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  1. [DENIED] Hrollo123's Admin Applcation

    +1 knows the rules well very friendly member of the community.
  2. [DENIED] Call me Cloud ☁'s Admin Applcation

    +1 he deserves it and his a very good member of the ban hammer community
  3. [DENIED] Jordan's Admin Applcation

    +1 Respects all members and knows the rules well
  4. Kate Richie's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 he will be mature about this
  5. [TRUSTED] Bodes's Admin Applcation

    +1 because his my fav arab on the server
  6. Trusted's Admin Application

    +1 Prob the best person to put at admin because he is on the server all the time helping
  7. [ADMIN APP.] Kate Richie

    +1 Good guy very fair
  8. Making a map :D jb_respawnpls [COMPLETE]

    Make it 2 Cells wider pls
  9. Dinoo's admin application =)

    ye i vouch
  10. Making a map :D jb_respawnpls [COMPLETE]

    Add Connon game like Greens map