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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm going to ask for this to be locked until my required server time is met, although I though my hours would of been more than it is, I wanted to get this up while I had the chance.
  2. In-Game Name: ando. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:139098920 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 1 day 02:09:14 hours Which Server are you applying for? TTT Why would you like to become an admin? Lets start off with my experience. I used to be apart of a Garry's Mod community around a year or two ago, the TTT server they owned was the server I spent my free time one, I achieved around 2,000 hours on Garry's Mod TTT, along with that I learned how to play, how the gamemode works, common TTT terms (RDM, meta-game etc..). I was an admin on the server for well over 5 months and I knew what I was doing, with very wise and unbiased decisions. I was doing well I got promoted to head-moderator, it was quite a popular server with max players on daily. The server shutdown and now I've moved over to CS:GO gamemodes, so here I am. Enough about that.. I would like to become an admin to help those in need, when in need. I'm often online when there aren't admins online and that's when all the naughty people come on - nothing I'd like more than to bring them to justice. I really do like helping people and communication, I use my mic a lot, and sometimes maybe too much, I really get into the gamemode if I'm on for a bit, I know all the terms. It's very simple to catch meta-gamers without admin powers, and I've done so and got them banned. I'm mature for my age and I am always on the server in my free time so I'll be able to deal with rule breakers. I have a clear understanding of the rules and I feel I get along with most (if not all) of the players who actively play on TTT. I have high respect for the players and it takes a lot to lose that respect from me, I can enjoy the game and be myself whilst also having the admin side of my waiting for a rule-breaker to join and attempt to ruin everyone's experience. I know how to be a loyal administrator, I've moderated, head-moderated, administrated, developed and owned plenty of servers throughout different games / gamemodes, I know how things work. I can be fair to players, there will be no favouritism, everyone will be treated equally regardless whether or not they're a regular player on a day-to-day basis, or if they're people that like to cause mishaps and hassels by breaking the server rules. Most of the TTT community knows who I am, I help people when needed (whether it's commands or binds). I try to answer questions that I see being asked. I'm only a message away so any of the players can feel free to add me and chuck me a PM (Forums, steam or teamspeak) and I'll be on the server ASAP to deal with any problems. I've tried my best to become active on the forums and teamspeak, I've tried my best to assist in getting current rule-breakers banned by screenshotting / shadowplaying events in which they broke a server rule. There have been events where I have broken the rules (like twice I think) but it's never my intention, I've spent a lot of time on g-mod I'm still getting used to the CS:GO rules, but I think I'm good now. Reports would also be actively looked at and dealt with whilst I'm online. What time(s) do you normally play? I'm often on around 3 PM to 10 PM. Who will support your application? eye ken thpell and hopefully most of the ttt regulars (only asked once..). Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Yes. I was a head-moderator for a popular Garry's Mod TTT server for 5 months. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Yes.
  3. +1 Ace is always on the server when I join (which is sometimes common), he knows the rules, seems like a nice guy in general. I think he deserves this position.
  4. -1 You attitude is extremely bad, to be an admin with that type of attitude is something I wouldn't want to see.
  5. As Skill-Surf was my most favoured gamemode, I'd like to thank all the directors (and anyone else who was involved) who made SkillSurf what it was. It was a very enjoyable experience for me, that brought me into this humble community and it's a shame it has to be shut down. Due to most of the remaining AU Surf servers out there being filled with the typical *up themselves* surfers, I'll be dedicating my time on the TTT server & forums/teamspeak (as usual). - RIP BH SS 2k16
  6. -1 Play the server more, the 3 month waiting period should be more than enough time (for me at-least to possibly trust you). I don't find you being suitable for the admin/trusted role as of just yet as you've only recently started playing on surf (again?). - You lie. - You get very upset over the littlest things. - From my own knowledge and from what people have said, you're known for not caring about rules.
  7. Forum Name: ando. In-Game Name: вн ٠ ando. Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:139098920 Ban Type Server Ban Which server have you been banned on? JailBreak Server Map Name: jb_renegade_v5 When were you banned? 01/14/2016 Ban length: It doesn't show Who banned you? The server? Known admins on at the time: Softdrinks is the only person I can remember. What happened? Uh - I was basically pressing all my keypad keys to see if I had any binds on them, and when I pressed the 6 buttons above the arrow keys (insert, home, page up, delete, end, page down) I got kicked and the following was sent to my console: Banning <my IP> for rcon hacking attempts L 01/14/2016 - 16:46:45: "вн ٠ ando.<971><STEAM_1:0:139098920><TERRORIST>" disconnected (reason "Added to banned list") Dropped вн ٠ ando. from server: Added to banned list I don't know why it thought I was attempting to hack rcon, nor was it my intentions to attempt to do so. Retrying public( ... Banned by server
  8. +1 is a mature, peaceful guy, seems like he's been a good trusted and I think it's about time for a promotion. Good-luck!
  9. Logitech G503. Surf sensitivity: 800 DPI - 1 in-game Comp sensitivity: 800 DPI - 0.70/0.75 in-game
  10. I don't play the TTT server, but from experience, I'm used to saying "Move Warning 1 *when I get to 3 warnings you will be killed*, Move Warning 2, Move Warning 3 *kill*", all 3 warnings with a delay of about 3-5 seconds to avoid fast counting.
  11. The thing is I don't have to change, I don't publicly say anything about new surfers, nor do I think people who aren't good are below me, I'm not fresh. You've posted your opinion and I've responded, now let's stop discussing the rights / wrongs and let others say what they have to.
  12. "your shit" banter? If you can't handle 2 words you're probably best leaving the internet.
  13. I don't ever state my opinion about people who are bad, I only help them. No clue where you're coming from, but thanks for the feedback..?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylX87hpPyXk&feature=youtu.be&t=34s
  15. I assume you're talking about the guy with 12 days on the server as you said 'anDo'. I've only played on JB for 1 day 11 hours so I assume you're talking about him.