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  1. Loved going on a rampage knifing everyone I see. This'll be good
  2. +1, very mature and can handle situatiouns easily. is also an awp god
  3. honestly i dont really see this happening, servers cost a lot and this would split up the current playerbase of jb, effectively making both servers unpopulated
  4. avalanche, mist, mangaroons. fortify it defs isnt a map issue
  5. On 2/8/2017 at 11:28 AM, Trusted said: I've already asked ab. about this and the reason Broseph gave above is exactly why we can't have it.
  6. Yeah that's one of the reasons I wanted it, to increase rebelling abilities, and the consequence of this would be guards having to be smarter. Damn, that's a shame.
  7. !tp and !fp I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to do, since we already have it as an LR for knife fights. Although it'd have to be disabled for knife fight so someone cant just !fp when theyre in a third person knife fight. Could be a VIP feature, but would be incredibly OP.
  8. You'd also get a bullet for knifing someone.
  9. you should have like ropes that players can go on sorta like flying foxes if u know what im trynna say, vines that u can swing from)
  10. neutral immature on JB, havnt seen u on ttt
  11. neither was. even if it is related to talent day, how does that justify abusing players lmao. 1st screenshot was a player being annoying, but that isn't how you deal with it. 2nd screenshot i think doshii killed him or something, not entirely sure. no talent day involved though.
  12. Obviously the biggest factor (as others has said) is your age and maturity, whether or not you can handle a group of 5 friends screaming at your face and dealing with them calmly and appropriately. Aswell as not being biased to your friends, etc etc. And the only way to see if you're fit for this is to actually see you in action, and that would mean risking giving you the position and not stuffing up Good luck, it's a neutral from me though. Edit: Just gon put this here http://prntscr.com/dxfy4k -1 for now Edit x2: http://prntscr.com/dxg3cf
  13. The server i played on had random tiered boxes scattered around the map along with high tiered safes. as i said the server would be customized to the communitys ideas, which means lots of coding. don't want to be a boring server with the plugins 10 other servers have,
  14. Because coding this would be a big job, along with many costs. It's upto them if they want to invest into a HG server.
  15. the "no" option is pretty useless, it's like asking a climb main if they wanna play jailbreak. all good ideas, again all the ideas would be suggested by the community since that's the best way to get what players want