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  1. Theme: Anything but Lego, please. Name: design it around your theme or just anything What I want in map: Covered Spawnpoints, Plenty of cover, decently sized (look at maps like lego_2, fort, etc. and see why they're so successful) Other: dont make it shit like rustycraft @VelxinOne
  2. Hey all, Just had an idea I'd like to pose to the community in changing the current Perth 1v1 Arena server as it is quite rarely populated, and is quite a waste of resources in comparison to potential replacements, of course there are a few active players, but still quite a waste of resources when you can consider the alternatives. I'm proposing one of two options, but if you have any others for what could be done, I'd love to hear it Sydney Free For All Deathmatch (FFADM): FFA DM servers have been proven to work for other communities and while it may not draw players into donating due to there being low chance of benefits, if other servers like Jailbreak were advertised, then this should potentially allow for the players to change server to where benefits are given, and where the main revenue stream originates from. Sydney 1v1: What's different from the current server? Obviously its relocated to where the majority of players are located, or even a Melbourne 1v1 if that could be arranged. I'd be happy to find a large list of popular maps and good quality maps to include in the map pool if that would be necessary. Of course this is just an opinion and open to discussion on other ideas for what the use of the current server would be, but as of the current, it is a severely underpopulated server and in my opinion, a poor use of Ban-Hammer server costs.
  3. Personally, I'd do 2 additions at least at a time, and again opinion but I'd recommend the following removals in no particular order ( @Master @Michaeltheboy11 thoughts? Any other potential removals?) awp_forts awp_towers_textured awp_village awp_minecraft_crash_go awp_dust_sky awp_jail And if I were to rank the potential additions Lego Asia Lego Fort Lego X Summer Roost Candy Gony Pocu_AWP
  4. Hey all, After being back on the AWP Server recently, I came to discover the usual pattern of the two most popular maps being in rotation, while I understand that people have favourites, it is also good to have more diversity in the map pool so the same maps aren't being played on repeat, boring the playerbase and dragging players away from playing on the server. With such logic, after going through Workshop Maps, and playtesting approximately 30, I have developed a list of very recommended additions to the AWP Server's Map Pool. I just lost the list of all the good maps and now I need to figure out which is which again MAP LINKS: 1. AWP_Lego_Fort - Pretty great map, covered spawnpoints, lots of different height in the map, great addition for the server 2. AWP_Roost - Again, like all maps in the list, covered spawnpoints, underground sector, definitely worth the add 3. AWP_Summer - Similar to Tower Defence in length, map with upper level siding and lots of middle ground cover and protected spawnpoints, would make for a good addition 4. AWP_Pocu_AWP - Potential Addition, has a few small spawnpoint flaws, and if clogging the map pool is an issue, I'd say this is the first to go, nevertheless, better than others I saw and would be interested to see how it plays out 5. AWP_Lego_X - Nice Map, again Lego Themed, Covered Spawns, different height obstacles and just diversity for the map pool. Made by Drag2Death like a few other of these maps, and those in the pool, great maps. 6. AWP_Gony - Simple basic map, more diversity 7. AWP_Lego_Asia - Nice Big Map, Spacious, Different Heights and good design by Drag2Death 8. AWP_Candy - Good spawns and covered with underground section +1 this took a while, pls add
  5. I know what you're up to @Ace you shady shit Massive +1 to Michael, best possible applicant for Combat Admin at the moment and he definitely deserves a shot at staff especially with inactivity from a certain admin it'd be good to fill the void at least in my opinion. Good luck Michael
  6. Hopefully this can be successful
  7. +1. shown dedication and good skills whilst trusted good luck
  8. Posting in threads isn't always necessary why post if there's nothing that is needed to be said, as for a server suggestion, there is one right there, but Master comes onto the forums and sees what happens so what's the difference? That's activity in my mind.
  9. Would make for an amazing addition to the Admin Team, no doubt. Best candidate for Combat Admin in my opinion. Massive +1 (pls)
  10. Your ban has expired, but you were banned for ignoring admin
  11. Mostly agreeing with @Ace here. You do have the potential to be a very good admin in the future, you're an active player who actively attempts to enforce rules and as Ace said, and I've experienced it myself it's difficult dealing with players breaking simple rules such as not camping, mic spamming without an Admin/Trusted present I agree. Even as Admin, sure I do have access to resources but ghosting is a never and warnings for things like Camping do help. Your attitude is mostly pleasant and you're a nice player trying to do the best for the server so I understand your intentions and appreciate your passion for the server. Neutral for Admin +1 for Trusted
  12. Admin's or Trusted's are obviously appointed for their dedication and trustworthiness to the server they apply for and have a strict holding up for the rules. Not everyone can be appointed. The better solution here would be to record gameplay or if you see rules being broken to try and get an admins attention from Teamspeak, the forums or just launch a ban request so the player can face the appropriate punishment, appointing new admins and trusted's isn't always the best option.
  13. Here's the ones I could find not sure if they're all still in use though TERRORISTS WIN Why You Always Hatin? - YG King Kunta - Kendrick Don't Mind - Kent Jones Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (Michael Trapson Edit) Intoxicated - Martin Solvwif PIMP - 50 Cent Light It Up (feat Nyla & Fuze ODG) Remix - Major Lazer To U - Skrillex & Diplo This Calls for a Muzz - Marcus Dibble Is It A Banger? - Odd Mob Bouncybob Original Mix - Martin Garrix Lose Yourself (San Holo Remix) - Eminem COUNTER-TERRORISTS WIN Yaow! - Baauer Don't Let Me Down (Illenium Remix) - The Chainsmokers Controlla - Drake Bad Boys - Inner Circle Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners Tuesday (Jae Jae & Ghost Protocol Remix) - I Love Makonnen & Drake The Only Way is Up (D' Luxe Remix) - Martin Garrix & Tiesto All edited by the wonderful @ab.
  14. Hope this is good http://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/q6KyVY
  15. Do you need peripherals with the build along with a monitor?