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    Csgo is life, what else is there to be interested in?
    Jk, I currently study management and human resource management and industrial relations in Wellington (NZ) as well as a part time swim instructor
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  1. [TTT] Hi I'm Sad's Admin Application [DENIED]

    @Sn' Banter Brigade Thanks mate for the support!
  2. [TTT] Hi I'm Sad's Admin Application [DENIED]

    @Lopez Tai @Littlescanlon thanks guys for the support it really means a lot
  3. [TTT] Hi I'm Sad's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Cheers Jar Jar and Porky for the support!
  4. In-Game Name: Hi I'm Sad Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:36293901 Age: 19 Server Playtime: 2 days 05:05:59 hours Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? I would like to become a TTT admin because I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing on the server and wish to help keep it running, as well as give back to the community for all the fun I have experienced. As a swim instructor in my day job, I have to deal with a varied age of people, and learn that dealing with different people requires different approaches/ solutions as well as being strict and harsh when I have to which I feel could easily be applied to being an admin. Not all ban cases are black and white, and a certain amount of understanding of people and how they think/work is required in order to decide if something is slayable or banable, which I feel that being an instructor, I have real life experience dealing with these types of cases so I am able to keep a calm perspective and deal with them rationally. Because my job is all about teaching others, I love being able to help others when explaining the rules and showing them new or different ways of playing the game mode, e.g. linking them to the binds made by kitten to make their gameplay better. I am currently a student only doing 3 papers with a part time job (as you know) but I am still left with a lot of free time as I have no sporting commitments and my job never finishes later than 6pm (NZ time) which means that I will be on CS:GO most nights around peak hours as well as late into the night, as my university lectures don't start till later. This means nearly 7 days a week, I will be at my computer at night meaning I can help out whenever needed. I have never had any admin experience before but as someone who is open to learning, and who can deal with people and their problems I feel that I would be a good addition to the current admin pool for TTT. I hope that I have provided a good case for why you should consider me a candidate for becoming an admin, and thanks for taking some time to read this! What time(s) do you normally play? 7pm-12am NZ time, 7 days a week Who will support your application? Jar Jar, Porkins. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? No Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Yes
  5. Last Request Rebel Poll

    Honestly I am not sure, I think it may be 100 extra per CT alive, but like I said I haven't rebelled in ages so that's just a guess from what I remember. Trusted would know for sure, so probably better for him or another JB admin to confirm.
  6. Last Request Rebel Poll

    Yeah that would be insane haha, also if memory servers, (haven't rebelled in a long time) don't T's gain bonus health when they choose to rebel? because they are effectively getting a weapon buff in general will this bonus HP still be given?
  7. Last Request Rebel Poll

    Ahh, so they would get to choose their secondary after they knew what their primary was if they were VIP? I thought you meant it would be a locked in secondary e.g. when you pick a secondary on the 1v1 servers and could only be changed at round start. Yeah that does make more sense, the reduced pool is a good idea as well, because I am aware of the not wanting to ostracize the non-donators from the donators by giving them too much of an advantage (e.g. giving them a higher chance of rolling a good gun if they donate) It is a blurred line when trying to balance rewarding donators and giving them too much of an advantage so it doesn't become pay-to-rebel
  8. Last Request Rebel Poll

    Well its not really an advantage because it's all based on RNG, like they might reroll into something horrible. But I do see your point, idk I just think that like because it is RNG it isn't a 100% guaranteed advantage, but the potential for an advantage?
  9. Last Request Rebel Poll

    What if VIP's got a reroll option on their main weapon? or got to like pick between two randomly chosen ones so it kinda gave them a bit more flexibility (thus encouraging donating to the servers if you like to rebel)
  10. [TTT] Little Anal Annnie's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Even though I am relatively new to the forums (and TTT in fact) I support Annie's Admin application, whenever I am on, he is relaxed but fair, I don't think I have ever seen him RDM in all my time. He also is very friendly and welcomed me to the server (along with the rest of the TTT crew) and I now really enjoy playing with them on TTT. Overall, super nice guy, abides to the rules and enforces them as well as being helpful. +1