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  1. I swear i didnt vote for myself on any of these. Glad im and admin and a trusted member, means a lot <3
  2. Rules Draft

    I love it, so clean and simple. Will love to see it in action, but I think its a great start!
  3. Snapz has been an active and involved member of the community for a long time. His attitude has changed from when he first joined and he is now a calm and able player and sometimes I like to refer to him as my friend. I have always looked up to and admired him as I know others in the community do. He is one of the most active players on the server at the moment and his time on the server shows through his knowledge and experience. He once said he would never apply for admin, but i think the time has come where it is needed. The server is lacking in competent active admins and if Snapz is added to the team I am sure he will leave a positive impact on the server. He is confident in his speaking and can control a server while he is just a player and not involved in the staff or admin team. +1
  4. In-Game Name: Jordan Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:54471315 Age: 19 Server Playtime: 32d 00:31h Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? I have received permission from Broseph to re-apply considering it has not been 3 months since my last application got denied. Since my last time applying for this position I have accumulated almost 6 more full days of playtime. During this time I have been able to get to know my position and become very comfortable managing the server and players. However the commands that I have access too at the moment seem to lack a lot of the time, I simple process to remove a troll or slay someone for freekilling takes a vote and to further enhance my ability and be able to successfully manage the player base, becoming an admin is necessary. Im sure a few of you may remember me from a while back when I was just an immature small child, however I have matured over my days on the server and believe you should take this into account if you are going to leave feedback. I am open to all feedback as it is the best way for one to improve and I am looking forward to any form of feedback I receive. My last application was denied due to a lack of enthusiasm and in depth server knowledge. Although it has not been too long since my last application, the opportunity I have had to be a Trusted member has allowed me to further enhance my server knowledge. As for my enthusiasm, if you have seen me on the server lately I have been very enthusiastic and enjoying my time more then ever. Over the next few months I will become more active due to uni. My recent spurt of inactivity was due to a placement for my course and I missed playing on the server throughout those 2 weeks. However I am back and over the past few weeks i have been jamming out on the server. I believe I can bring something to the server that no one else has, as a new face of the server I believe I can create interest in the new players and keep them coming back. I have started having more fun helping others out and ensuring they are having a great time, allowing myself to have an even better time as well. Thanks for reading this application, I look forward to the replies! What time(s) do you normally play? 24/7, there arent really times that I cant play. I have uni 12 hours a week and besides that im free. Who will support your application? Bodes, Snapz, Sami, Lateko, fds hopefully a few more Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Yea I do, I am currently a trusted member of ban-hammer jailbreak. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? yes
  5. [Jailbreak] SaveTheSheep's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Neutral. I just haven't seen you use your powers as a trusted member enough to judge whether or not you will be the best admin. I know you know rules and are very mature, however I haven't seen you take control of the server and do other tasks such as mic/rule checks(However I was inactive for 2 weeks so you might've changed. + There hasn't been many times when this is needed). You do have a great attitude towards the server and just life in general. GOOD LUCK!!!
  6. [L4D]Left 4 Dead 2 - Update

    They actually still work on this game WTF USIBVD
  7. [Jailbreak] DiamondEdge's Admin Application [DENIED]

    chayce deserves this position because he is a cool guy. -1. would be a great addition to the team and I know how little of a life he has. He is good at yelling so thats ok I guess? I know him irl as well and he is at tomes very mature. If you saw him you would be like wow this guy is probs admin of a few Minecraft servers. +1
  8. Tricking While Transporting

    This speaks the truth, I believe he even quoted this from me. I would like my credit where it is due Young nigga sambo. however I do like having the freedom that it allows, as it allows for a change from the flow and opens up new avenues for creativity. It is sad that it is used as a cheap way to kill a large mass of people. And for this reason I believe it should be removed or have the rule revised.
  9. [WiP] jb_battlements

    Wow good job my man! Make sure the map is fun to play!!! yoiu should call the map in question. jb_wallbrickmansamtherealsquare.exe
  10. Added.

    Sounds like a fun day of map testing. Good job tho, would like to see some of these added. #lego4lyftho
  11. [Jailbreak] SaveTheSheep's Admin Application [TRUSTED]

    +1 sheep is a great guy im confident that he would make a great admin/trusted member.
  12. [Jailbreak] Smally's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Dont know what to say really, smally has played for so long but has so little hours(compared to some hahaha). But demonstrates a great attitude on the servers. He knows what he is doing and seems to be very confident in his current powers. I strongly believe smally should be promoted to admin. +1 from me Please be more active tho lmao
  13. [Jailbreak] turtle12345's Admin Application

    Grats on 100th post!! However i am going to have to +1 this app as it is not up to the standard off the community.
  14. [Jailbreak] Jordan's Admin Application [DENIED]

    No not at all, I have been playing the server regardless, just as of late I have lacked the motivation to come onto the empty server due to the lack of any change or any talk of attempting to revive the server. With that being said now that the new developments are underway it has given me motivation to once again become a more active member of this community and regardless of whether I become an admin or not i will still remain an active member on the server. In regards to the rest of your response, im unsure of how you expect the server to get to a place with new people who will actively come on and enjoy the server without a skilled and experienced admin team? If we are only letting the "newer" player base apply I feel like that is going to see the server go down hill. Yes but due to the lack of new players who need to be taught or players that need to be "punished" I feel as if i have not been able to demonstrate my ability and show everyone what I can actually bring to the server. I appreciate your feedback and response and i have taken it all into consideration, but im just not sure what you are basing your negative feedback upon as you have barely played the server and seen how i play it lately? Love you Dad <3
  15. Dont let his ping deceive you, he isnt froma foreign country. its just goose. What a fucking legend he has been up there with the person i respect the most on the whole of BH and always demonstrates this whilst keeping a calm and cool head. +1