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  1. gimme dat green roast boi

    1. Brekkie


      oh ffs dont remind me

    2. Robert


      i need it mr.Hawkings, it's s u p e r i o r i t y c o m p l ex 


  2. [Jailbreak] LateKO's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    Just a quick add on, your past self is what you once were, and as much as people say "don't dwell on the past", you wouldn't be where you are today without your past. Most people by reading these replies have made the general comment that you are sometimes rude and can get mad easily. Yes, although you may have changed, there wasn't enough time before the server "died" that the community could have experienced that. Like I said in my last post, (and hopefully I don't come off as rude) but I would recommend to just take your time and really enjoy being a trusted on the server, and furthermore improve your reputation that your past self had built. Also just quickly with this, it could be because I am also young, but judging people mostly based on their age is something that ticks me off. Yes, you can maybe lean towards a -1 based off someone's age if you are really that harsh but (not trying to talk myself up but. . .) I believe some people, including myself and even Late with the way he is presenting himself in this forum post, are quite mature from their age. We have the capacity to absorb a lot of information and knowledge as we are still growing and personally, I believe the younger you are, the better it is to start yourself off in a leadership role, such as trusted, as you can learn so much from it and really set yourself up for the future.
  3. [Jailbreak] LateKO's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    You have only recently gotten trusted, and since the server has been dead for quite some time, you have not been able to show off your capabilities to control the server. I would recommend for you to slow down and enjoy your time as trusted, and show how good you can be, then maybe you can apply again later. -1 Best of luck, though. --EDIT-- I just read clouds post and I kind of said exactly what he said so sorry about that but it's still my opinion.
  4. Project Bare-Bones

    This sounds good, hopefully, it will bring jb back to life! Also, maybe a strawpoll/survey about what maps should be removed and any suggestions? p.s make the font big so it makes it look like a long post <3 pp.s YOU'RE* Jailbreak Head Admin
  5. New Special Day???

    This sounds like the zombie server. If you want zombies, join that server.
  6. [Jailbreak] Fishlings's Admin Application [DENIED]

    The way you conduct yourself on the forums is very nice, with your maturity and manners, but with your friends, from what I have seen, you have been very different. You tend to be very obnoxious and as others have said, you may not understand some simple concepts and rules. You seem like you have potential but you are just not displaying your greatest qualities all of the time. -1
  7. Is TTT Dead

    I remember JailBreak had a somewhat similar time like this where not very many people were playing, even on weekends, but I am sure there will be a change to this soon. Whether it be through a new large update that "renovates" TTT like a new T shop or just people getting involved, it can't stay dead forever as there are many people who love the game mode and want it to thrive.
  8. jb_undertale

    ok. First of all or not meant to be known or seen by others. Secondly, I personally think it is meant to be fun finding out a secret or seeing someone else on the server get a secret then being like "woah dude, how did you do that??" Then I would imagine you would go out yourself looking for how to find that secret and do a little investigator work. This is the fun of finding a secret. Thirdly, Yes, although you can "choose" to watch the video or not, if you don't watch the video as you want to find the secrets out yourself, that does not stop others from watching the video and well abusing the secret in game, like Tracy said, with heaps of people with sonic speed. Lastly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you do not like it, big whoop, we all have different thoughts and views on any topic and there is bound to be a clash but just know that we are all human. This thread is "controversial" and there is bound to be a little argument but let's not take it to the knife arena, please. ===Edit=== The thread has not gotten this bad yet, just saying for future reference. ===Edit=== nice beats in the video hehe xD
  9. jb_undertale

    Well, they are not secrets anymore. . .
  10. [Jailbreak] Magic.'s Admin Application

    Everything has already been said about Magic, He is great, helps out everyone, knows the rules, enforces them and looks hot. +1
  11. Before I played jb And now

    I get board of comps too. Nah but that's nice that jb has helped you out and made some friends along the way.
  12. [Jailbreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application

    Smh, that's my bind originally Not sure why my name isn't on the list as eye is the perfect person right now to receive admin. He enforces the rules 24/7, hes is very calm and easy to talk to and can always give you a hand. Huge +1 from me, good luck!
  13. Bring back jb_bravo69

  14. [RESOLVED] SWAG's Ban Appeal

    When playing simon says, the rules are always a slight bit iffy. People usually tend to have a 2 second or so delay in commands to cancel the original "Simon says" order. When you took this delay, it could be misunderstood. This is why I always encourage to not play simon says because it always ends up in something like this. Also just to add on, in your appeal here you say you delayed the order because a flash bang went off, where in the video the flash bang goes off about 1 or 2 seconds after your jump order. So there was no real reason to delay the jump command. Although you have apologized here, I believe it is just better to wait out the 120 minute ban and try not to play simon says as often as you do.
  15. Recent Bugs & Suggestions - Sound, Buy zone, etc

    Lotto's is enough betting on the server imo, if the betting system for hunger games was added in, although it seems dumb, it does "encourage betting among the younger community." This could cause a bad reputation towards Ban-Hammer. This just seems like too much, not only will it make the game slightly prisoner-sided and would be a hassle to place around on every map. Also, just because a "aspect of the game" is fun on one server does not directly mean it would be fun on another server. Correct me if I am wrong but there is already a talk to all admin chat which is the @[message] command, why would we need an individual admin command? The only reason you would message an admin in JailBreak if something is going wrong or you want to let them know about someone ghosting, why would you only want to address one admin? Tbh, you would want as many admins to know if something is going on and be involved because that is their job, to keep the server safe. Finding a "random object" on the map would be a hassle to code and would be a pretty boring lr. If you want to race to an object, why not do the map game race? I mean you race to a finish line, same concept. These suggestions to me seemed as if not much thought was put into them as there are many flaws.