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  1. -1 cz he abose me! +1, very active and helpful
  2. Make sure the "red room" isn't unbalanced and unfair to CT's Feel free to keep posting updates so people get reminded about it and can provide feedback.
  3. jb_sami cobblestone and police dont fit together imo, maybe like a carriage or some horses
  4. +1 Simply put, admin material.
  5. 2.13: The latter of your two scenarios. "or when a prisoners knifing vent and a guard is shooting the prisoner and "accidentally" shoots the vent open? " That is allowed ^ "guards are allowed to shoot prisoners they see in vents that will essentially break the vent?" That is not ^ 2.42: " 2.42 GUARDs cannot obtain 'map powers/secrets' until LR period. (eg. speed boosts, low gravity, ETC). This includes 'special grenades' that give you additional abilities. Removed to allow CTs more freedom. SUBJECT TO CHANGE." As stated, this rule is removed for now, so yes, guards can obtain map secrets whenever as long as they're helping their warden and sticking to their objective.
  6. but then that'd discourage rebelling and rounds will be boring
  7. t win for jailbreak from 00:19 onwards
  8. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. 3.3 PRISONERs cannot use any weapons that are a result of a baiting GUARD. IMO it is the guards fault, and the consequence of baiting the t's would be dying and giving the t's a gun. Making the guard learn from their mistakes and to stand away from the path of the t's. 3.7 PRISONERs may not give any fake orders to trick other PRISONERs, it is slayable. E.g. PRISONER says 'We should all be jumping on the spot' when the order is to be button frozen. The prisoners know who the warden is and what their voice sounds like, tricking your t's into dying is a dick move but it follows the aim of outlasting other t's. New Rule: Unproficient guards may be swapped off at the admins discretion. there would obviously have to be a guideline to that, e.g. 3 failed rounds due to the same guard, etc. nobody wants to spend 1 minute outside of cells then restart the round 5 rounds in a row, and this does happen a lot at times. Rebelling t's must actively hunt the guards, this is upto admins discretion. there have literally been rounds where an afk t is in cells camping while they're the last t alive. it's annoying and prevents the flow of gameplay. if someone wants to play map games without interruption they can load the map offline and do whatever they want.
  10. +1, very mature and chill. be more active
  11. I mentioned that sometimes I get mad, as does everyone, although I can control my temper well, not the other way around For the next point, I know exactly what you're talking about and have experienced it firsthand. I believe I've learnt how to be unbiased towards friends from my previous experiences with moderation.
  12. I'm going to reply to all of your posts at once as they're all similar to each other, basically saying I only changed for staff, immature / more time etc. First of all, I definitely changed before I even thought about applying for staff, it was simply because I realized I was being a dick/annoying to others and I'd be more approachable/likable if I changed my attitude and become more mature, I've obviously been with the community for a long time and obviously you're going to see me change/grow as a person overall. I am not the same person I was one and a half years ago. I personally think it's unfair how you're judging my past self without seeing my current personality. I've moderated other servers with double/triple the player base of what jailbreak would ever get and I was 12 at the time, from my point of view moderating jailbreak would be much easier, you may say that jailbreak and minecraft aren't the same, and ofcourse they aren't, but moderating a server has the same principle, prevent the disruption of the flow of gameplay, get rid of dickheads, teach people how to play, etc. But I understand your views due to you not actually have witnessed me moderate a server before. Thanks for your input. Thanks for the support!l
  13. I appreciate you pointing this out and although for the first couple of weeks there were a 'decent' amount of players online, I do see your perspective and where you're trying to coming from.
  14. the one that appeals to my eyes
  15. In-Game Name: lateko Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:61105102 Age: 14 - Permission from Broseph/Nighthawk Server Playtime: 43 days Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? One of my main interests of becoming an admin member would be to help out the newer generation of the Ban-hammer players and making sure they get the best possible experience from playing on the Jailbreak server. I want to make sure no annoying interruptions hold up the flow of gameplay and entertainment of the server. I quite enjoy helping players out and I would dedicate most of my time to helping new players settle in and answer all questions any player may have and solve any arguments that arise. I want to make sure that the jailbreak server is fun and an enjoyable environment for players of all ages. I will be ready for any situation that I encounter, If by chance that I am caught unprepared, I will seek the help of another fellow staff member and seek to resolve the situation as fast as possible while giving a full solution/answer to the problem at hand. I'd like to become an admin and use my authority to make sure the newer players aren't picked on, and simultaneously make sure they don't hold up the flow of gameplay or break the rules and ruin the fun of other players. As well as making sure the regulars adhere to the rules. I can shift from a relaxed mood to a strict mood if the situation requires, and vice versa. I'll enforce the rules to the best of my abilities and punish the rule-breakers accordingly, while maintaining a friendly mood to the players, aka not being uptight and super strict just because I have a position of authority. I’m a very easy person to get along with, and while I do sometimes get mad I can control my temper well. I would never resort to abusing my powers for my own satisfaction or for revenge purposes. I know a majority of the jailbreak community and I get along with most of them well. A lot of people have told me that they would like to see me become an admin and some have encouraged me to take it a step further and apply for the position. In the recent months I’ve been attempting to reform my attitude and be more mature. This community has been my main source of entertainment for the past year and a half and I would like to help make it enjoyable for everyone just as how I’ve enjoyed it. What time(s) do you normally play? I usually play and try to populate the server whenever I’m free, if I had to give an exact timing it would be from 5PM - 9PM on weekdays 9AM - 3 PM | 7 PM - 12 AM on weekends Who will support your application? Bodes, Spodeyy, Jaay, Filipe, Mike Ross, Skarecrow, Shitterlord, Smally, Jordan, Lighten, Chosen2k, Blueeee, eye ken thpell, K., Malala, Deft(AussieBogan), Anthonyy, Goose, The fastest man alive, Redacted, Yung Mud, Sipher, »[ιѕ ғrencнy вιѕн] and hopefully more. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I have moderated 2 minecraft servers. The first one, named 'Caznowl' (dead now) for about 6/7 months, reached Veteran-Moderator (Relative to admin on JB) The second one, named 'Desteria' for about 3 months as a Helper (Relative to Trusted on JB) I feel that both of these experiences will greatly aid me while handling with players on jailbreak, they have taught me how to handle players with calm and patience, without resorting to rushed decisions, as on both servers I had to handle a large majority of players, around 30-70, with multiple different issues. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Relatively Thank you for reading, constructive criticism / feedback will be appreciated.