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  1. Tricking While Transporting

    Did you even read the original post?(seems like most people in this thread didn't) He's planning on removing it and asking the people who want it to stay to bring up good reasons, it's not like he's advocating for it to remain, arguing for it's removal in this thread is sort of redundant.
  2. Tricking While Transporting

    I don't care too much one way or the other but I feel that this is too soon to start reverting back rules that were only changed a couple weeks ago, everyone needs time to get used to the fact that they actually have to listen instead of blindly rushing to beacons knowing that they can't get killed. While I do get the point that being tricked while transported is annoying as hell, I just think more time is needed for people to get back into listening to orders.
  3. [Jailbreak] Lighten's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1, out of the current (legitimate) applications I feel like you are the least suited for it. You take criticism badly, you sulk a lot, you're always shouting on the server, you constantly freekill and then try and pass blame or just not take the blame, you don't have a clear understanding of the rules, you're a slow learner, and don't take criticism/help from people you don't like and chalk it up to them just not liking you. Most of these +1's seem to be "+1 he's friendly." While that could be true, most of those +1's were from people who are already friends with him. People have said that he is the right direction to go to revive the server and the general idea of how to fix it has been to be less strict, you on the other hand in my opionion are way too strict and don't know when to have a bit of fun. I also don't think you do that good of a job handling stressful situations and end up just shouting over everyone to try and control it. Good luck on your application
  4. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    I'm not sure where you're getting this "suddenly" thing from, it has been discussed at most JB admin meetings and also by multiple members in the community, just because you haven't heard anything about it doesn't mean it's sudden. Weren't you playing when tricking while transporting was allowed, most regulars have been around since that was a thing and that was still happening while JB was at a constant full server. So you saying that you would leave if you got killed by being tricked, you didn't leave and most people didn't leave either because it's not a thing you fall for twice in a row. On a final note, yeah you must have a different opinion if you enjoy doing the same shit round after round as every round basically follows a script: WARDEN: "When cells open, take a step out and button freeze(extra orders by power-hungry wardens)" *cells open.* WARDEN: "Rush to my beacons and button freeze." *T's get taken to map game, whittled down to 3 T's for LR and then repeat next round.* You'd rather this than have the CT's try and make the game not as boring by trying to trick the prisoners? That's a bit odd.
  5. Project Bare-Bones Phase 3

    Only really two rules that I think shouldn't be there anymore, those are: 2.27 - Killing Ts after round ends, there isn't much point to this rule as all it does is preserve the k/d's of the Ts as if anyone worries about their kills/deaths. 2.35/2.36 - Tricking while transporting, I feel like this just takes the diversity out of rounds. Since this is currently not allowed, all rounds are the same where a T sees a beacon and rushes to it and pretty much can't be killed for fear of freekilling, it also makes playing CT more interesting as you can think of ways to kill some Ts off instead of just taking them from cells to map games then repeat. Removing this rule would make rounds less stale and would make Ts pay more attention.
  6. Clouds Bridge from VIP

    If you die to the VIP bridge it's your fault, you have plenty of time to cross it.
  7. [Store] Name Tag Suggestion Thread

    Name Tag: {White}[{Blue}[email protected]{White}] Price: 333 Servers: Only the cool jb kids For: All the Nightblue3 fans out there
  8. [Combat] sabreguy's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1, is a helpful person and is nice to everyone without discrimination but will enforce the rules as well as possible, would make a great addition to the admin team.
  9. [Zombie] Doshi's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1, even though I've only been on it once or twice, he was helping people learn/have fun on the server.
  10. [Climb] IcedTea's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1, see him on climb a lot and is always trying to help.
  11. +1, is helpful and makes the servers more fun to be on while also being able to handle situations well, and also having a good eye for anyone cheating.
  12. [JailBreak] dog's Admin Application [APPROVED]

    +2, would make a great addition to the admin team as he is able to stay calm while dealing with the special people on the server.
  13. [JailBreak] zach's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1, can be a bit of a cock but knows the rules and is good at enforcing them if no admins were paying attention.
  14. [JailBreak] 55coby55's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1, follows and enforces the rules while on the server the best he can.