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  1. i did read it, but as far as im concerned if people can argue for it, ill argue against it
  2. personally from my point of view, even though i haven't really played recently i never played jailbreak to really pay attention to every single order half the fun for me was doing the map games, not just one then going to LR but my main issue with the rule is that we are obviously always looking at encouraging more players to join the server and become regulars recently ive seen the trend of someone new coming in and not fully understanding what is happening get killed via tricking then leave the server soon after as far as the rule being changed in the first place from what i could see the only advocates for it on that post were skarecrow, kakashi and shortie, whilst 2 others expressed there opinion against it. so for removing it i don't see a problem with it only being on the server for 2-3 weeks, as it wasn't even community voted to be changed to start with, so it seems fairly biased to have a vote from the community that favors removing it and then question it, where as there was no vote to initially put it back in the rules
  3. we can test and put our own spawns in so thats not a massive deal its glitches and things like that which are the main issue
  4. coby has a point but it would just be to difficult to make every map has specific guns that can or can't be moved, thats why we just need it simplified to either yes or no, i think one of the big maps in question about this was renegades and the usp up behind pool, it was extremely annoying to run away to go for that gun to only find a ct had gone there already and cleared it, because then you have just wasted potentially 13 minutes for no reason
  5. nah i tested them the other day and if they are open for some reason at round end they shut before the new round starts
  6. lets just take a minute to look at your chat log from about 35 minutes ago and not to mention that you currently have an active sourceban for another 23 hours https://gyazo.com/aca991aff9e40d7ca31fb9eb0d5b45da https://gyazo.com/780903fa27a6afde1700212c6dc46497
  7. more then likely this map won't have anything else done to it
  8. i agree that it seems you have changed but the suspension shouldn't of been needed in the first place, you should've realized what you were doing and thought about the consequences before hand and like i said these incidents occurred only recently and also from your point of view thinking my -1 is unnecessary this is why it is my opinion
  9. i usually don't really post on admin applications but i am going to have to -1 the way you conducted yourself a few times in just the last month was pretty poor to be completely honest and i feel like you need to prove that you have matured from those actions before you receive admin. regardless good luck on your application
  10. its already a thing cts should be hunting rebellers
  11. this thread was dead, it isn't changing in the foreseeable future
  12. you realise when admins have no clip we can't be killed right?
  13. unless you have actual evidence that avalanche is crashing the servers why put a post up like this? provide evidence not just a oh it crashed i dont like this map lets remove it
  14. i never have, if you want modify your original post and put a poll on that way you can gauge the communities opinion on it
  15. maps arent designed to have team collision on thats why no maps have it imagine doing climb the person in the lead would be able to maintain his lead until he stuffs up, same with surfing same with anything it won't work