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  1. [Climb] IcedTea's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 seen online before he's a very nice and helpful guy deserves staff Goodluck Ice!
  2. [DENIED] YeTi's Admin Application

    Never seen him online :/
  3. [DENIED] slinkycc's Admin Application

    Oh sheit +1
  4. [MultiMode] Deathisnaturalx's Admin Application

    +1 has a sick kneiv I am jelly I want it its not fair is also very active is a great player has no friends exept me he said so himself - Deathisnaturalx - 222222222222222:P that's where my problem is, i have no friends lol Death2k15
  5. +1 been trusted for 6 deserves a shot Goodluck man!
  6. [DENIED] ◇ QnV's Admin Application

    I get your point - +1 have very good luck man!
  7. [DENIED] ◇ QnV's Admin Application

    16+ Not required ? AGE: 14 Required 16 ? Or Is it not required for SKILL surf?
  8. [TRUSTED] NightCrow Admin Application

    +1 NightCrow is good fucking fun to play with hes a great guy Goodluck man!
  9. I know i'm a bit late on the topic but MOTHERFUCKER WHY VALVE JUST CAUSE YOU'RE LOOSING MONEY DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN DESTROY TEH PLAYERS ENJOYMENT ARG That's my angry mood for today :3 but it is VALVE so if we don't listen to their request ...
  10. slinkycc Multimode App

    +1 Good player, Active in a way, Would Be a good Admin