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  1. Rules Surrounding Solitary Cells

    It's called solitary for a reason. You don't get to play with the other girls and boys. Soz
  2. Renovate TTT

    TTT is not TTT without 67th Way
  3. Happy birthday chodes ❤️

    1. Bodes


      Thanks beautiful <3 

  4. Happy Retirment BerkeliumXD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. .Fillipe


      what now?: #blursroad2veteran

    3. Blur


      Vet dream still alive ;) FeelsBadMan

    4. .Fillipe


      you'll get there

  5. Jailbreak Store 2.0

    Probably already answered but cbf reading every post. "Custom" knives are now allowed, you can't however give them actual knife skins and knifes already existing in csgo.
  6. [TTT] Penguin's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Sorry but you do not meet several requirements to apply for a role in the admin team. - <1 month forum age. - <10 active posts. - Insufficient supporters - Incorrect SteamID given. - Hours not met. You only have 1 day 8 hours. - Effortless application. Correct link to your stats page: http://stats.ban-hammer.net/playerinfo/467905 Correct SteamID: STEAM_0:0:55999236 I cannot validate if your age is correct or not. Denied due to above reasons.
  7. [TTT] T∀SSY's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Not a good way to start an application. From this post it just seems like you want power and don't want the responsibility that comes with it. I've never met you and this is a pretty bad first impression. -1
  8. It's not your responsibility to count the words on someones application. I will say this once again the 300 word limit is ONLY there as a GUIDE. It does not need to be exactly or over 300 words. As long as someone shows sincere interest in the role they're applying for it's no problem to the staff, and neither should it be for you. When I had applied for admin the criteria was 100 words and people now are shitting on people for writing double that? No thanks. Your post has been hidden; anyone else that does anything similar from this post on wards will just receive warnings. Cheers. Regardless, good luck with your application Tonane. +1 /edit I'm disappointed this post was my 1337th post. Thanks.
  9. (Suggestion) Signature Text Colour

    Went onto my respected account @NotBlur and it shows the same as Brekkie. Don't know if donors get the ability to add colour or not but it should be like Cloud's one. What I see:
  10. (Suggestion) Signature Text Colour

    Members can't change the colour manually? Hmm
  11. I used to do this all the time on that course map where you jump on the pillars at the start and you die if you fall. Good fun.
  12. Love the stickers tho
  13. TTT Health rule.

    This. What you've basically said is 'why am i getting killed for traitor baiting?'
  14. Gaming on a mac lol
  15. People often pay around 10-15% for stickers on guns once they've been used. So it would be worth around $50 at least imo, plus around 80% market price for the gun skin itself. I've had a gun with a sticker before and it's fairly hard to trade off for the price you seek, so don't look to sell it for too high of an amount tbh.