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  1. [EXPIRED] ✪ ✔☢ ✈Pinochet ✈ ☢✔✪'s Ban Appeal

    Due to the ban being expired and conflicting reasons for the ban I will be closing the appeal. Abusing the voteban system is against server rules and if players are caught doing this on our servers they will be punished, apologies if you were falsely banned by the other players on the server. Ban Expired
  2. Destiny 2

    I'm on Xbox Snapz 290ish light. I get mad frame lag during public events on the EDZ at trostlands and sometimes during the raid but apart from that it has ran really well on console. Playstation get the exclusives sadly I think D2 is a major improvement over D1. Rossage it is one of those games that is really fun with mates, I'm not sure how solo players enjoy it but I personally have enjoyed the destiny series since it started. The first game got a bit boring for me before TTK and a few months before Rise of Iron.
  3. [Combat] ✪ Greifyy's Admin Application

    +1 I have not been apart of combat for that long but in the short time I have griefyy has displayed many qualities that fit the admin position and makes the server a lot more fun for each player. Positive person +1
  4. Hi, my name is Zing and I like to speedrun

    Autohop = Disqualification smh <3 Damn Zinger, this reminds me a bit of multimode when I started playing, not sure why... I miss it though. Imagine if timers were around back then ahahah
  5. What do you want to see next?

    Yes this is true, but converting the 1v1 server to a different mode is better then leaving the 1v1 server empty and useless. Also our combat servers are more popular and gain more players, some may argue that these players won't stick around but still our community will gain more attention either way. over saturation, we can easily become a "top" server in the ffa dm servers area if we get a steady population and administrate the server to keep it in line. (not over the top though) imo - Better to convert to a different mode then leave the server dead and useless Another idea, multimode has combat surf but the seeing as the server isn't doing well and not gaining any players, maybe even convert mm into a combat server. I personally wouldn't like that, but it's a thought that has crossed my mind at some stage lately. Just throwing some ideas and thoughts out there
  6. [Jailbreak] Jordan's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Active member, knows the server like the front of his keyboard and is a member of the LBGT Community. I believe he deserved it last time he applied and still believe that, he has been a great trusted member. 🍆 Good luck
  7. [Jailbreak] Snapz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Snaps is a great bloke, capable of admin and well aware of the rules. Only negatives I can see is immaturity he can show at times. I personally think that old mate Snapz knows when and when not to have a good time. I think he is very capable of becoming staff. Good luck mate.
  8. MoSt rELiaBlE adMin

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      CaN I eAt yoUr ASs

    3. Softdrinks


      only if u joe connor dick and say mike oxlon

    4. zach



  9. [TTT] Kaz's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Capable of administrating the server. Admin will not limit his abilities to control the server, good luck mate
  10. [Jailbreak] turtle12345's Admin Application

    Made me laugh once Neutral
  11. [Jailbreak] Jordan's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Where is my vouch? +1. From the time I have played on the server you have shown great maturity and is a fun bloke to be around. Terrible colour scheme. <3
  12. [Combat] Chosen's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 mate, great bloke. From what I've seen and heard I believe he is capable of the role. Good luck.
  13. [TTT] Shitterlord's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 As Robert said, chill dude and enforces rules. I believe he is capable of handling the server as an admin. Good luck fam xd
  14. [TTT] Fillipé's Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

    +1 Great player, always trying to improve the server. His activity alone trying to get the server populated again has impressed me. Good luck mate