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  1. everybody here fucking sucks, bring back jye and hyphy
  2. [PUBG]New Vehicle

    Yeah instead we get sandstorms that have a 1 in 10 chance to make you drop your loot
  3. Destiny 2

    Why get Destiny 2 on PS4 when it's coming out on PC, unless you have no self control I see no valid explanation zpans. Just thinking about it makes me hurt inside
  4. [PUBG]Highlights

    E-Sports Ready https://imgur.com/a/02obj
  5. buff terb

    buff sexi man
  6. Rules Draft

    @veX The whole point of this new ruleset is so players are "more free" and so admin discretion and common sense is used more. Obviously if a player is intentionally running back and forth admins and players can do something about it. If players use common sense more loopholes shouldn't happen, these rules are meant to keep gameplay in check and not forcing players to continue the same old routine and experiment some more without having to be like "is there a rule for that" all the time. If they mess up it will be the admins decision on what to do with them.
  7. why dont u just sell the keys and buy the game?
  8. [Jailbreak] SaveTheSheep's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Neutral. Sheep is a really nice and helpful fellow and has also done well as a Trusted member, but I'm not sure if you're quite mature enough yet or as capable as the other admins are like LateKO. if late can get admin anyone can ps. your actual playtime is 15 days 19:56:38 hours close but no cigars
  9. ttt map pack 2

    where is the sick map pack splash art? trash tier attempt 0/10 ps good maps though besides port fk that map
  10. [Early Dev] Awp Map

    If it's not hentai themed, you don't have my approval.

    will there be a dlc 5 this year tho
  12. [Help] Dodgeball Playtesters

    I'd be down to help, also make sure CT's can't see the T's when they throw the nade otherwise players will probably bitch about being targeted.
  13. Jailbreak Rules Q & A 08/4/2017

    Only one question, How is this going to work.
  14. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    2.4 WARDENs have to complete each and every order. No one really follows this rule anyway and shouldn't matter unless the situation involves favoritism. 2.19 If a PRISONER tosses a HOT CELL GUN into another cell, that cell becomes a HOT CELL. The original HOT CELL is no longer considered as a HOT CELL. --> The original HOT CELL is no longer considered as a HOT CELL when the gun is found in another cell. Although not necessary, this sometimes causes issues and confusion on the server and I think this change would just make it clearer. 2.38 GUARDs must be willing to WARDEN should the opportunity arise, refusing to do so will result in a swap or CT ban. I don't think players should be forced to do anything unless an admin asks them to do so, as some players prefer to guard rather than warden being two different roles on CT.
  15. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    This, but from what I've read on your app you seem to want admin to have more fun on the server with admin games rather than trying to rebuild JB and fulfill the needs of the "Bare-Bones project". Because in my opinion the server doesn't need admins todo games, it needs admins to administrate the server and not keep it in the current way where 10 players are on and 3 of they are admins and when they leave everyone else leaves. -1