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  1. Rip Immunity #RoadtoProness

    https://play.esea.net/index.php?s=stats&d=match&id=10732053 puppy>destiny also remember when i ran into u on faceit @Xeeno
  2. [Store] Name Tag Suggestion Thread

    Name Tag: {orange}pup's posse Price: 300 Server: ALL For: ALL
  3. Looking for a 5queue to play with ;p

    LE , AWP I've got a 9 win unranked alt and considerably broad shoulders. I speak Hakka Chinese and a small England. http://steamcommunity.com/id/puppyoce
  4. [Jailbreak] zach's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    After returning to the servers myself after a break, I've noticed zach to be very helpful and express genuine concern towards other players. Zach definitely has my +1.
  5. [Jailbreak] Pup's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Cheers Blobby
  6. [Jailbreak] Pup's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Thanks guys, I'll definitely keep it in mind!
  7. [Jailbreak] Pup's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Appreciate it boys
  8. In-Game Name: Puppy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:134587896 Age: 19 Server Playtime: 26 days 20:15:21 hours Which Server are you applying for? Jailbreak Why would you like to become an admin? After spending 2 years with this one of a kind community I've never felt so strongly to give back to it, hence I am applying for an admin position on the Jailbreak server. Through means of trial and error, watching other players and by practising, I feel I have a strong grasp of the rules and an adequate sense of maturity to ensure that the server is enjoyable for players new and old. I can say that I’m a very easy going and a friendly person but I’m also heavily unprejudiced to all members of the community. Furthermore, I am edging close to completing my degree and as I’ve survived and completed the more ‘tedious’ workloads I will be increasingly active on the server. Watching other admins enforce the server, I know how stressful it can get but I am genuinely willing to actively maintain such a diverse and growing server. In the past couple of months I’ve come across countless circumstances where there was a lack of fair play and/or rules were broken in which a staff member was not around to assist. From past experience, I am aware that some instances are not worth calling an admin onto the server but there have also been some instances where the server has become almost unplayable. Although I know it impossible to stop these instances occurring, I am sure I can help to make them as infrequent as possible. I am very mindful of the Jailbreak server’s contrasting players and am prepared to do my best and maintain interactions to at minimum, a ‘mutual’ level. I understand the tendency of the server to treat new players and I am prepared to take open approaches into dealing with mentioned situations so that the server becomes playable to even the very casual players. I also know how crucial it is to be able to make calculated and unbiased decisions towards punishing players. The Jailbreak server has a really great player base, I’ve seen some of the most unique and memorable personalities come and go during my time. I’ve had countless enjoyable experiences on this server and feel ever so ready to step up and reinforce how great the Jailbreak server is. What time(s) do you normally play? Generally before 10am and after 4pm on weekdays,most weekends and any cancelled classes. Who will support your application? A considerable number of active players that have seen me around I'm sure. As for the required admin, I haven't been able to get an adequate response from but I'm sure they would be able to voice their opinion below. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I have never been an admin or a moderator on any servers, but I am currently working part-time as a general administrator at a building surveying firm. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? I am not, but more than willing to learn.
  9. [Store] Name Tag Suggestion Thread

    Name Tag: {white} Puppy Price: 1 Server's: All For: VIP
  10. Map games for my map (jb_wonder) [COMPLETE]

    cannon is a must have
  11. Ban-Hammer: In-Game Music Streaming

    will be paying for a personal hip-hop playlist so the lads can do tuff shit to dodgy music
  12. [Store] Name Tag Suggestion Thread

    Name Tag: {purple}[{lightred}RSPCA{purple}] Price (Optional): 1111 Servers: Jailbreak For: VIP's
  13. Ranks

    MM Rank - DMG LE LEM Preferred Position - Entry, AWP Faceit - N/A Scrim/LAN Experience - CS:S
  14. [Store] Name Tag Suggestion Thread

    Name Tag: {white}[The{lightblue}Dank{red}Wank{white}] Price: 999 Server's: Jailbreak For: ALL
  15. [Store] Name Tag Suggestion Thread

    Name Tag: {white}Puppy {purple}Lovin Price (Optional): 300 Servers: Jailbreak For: All / VIP / Admin