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  1. [CSGO]Operation Hydra

    fkn finally bruh
  2. [Price Check] Falchion Knife | Case Hardened FN

    As of my opinion at this moment its worth nothing over market, but i made a post on reddit just to make sure with other peoples opinions.
  3. [Price Check] Extremely Black SSG Acid Fade

    soz for late reply had the answer ages ago lol forgot to post. pattern not really but the float is good and it can be used in tradeups, very common skin to be used in low float trade ups as there all fn 0.06 and lower. Probs 1k maybe less.
  4. [Zombie] Lopez Tai's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1 ive played with u a little bit on TTT and JB, and majority of the time i see you on the shoutbox. Everytime i hear u speak or see u type, it is immature and has no purpose and didnt really need to be said. I can say confidentially that i have never seen u in anyway "take action" on a server and enforce the rules. I think you need a little if not alot more time to mature.
  5. [Price Check] Ak-47 Case Hardened MW

    So i asked around and people have said maximum 1 key over market cuz not blaze and stickers are nice. Though you have to find the right buyer. But its not really anything worth something more that they put up onto opskins by accident.
  6. [Price Check] Ak-47 Case Hardened MW

    Just going to leave this here for people who dont want to go through the trouble of trying to inspect it. Im contacting some guys atm to see what they think its worth.
  7. TTT_Camel

    isnt it in your maps folder?
  8. Was just on reddit and somebody is currently offering 385k for a LDLC holo Kato 2014 Link
  9. The gun itself is worth $26 or 10k, generally with katos i like to price the gun full price then lower the percentage of the sticker price (makes the trade sound nicer). The LDLC holo has risen in price a lot, most recently sold on OP skins for $820 but being listed for $788 and not selling (yet). That's OP Skins, reddit on the other hand have people with b/o of 400k - 420k with one guy having a c/o of 385k. The position your sticker is in is the worst for the pistols, so 8% of sticker price (use reddit cuz people usually say fuck op skins price) but u can go as low as 6%. Soo 8% of 385k is 30.8K so 31k + 10k for the glock and dere u go. A price of 41k for the glock is a nice price as a b/o 41k and the least u ever wanna take is 33k. Gl with trading, if u have any questions n shit u can add me @here I recommend going on trade servers like Alias, TGP and CGN they are pretty popular and have alot of Kato 14 collectors. Links i used: Reddit OPSkins
  10. [JailBreak] MNSFLD's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Salty self? I read your application, i wasn't slamming you for "going for admin" or "not being active". Fkn oath i'm going to slam u for abusing me and others cuz that shits not on. You get mad so quick, ur response is a perfect example. From my point of view those bans only show "camping gun room", "Free kills" and "breaking rules". So i'm going to come to the conclusion that you did all of the 3. How would i know the circumstances? Thanks though, nice to know them. I still don't think you are capable of admin or trusted in anyway. Also in the terms of bringing up the "positive things" you have done on the server, nobody can bring them up because nobody has seen u do that shit. For now my opinion is 100% a -1, i seriously would like to see my opinion change. Inb4 another blurred app
  11. [JailBreak] MNSFLD's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1 I haven't seen u play for ages, and u came on and initiated Simon says. i told u that u cant multiple times and u just abused me. Not to mention u have been ct banned 4 times in the last month. Imo you are not ready for admin at all.
  12. [JailBreak] NoT oK (One punch man)'s Admin Application [DENIED]

    Yeh but there is a difference between showing your worthy of admin and just playing as a normal regular player, i tend to see people who are applying take action and play the game more seriously in a way and enforce the rules more. i have never seen u do any of this tbh, you are a great guy to play with you just need to act like an admin more. I never see u on the forums or just in other parts of the community. i recommend u start to try using the forums and engage with the community more. Its a -1 from me but i wish you the best of luck man!
  13. Jailbreak Map Voting

    doesnt matter what the vote is lmao, you could have electric global being number 1 and clouds number 3 and everybody will choose 1 unless someone screams "CHOOOOOSEEEEE CLOUDSSSSSSS, VOTE 2222222222222222222222222222"
  14. [JailBreak] Cloud ☁'s Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 always on when i play and i never see him breaking rules, or being a lemon. Always helps admins when asked too and when there not around and shit is going down he steps in and tells everybody to kick back. Would love to see him admin, i think he will fit the role perfectly!
  15. [JailBreak] Magic.'s Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 i cant wait for the day where u try to do a mic check on 9999999 pingerinos, overall a great guy always see him helping the community weather its helping an admin or just reporting somebody scripting. i would be very happy and glad to see magic apart of the admin team. I do though think he would need a lot of time to train and that (even though i cant +1 trusted) i think that role would fit him perfectly.