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  1. [JailBreak] trigga.'s Admin Application [DENIED]

    You make the game more interesting. You're a great player but I don't think you are suitable as a member of staff. You've proven a few times that your attitude is "let's find reasons to punish x player" rather than "how can I help x player/the server." The video of you doing a miccheck where you trick a player by asking "what is a reasonable amount of time for a T to complete an order", where your only acceptable answer is "a reasonable amount of time" isn't an isolated incident, and kind of shows this tendency of yours. For this reason and this reason alone, I don't think you're suitable for the position.
  2. Forum Name: haash In-Game Name: hæsh Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:28766666 Ban Type Server Ban Which server have you been banned on? JailBreak Server Map Name: mist When were you banned? 01/03/2016 Ban length: Permanent Who banned you? Catch Known admins on at the time: Catch What happened? Post formatting doesn't work in the plaintext box on the form. Will update the submission by editing it (if possible), or see below for the breakdown. Details/Links (in case something is modified): Sourcebans - http://csgo.global/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:1:28766666&advType=steamid&Submit Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6lRpfUqVho Original ban reason: From the video, and the rules, I can't see how these were freekills. The rules in question: It is of my opinion that the order given, "Simon says that your default position is button frozen facing West... I mean East" was given with a "small, CLEAR break" as indicated by the ellipsis. Pre-response to criticism that I have heard: You failed to repeat the default when asked, "when asked to repeat due to a disturbance from another CT shooting, began killing everyone" (from the ban context). Catch saying "did you say East?" is not a request request for repetition, nor was it interpreted as such. Bodes made a message in text chat that I did not see, and wasn't aware that a request for the default position had been made. No other terrorists had issues with being able to hear the audio, it was extremely distant in the demo currently available (albeit the position if slightly further away from the terrorists). You did not allow adequate time between the orders for it to be considered separate/the phrasing made it sound as if it were one order. Would you consider the pause between the first two orders, "Simon says that simon says has started" and "Simon says haesh is simon" is sufficient? If so, you are saying that a clear delay of 1-2 seconds is sufficient as a "small, CLEAR break" and as such the latter part of the offending statement is to be ignored as it is not prepended with "Simon says". TL;DR: There was a "small, CLEAR break" between the orders (the primary ban reason). The repetition request was not made clear enough to be noticed.
  3. What do I do now?

    practice carrying really hard by playing with trusted
  4. Potential New JB Rules Template

    I've done some major revamps. Updates since the first post are outlined in blue, I've also added a rendition of the game rules. I think I definitely achieved the "condense" part, the main rules have been reduced from 83 (current server rules count), to 29.
  5. Name Tag: {gray}~{purple}sᴇᴀɢᴜʟʟ ʟɪғᴇ{gray}. Price (Optional): 1999 Servers: Jailbreak For: All BAIT BAIT BAIT BAIT SLAY SLAY SLAY
  6. [HELP] Need a Banner [RESOLVED]

    requesting this be in a map secret pls
  7. Potential New JB Rules Template

    I've started adding a whole lot more. Modifications to the original set is shown in blue. Also, @ab.ba please fix your website, I can't get rid of the strikethrough text in the OP. Selecting strikethrough in the WYSIWYG makes it double strikethrough. fix pls
  8. Issues with Last Request

    I appreciate your thoughtful considerations and input on the topic. Did you even read the topic? Or did you come on here explicitly to shitpost. The entire point about this thread is that the rules are not being followed. Simon says is run by me on average one every 4 rounds. Just because you die quickly and hence have 9 minutes to sook about it, doesn't mean I run it every time I'm warden. Name, Playtime, Time spent on CT, Ratiomitch, 7 days 12:15:27 hours, 4d 11:36h, 60%Jaay, 50 days 14:37:43 hours, 25d 13:48h, 50.5%Trusted, 49 days 03:15:26 hours, 18d 18:00h, 38.2%Green, 39 days 19:10:49 hours, 17d 13:04h, 44.1%Dino, 35 days 00:13:04 hours, 14d 07:09h, 40.9%Mean: 46.74%, Std. Dev: 8.7174%. This is not extremely far above the highest playtime players, especially over a smaller set of data. I'm sure some of these guys would have a higher ratio on CT if there weren't external factors. Excluding Trusted, most of the other people on this list are either on CT or actively attempting to get CT. Your argument is (statistically) invalid. This has been stated by multiple individuals, not just myself, but consider the notion that some people actually enjoy a challenge, instead of mind-numbing map games where the winner is decided by basically whether Cloud, or Hrollo is on the server. As a noskin, what would you prefer: A challenging mental/listening game that gives fair opportunity to all players.A map game that the outcome is largely already decided, and be knifed in the back to die because you're a noskin. Because guess what happens 75% of the time when a map game winner is given a prize.What of the two outcomes is more likely to retain new players? Would you like to see the server descend into the same map games, on the same maps, every single round? Wouldn't that frustrate you after a while? Perhaps because you die in a Simon Says game due to something new, you should attempt to get better at it, rather than bitch about it. This thread was not intended to descend into argument, however your post summed up the last 4 weeks of bitching on the server that it's better I make a public address for. In summary, what you said is not just completely irrelevant to the topic, but also is just plain wrong. If you want to discuss this further, create a thread where it may actually be relevant.
  9. I was involved in conversation today with Swine Flu regarding rules in the LR period. I have had discussions with senior staff about this in the past but I believe now would be a good time to formalise it in order to prevent others doing the same, and assist in laying down some ground rules. The event was recorded and has been uploaded at: https://youtu.be/uK58ELGc4FU. I'm believe that Swine Flu was incorrect in his interpretation of the rules and freekilled, but it's obviously far too inconsequential to raise a ban request. There is an issue with the "fairness" of certain gun toss last requests. The rule in relation to this is: (https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1279-jailbreak-faq/) A terrorist that uses a LR that involves "do exactly as I do" can extremely easily manipulate the circumstances in an unfair manner. As I tried to explain in the video, it is impossible to lose an LR like that if you are manipulative. The terrorist knows full well their intentions and actions ahead of time. They do not provide adequate understanding for a CT to be able to replicate their actions, and using the logic provided by Swine, it is entirely possible for this to be my set of movements: Stand directly at <0, 100, 50> with my cursor pointing at the normal <0, 180, 0>.Jump once, and when you reach the peek of your jump, snap to the normal <0, 90, 0> before moving the normal to <0, 0, 0> in a linear fashion before you land.Switch from knife, to pistol, wait 3.6 seconds, switch to knife again, then after left clicking 4 times, right click twice before switching back to your pistol.Run exactly 45.5 units towards <100, 50, 10>.Throw the gun while singing the song "hallelujah" over the microphone in my exact impersonation of Kermit the frog. As such, I am under the firm belief that these kind of last requests come under the "unfair" LR rules outlined in the Jailbreak FAQ. If this is the case, it should probably be made apparent to the other users of the server. In summary: The rules are fine, people are abusing them due to a historical LR of "do exactly what I do", and it shouldn't be allowed.
  10. Potential New JB Rules Template

    Has been updated, ta.
  11. Potential New JB Rules Template

    Last request, primarily. Tried to simplify all the convoluted things to a single rule.I think I was in the process of writing that rule and just kind of left it, I'll update.Forgot to add, you would write specific game rules, and game rules would override server rules.I will reclarify the rule, but I think it's pretty okay as is.The current rule is "unreasonable". I personally think it's fine, common use cases are:They are in a map game.It would be favouritism.... if there's any clarifications, admins can do that. Edit: Modifications have been made to the OP.
  12. I was bored, what are your thoughts? Aims were: Remove unnecessary or confusing rules.Remove ambiguity.Condense rules.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- §T - Terminology: Rebelling: Not promptly following a guards orders, entering gun room, or actively attempting to harm a guard. This includes wielding a primary, or discharging a secondary.Button Freeze: Standing stationary on a spot. You may use your mouse to look around and knife, unless explicitly told otherwise.Unstack: Moving an appropriate distance in order to not be standing inside another prisoner.Shoulder to Shoulder: Standing directly next to another prisoner, with your shoulders linked.Ass on Bars: Button freezing with your back touching your cell door. You must do this until warden says you may move or cells are open. §G - Generic Rules: Bribery in any form of game play is not permitted.Your name must be readable, easily pronounced & distinguishable from other playersOnly prisoners may stay in the vicinity gun room/medic/vents/teleporters, and only on a non-special day (Breaking this rule is known as "Camping").Do not intentionally delay a round from being completed. You must allow a reasonable time frame for voice/text chat to be delivered before any orders or last request commencement can be acted upon.You may not intentionally trick other players, such as giving false orders. §P - Prisoners: You may kill guards that are within knifing distance.You must not use weapons that are the result of bait, disconnect, or rule-based slay.You may not utilise world entities (such as map games) to harm other players. §W - Warden: Cells must be open by 11:30, with orders for terrorists to complete when they open. Failure to do so will result in a Free Day.Prizes awarded to terrorists may not directly result in the winner being harmed, and may not directly result in the death of more than two prisoners.You may not do custom games that are based entirely on luck.During an opinionated game, all guards must vote in team chat for the result. §CT - Guards: You may only kill prisoners if they are actively rebelling (Breaking this rule is known as "Freekilling").You must use a clear, working microphone to convey orders.You must not break vents, and may only enter a broken vent in order to kill rebels. You may not order prisoners to fire a zeus, or throw a grenade.Non-warden guards may only order prisoners individually, by name.When the cells are locked, you may only order cells that potentially contain a breakable vent, primary/secondary weapon, or teleporter (Often called a "Hot Cell"). You may order people hiding in such cells without using their names.You may not go within knifing distance of prisoners before the last request period (Breaking this rule is known as "Baiting").You cannot unreasonably prevent prisoners from initiating a last request. Exceptions to this rule include potential favouritism or dangerous LRs.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Days: Free Day: A day where prisoners are free to roam and do as they please. Guards may not order any prisoners, however rebels will still be killed.Siege Day: A day where guards will gather in a specified area of the map. Prisoners must actively hunt guards, using weapons they take from gun room. All prisoners are considered actively rebelling during this day, and should be shot on sight.Hunger Games, Hide and Seek, Zombie Day: These special days are controlled by an addon. Rules are explained automatically after a trusted member or administrator starts the game. Special Mini-games: Last Request: A mini game automatically activated when there are 3 or fewer prisoners. Prisoners can choose a mini game by typing "!lr" in chat. Rules:You must define rules before starting your mini game. Note: This can be a simple as "no rules, start now".Your mini game must be fair to the other party. Simon Says: A mini game where a person is defined as Simon. Participants must only follow orders given directly after the words "Simon Says". Starting and ending the game must be done by Simon. Rules:Guards may only kill participants if Simon has given them permission, and all orders have a 4 second grace period to be completed.Simon must declare a default position at the start of the game. Participants must return to the default position after every order that does not definitively state they should remain in a different position.Each order given by Simon must be separated by a clear, small break.The intention of Simon is to trick participants into making incorrect movements, and as such is exempt from §G-6.Simon may not give orders to be followed in advance of his current order (excluding the default position). Last Reaction: A game where the last person to return to the default position will die. Rules:This game may not be played with more than 10 people.Permission must be granted by the host for other guards to kill during this game.The host must define a default position at the start of the game. The last person to return to this default position is the one who must die.Incorrect movements or false movements will result in you being shot. Survivor (Colloquially known as "Spot the faggot"): Prisoners face outwards on the four corners of a square, button frozen. When the host asks them to, they must face inwards at another prisoner. The prisoner with the most players facing him will die, the host may decide what happens in the event of a draw. Rules:Can only be played with 3-4 prisoners.Prisoners may only vote once, and may not change their vote after the host specifies to "stop looking". Red Light, Green Light: Prisoners are lined up and told to button freeze, and given a target destination. When the warden declares, or when the light on the map is green, prisoners shift walk towards the destination. When the warden declares, or when the light on the map is red, prisoners must be button frozen. Prisoners moving when the light is red will die. Rules:You must account for a short, reasonable delay after the light is red for prisoners to be button frozen before killing.Permission must be granted by the host for other guards to kill during this game. Bullrush: Prisoners are given two safe zones. The host of the game will designate at least one bull, who will be given 5,000 health and a beacon. When the host states the word "bullrush", prisoners will attempt to make it to the other safe zone, and remain in the confines of the safe zone. Rules:Bulls may not attack players within a safe zone.Bulls may only slash with their knife (left-click).Maiming a bull is still an act of rebelling, and may get you shot.
  13. If you could unify all "Back" functionality to a single, constant button (i.e. "8") that would be great.
  14. Things that are concerning to me.

    The point is, there are not rules regarding favouritism. This should be fixed.ab wasn't trying to find loopholes, he took the time to explain the situation, and then returned back into the pack of terrorists. It took all of 30 seconds, and the round continued as normal. It was my idea, he just simply explained what was going on before overruling it.