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  1. +1 mate, great bloke. From what I've seen and heard I believe he is capable of the role. Good luck.
  2. +1 As Robert said, chill dude and enforces rules. I believe he is capable of handling the server as an admin. Good luck fam xd
  3. +1 From the short time I've been on the AWP server Michael seems to be a great guy. He puts a lot of effort into the server, he definitely has some admin qualities. Best of luck. He asked for my honest opinion and from what I've heard from others and seen, if he fixes up some small issues he will make a great staff member.
  4. +1 Great player, always trying to improve the server. His activity alone trying to get the server populated again has impressed me. Good luck mate
  5. +1 Top bloke, everything mentioned above (and below) Active member of the community and always willing to help improve the server.
  6. Yeah this was suggested a while back by lemons - Some good ideas here Late, Hunger games would be nice, even as a server by itself. Only issue I see with modes like that is (like you mentioned) time between rounds. Possible good features to use when dead - KZ (small climb area?), deathmatch with other dead players and just spectate. Nice to see this hunger games idea have some attention brought to it after a while. Only issue I see with hg being added to the Multimode server is that mm switches between maps and modes often, with Hunger Games that would add a big delay for players (depending on map size and round time/limit). Some may be happy with that, others might not. Apart from that I would love to see it and everything you have said I agree with. ❤️ And that is why it is important to add any ideas anyone might have, suggestions can only try to help improve the server/s. I do not expect this to happen anytime in the near future, but I encourage everyone to leave some ideas below. Don't want to? k.
  7. +1 Server seems to be a bit dead as of recent. I reckon he would fit the position well! +1 Apologies for that sarcastic reply, I will have to say neutral. Not because you are not helpful or good, because I haven't been on enough or haven't been on when you have to see what you are like. Judging from what I've been told you seem to be a great bloke. I might change this to a +1, but from the few times I have seen you on, you have been helpful to other members on the server. Good luck!!
  8. +1 Chill guy, everything has been said above, would fit admin position really well. Good luck
  9. This guy has an amazing personality, great to talk to on teamspeak and on each server he is friendly and helpful to all. Although his playtime is low, he would make a great admin. +1 Also you put my name in front of @Ace, implies I am more important rekt m8
  10. +1 Lemons is a great bloke! He would suit admin position really well, he is active and very mature. You have my full support.
  11. Sorry mate when you messaged me on steam asking if I can help you, you did not say it was for an admin application. I do not support your application, I believe you are young and unable to handle a server alone. Maybe in a few years if you mature. I think you are a great guy but you do not meet the requirements to apply for admin.
  12. +1 Zengelf is a great guy, friendly to everyone and knows the rules well. Would love to see you hop on TeamSpeak more!
  13. In-Game Name: Spodeyy Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:81536235 Age: 15 Server Playtime: 04:29:13 hours (reset my stats few days ago, have well over 2 days playtime) Which Server are you applying for? Multimode Why would you like to become an admin? To begin with, I have enjoyed being a part of this community for the past year and a bit, just would like to thank you all for the great times we have had together so far. With the encouragement from others, I have decided to apply for this position. Many days of mine have been spent on Jailbreak, (24 days) previously playing the server mainly. Since earlier this year, I have been enjoying Multimode greatly, playing the server whenever I’m in-game. Ever since joining Multimode I have gained a great amount of knowledge about the server from other players and look forward to passing that on to new players. What I do currently to help out the server involves giving advice to help other players on the server, stop players from exploiting specific maps and explaining the rules to new players. I am well respected amongst the community by many, I always love to have a laugh with the other players online. There are times where there can be problems on the server, the main ones being mic spam and abuse. Yet this is all dealt with extremely well and effectively when staff are on. I would also like to state that most of the current admin team are active and doing an insanely great job, props to them. Most of the players that join the server come on to relax and enjoy themselves, when players are being put down or abused, they don’t deserve that for just having fun on the server. I put a stop to all this as soon as possible. There will always be issues with players disliking each other, yet it can all be resolved very easily when communicated well with them. Being an administrator isn't just muting players and banning cheaters, they represent the community and I strongly believe that I have the maturity to take on this responsibility. I have been with this community for a quite some time now, I have had the opportunity to have met a ton of great people with amazing personalities. Apologies for the reset of my stats earlier this week. I will be suggesting maps and improvements that could possibly help the server in future. Broseph has given me permission to apply. Thanks for all the support guys. What time(s) do you normally play? Between 4pm - 10pm Weekdays, All day Weekends. Who will support your application? Chooniey, Doshi, Bodes, Chawkball, Joawde, A-Wonder, Niloc, Sly, Skarecrow, trigga, sn Bants, Tracy, Spunnno, Cloud and possibly more. +1 from tig Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? Nothing worth mentioning. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? No, but willing to learn.
  14. Your ban length is one day. http://csgo.global/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:69538330&advType=steamid&Submit The reason there is for rdm and leave, the ban expires tomorrow at 11:43am
  15. Seems legit. @Tig Old Bitties