, and I don't see many players abusing this THAT bad and if they do admins can just swiftly bane them. But I agree to have it so only 1 person can do it every say 2 mins or w/e would also be nice.
  7. I don't know how I feel about this, so say if warden was to color T's for say a three team game, what happens if a T decides to turn it off. Also I don't understand where you're getting at with the whole because I personally don't agree this would generate much hype for the community to donate because it seems like a meh/useless feature. Although it is a some what ok idea, I don't think it has enough thought into it/enough uses to have devs use time on coding it, when they could use their time on more important matters.
  8. I don't know what you mean, and to make a new special day would be a lot of work and a lot of trial and error, Plus they had only just made a new zombie day a couple months before the removal. And don't forget most of the players liked zombie day, In my opinion the safe choice would be just fix zombie day and reimplement it.
  9. It was removed because it had conflicting issues with the server, not because of the game mode itself.
  10. remove my post kthx
  11. Yes i know this, I'm saying change Trusted to Moderator then add "Trial Mods" for players with less experience who gets given the chance to moderate the server for a day or so with just small commands like slay, mute, gag etc This will help players become more inclined to follow rules and be less of fuck-tards on the servers as it could provide experience for when applying for Admin or Mod. (being Trusted) And these Trial Mods will be hand picked just like Trusteds were.
  12. Turn trusted into mod and implement trial mods
  13. Hey, I think we actually have a server for this and its my favourite one! (zombies)
  14. Jaay you will never be as good as me.
  15. It happened today.