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  1. Hey all, Just had an idea I'd like to pose to the community in changing the current Perth 1v1 Arena server as it is quite rarely populated, and is quite a waste of resources in comparison to potential replacements, of course there are a few active players, but still quite a waste of resources when you can consider the alternatives. I'm proposing one of two options, but if you have any others for what could be done, I'd love to hear it Sydney Free For All Deathmatch (FFADM): FFA DM servers have been proven to work for other communities and while it may not draw players into donating due to there being low chance of benefits, if other servers like Jailbreak were advertised, then this should potentially allow for the players to change server to where benefits are given, and where the main revenue stream originates from. Sydney 1v1: What's different from the current server? Obviously its relocated to where the majority of players are located, or even a Melbourne 1v1 if that could be arranged. I'd be happy to find a large list of popular maps and good quality maps to include in the map pool if that would be necessary. Of course this is just an opinion and open to discussion on other ideas for what the use of the current server would be, but as of the current, it is a severely underpopulated server and in my opinion, a poor use of Ban-Hammer server costs.
  2. Hey all, After being back on the AWP Server recently, I came to discover the usual pattern of the two most popular maps being in rotation, while I understand that people have favourites, it is also good to have more diversity in the map pool so the same maps aren't being played on repeat, boring the playerbase and dragging players away from playing on the server. With such logic, after going through Workshop Maps, and playtesting approximately 30, I have developed a list of very recommended additions to the AWP Server's Map Pool. I just lost the list of all the good maps and now I need to figure out which is which again MAP LINKS: 1. AWP_Lego_Fort - Pretty great map, covered spawnpoints, lots of different height in the map, great addition for the server 2. AWP_Roost - Again, like all maps in the list, covered spawnpoints, underground sector, definitely worth the add 3. AWP_Summer - Similar to Tower Defence in length, map with upper level siding and lots of middle ground cover and protected spawnpoints, would make for a good addition 4. AWP_Pocu_AWP - Potential Addition, has a few small spawnpoint flaws, and if clogging the map pool is an issue, I'd say this is the first to go, nevertheless, better than others I saw and would be interested to see how it plays out 5. AWP_Lego_X - Nice Map, again Lego Themed, Covered Spawns, different height obstacles and just diversity for the map pool. Made by Drag2Death like a few other of these maps, and those in the pool, great maps. 6. AWP_Gony - Simple basic map, more diversity 7. AWP_Lego_Asia - Nice Big Map, Spacious, Different Heights and good design by Drag2Death 8. AWP_Candy - Good spawns and covered with underground section +1 this took a while, pls add
  3. Negative. 459 is the maximum achievable damage with an AWP Headshot to an unarmored opponent. Personally, I think more HP is required. If they're becoming an announced KOS, and everybody is hunting them and say two/three people aim at the Predator and get sprayed down, 500 is just a little bit too little. I'm with @Kakashi saying approximately 800 HP, but maybe after a certain period when the round starts, the Predator cannot be purchased anymore as it could be way too overpowered with an unfair advantage if I'm understanding this right.
  4. +1. sabre is quite an active player and I'd love to see him in a Trusted/Admin role. Things like this make me know its a well written application. In regards to what you said, I can agree it'd be good to see you adapt to this role. Good luck sabre
  5. remake of sand? skipping, soccer and climb that's it. minefield and cannon, who likes them anyway hell yeah sand 2.0
  6. meow Thanks Kittens <3 and thanks again for everything you do for the server Thanks brand0s <3
  7. Thanks a lot everyone Thanks for the feedback! I'm sure it is just poor timing for not seeing each other more commonly on the server.
  8. +1 can control the server, Enforces rules. Admin material imo Good luck Brekkie <3
  9. Thanks for the +1 Thanks Cloud, especially from you, means a lot Glad I could prove to you I have indeed changed , thanks for the comment
  10. Thanks for the vouch! ace all you need to do is not type during a map vote pls haha rip fun vote Thanks Ari! Thank you Brekkie Thanks Doshi!
  11. In-Game Name: Queeno Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:56642256 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 100 hours Which Server are you applying for? Combat Why would you like to become an admin? Permission from .KULIN to Apply as I am currently 15 years 8 months old. https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/awp.ban-hammer.net:27058/top_players/?query=Queeno (Game Time because I have reset statistics) I’ll begin by saying what a privilege it has been to be given the Trusted Position on the AWP Server. It is my opinion over the past month, with the additions of the new maps and other fixes for the server, it has been growing and most times during midday till late night, the server can be found at a full capacity, running a range of different maps, with the players loving the diversity. With the power that comes along with the Trusted Position (mute, gag, voteban, votekick, voteslay) I am confident in the fact that I have efficiently been able to help the server when there has been an issue, most of the time being mic spams or abuse, which shouldn’t be taken by anyone and with the permissions I’ve been given, I have been able to make an impact and help clean up the server. The Trusted Position has also helped as players know now who to turn to in the situation where there is something going wrong in the server as I see how I can best assist, whether that be finding a higher up admin, or handling the situation myself. My dedication to the server I think is strong as Counter-Strike is the game I play most commonly and I like to hop onto the server whenever I can. I believe I deserve the Combat Admin role, as then I can benefit all 3 major Combat Servers, which at peak times are almost all full. If given this role I personally think I could combat rule breakers on not just AWP but 1v1 and Retakes as well, stopping hackers/cheaters, mic spammers, abusers and other rule breakers. The current issue with the Combat Servers I strongly is the lack of presence for actual admins to benefit each server, and not having a strong admin presence like Multimode or Jailbreak, people don’t know what to do or who to turn to when something goes wrong. Sometimes Community Admins aren’t available on TS3 and players can get away without any harm done to them and ruin other BH Servers as proof couldn’t be gathered. If I received this privilege the banning process would be a lot quicker. Over the past 2 months I believe I have been further distributing my play time across all 3 servers, as I enjoy them all greatly and believe that I would be able to attend to any servers needs. Of course, not even Trusted is required for this but I believe that my role has helped the AWP Server greatly and I could assist 1v1 and retakes in the same way, I have over time found bugs and issues with the AWP Server along with what I believe could be great improvements for the server, just recently I found 13 maps that are now active in the AWP Pool, and most players love these new additions as it brings one thing that the AWP Server constantly needs for its interest, Diversity. In conclusion, I’m very passionate about all of the Combat Servers and believe they are just as important as the higher slot servers found within the Ban-Hammer community. I personally believe that I try my hardest to make the servers the best in the way that I can contribute. I thank you for taking your time to read my application and hope you can consider me for the role of Combat Admin. What time(s) do you normally play? Mon-Thurs: 5-9, Friday: 5pm-1am, Sat-Sun: 2pm-12am Who will support your application? Bodes, Eza, Sabreguy, Saber, Naga, Brekkie, eye ken thpell, Magic, Blobby and I hope a lot more, sorry for not including others Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Former Moderator at FPSGamerz (Australian BF4 Community), also used to own & operate my own 24/7 Minecraft Server. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Not with commands, but have great experience with Trusted menu
  12. The speed is normal? 200 Holding W unscoped 100 moving while scoped? I don't see the issue?
  13. Well, although you didn't directly ask me for support for your app, I can say at this stage Dobbo is a +1. He's a well mannered player who tries to help out the server if he can, that's all I've seen in the short period he's been playing on AWP, but his dedication across all three servers recently has been pretty outstanding. +1 good luck dobbo