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  1. I feel like this has a reference to star wars. idk why ^^^
  2. +1 good person, enforces teh rules and lighten the fuck up. (plz no forum ban)
  3. Yay murder! time to kill my friends hehehe
  4. -1 scripts ban him. Jks +1 very trusted, knows the rules great person.
  5. ye the server crashes when a t knives the last ct
  6. @turtle12345 you are actually fucked up xD xD :Q Idk why that made me laugh for a good 10 minutes ^^^
  7. @LateKO ye sorry i thought it only applies if you type it manually, i thought it would be fine if an admin changes it for everyone
  8. @Tig Old Bitties aight what ever
  9. Third Person Day Hello everyone, i was scrolling through the Forums and stubble'd across a Forum post called 'the ability to switch between third person and first person' by LateKO. The post was about being able to type /tp to quickly switch into third person and /fp to switch into first person. Although this idea was super OP and probably would never be added to jailbreak i thought of an idea. Instead of giving any person the ability to switch we should make it so the warden could call a Third Person Round/Day. Like other special days this day should only be played if the ct/guard team has at least one successful round. I understand if this gets "denied" or nobody wants this to be added but i just feel like we needed another special day. Thanks :)) (sorry for any spelling mistakes) For anyone looking for Late's post
  10. I disagree, as most people said above its super op, although it would be fun maybe we could have a special day called "third person day".
  11. +1 knows the rules on ttt, like lighten said i hope he plays ttt more than jb
  12. Sounds great, good excuse for admins not to give hg on jb. 10/9
  13. Good luck
  14. Really nice idea lighten, i hope this gets added in next Christmas!
  15. +1, Fishlings deserves admins, hes always on, knows all the rules and is very kind. Although he hasn't been on this server for that long he has shown he is capable of being admin.