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  1. If you die to the VIP bridge it's your fault, you have plenty of time to cross it.
  2. Name Tag: {White}[{Blue}CY@{White}] Price: 333 Servers: Only the cool jb kids For: All the Nightblue3 fans out there
  3. +1, is a helpful person and is nice to everyone without discrimination but will enforce the rules as well as possible, would make a great addition to the admin team.
  4. +1, even though I've only been on it once or twice, he was helping people learn/have fun on the server.
  5. +1, see him on climb a lot and is always trying to help.
  6. +1, is helpful and makes the servers more fun to be on while also being able to handle situations well, and also having a good eye for anyone cheating.
  7. +2, would make a great addition to the admin team as he is able to stay calm while dealing with the special people on the server.
  8. +1, can be a bit of a cock but knows the rules and is good at enforcing them if no admins were paying attention.
  9. +1, follows and enforces the rules while on the server the best he can.
  10. +1, not a dickhead and tries to enforce the rules while on the server.
  11. While it is annoying, there is a !block command that will mute non-admin Ts for yourself only. If you let them know you've done this you can just start giving out orders even if people are screaming into their mics. I've said to let them know because it could be annoying having the warden "whisper" while someone else is shouting and it could result in them not hearing you and dying as a result.
  12. Remember that (mostly) everyone's there to have fun and hang out so there's no need to do things just to have a successful round, don't do things solely to kill Ts, don't think you need to finish the round in the first 5 minutes (For a small example, on jb_peanut don't send them into red slide for no reason at the start of every round just to get the numbers down, do that via a map game/minigame that's actually fun). Also remember that it's just a game and if you stuff up an order or accidentally freekill it's not a big deal, just carry on with the round and let an admin on solve the problem instead of ruining a round because you fucked up.
  13. +1, although along the lines of what Daz said that there is no "real" need for admins on the KZ server as the worst that there's going to be is a mic spammer or someone who found an exploit. Disregarding that though I think you'd be good on there as I see you on often trying to help.
  14. +1, always tries to help out anyone who needs it and would be a great addition to the admin team.