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  1. +1, Spodeyy is a mature and responsible person.
  2. +1, very friendly, good with talking to others and would do extremely well as an admin.
  3. Hali is an active player in the zombies community, he is always on making an effort to get the server full and help people enjoy their time on the server. Hali would make a great admin for zombies. +1.
  4. Brekkie, you're a mature kid, you know the rules really well and would make a pretty good admin. But, with the vast amount of salt and disrespect that comes from the jailbreak community, I doubt you'd you have fun time trying to control the server when no one will really take you seriously. Sorry but -1.
  5. Queeno is quite the mature kid, he's extremely caring of the AWP server since the only Combat admin we have doesn't take notice of it. Queeno can defiantly do a good job as he has clearly shown as a trusted member that he is capable. +1.
  6. This sudden change of heart isn't fooling anyone, you've given yourself a name as an immature kid who doesn't think for his actions, you seem to being doing alright at this point but it hasn't been long enough for people to forget what you've done in your past and not think of you as that immature person. Best of luck with your app, -1.
  7. "I have been playing arma 3 a lot and playing TTT on D2k and I hopped on Jailbreak and now I feel to get back into jailbreak. So yeh hello again". Since your time away from the server has been quite long, you won't know new rules and anything new to do with Jailbreak, maybe ask for this post to be locked and maybe get it reopened, when you've picked up your activity.
  8. At the start of the zombies server, I never really had high hopes of you becoming an admin, there were defiantly times where I became quite annoyed at the way you acted towards certain people. But, after a week or two and a small chat with you to sort things out, I can happily say I've changed my mind about you and would like you see you continue to help the server in anyway you can provide. You've got my +1 mate, best of luck to you.
  9. Thank you everyone for the amazing amount of support!
  10. Even though we didn't have the best start, I now can see that he is a really nice guy and is willing to talk and fix things with other people, knows the rules and can enforce them well, I can definatly support this application, +1.
  11. In-Game Name: Doshi Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:56311855 Age: 17 Server Playtime: 1d 00:13h with 3d 03:00h before the migration to Ban-Hammer. (Did the math wrong.) Which Server are you applying for? Zombie Why would you like to become an admin? My desire to help others is quite something, from helping randoms on Skillsurf to helping Ab with the server itself, with that unfortunate loss of Skillsurf I've decided to move onto Zombies and continue with helping in anyway I can. I'm wanting to help Nano and Chooniey with zombies with whatever I can, even if it's just reporting bugs to managing the players while they do other things with the server. I'm a very active player, I managed to bring myself up to 18 and a half days with Skillsurf within 4 months, and now that Skillsurf is down I will be spending a lot of my time on Zombies doing what I can. I'm extremely easy to get along with unless I have a reason to dislike you, I'm opening to fixing relationships with others if they are willing. I can manage a server since I'm a calm person and rarely tend to lose my cool, if I do lose it, I most likely would step away for a few minutes or have ever long it would take for me to calm down a bit, then continue to try and fix the complication. I'm very welcoming to newer people on the server and wouldn't mind a bit explaining the basics to them to help and encourage them to keep playing on the server, I do really well with rules, I hardly break rules if I do I'm willing to face the punishment whatever it may be. I've gotten this skill from jailbreak which I don't play anymore but it has helped me learn to not break rules or serious punishments can take play. I only have 1 source ban which was appealed and accepted within the half hour. Thank you for taking your time to read this application from me and please feel free to leave some constructive criticism. What time(s) do you normally play? 3:45 Pm - 10:30/11:00 Pm on weekdays, 5:30 Pm to 12:00 Am Saturdays and 7:00 Am to 12:00 Am Sundays. Who will support your application? Bodes, Zach, Skarecrow, Cloud, Spodeyy, Sabreguy, My Erection and anyone else who is willing, sorry If i haven't named you. Do you have any prior administrator or moderator experience? I used to Co-own Jakeey's Skillsurf servers until I decided ban-hammer was where I wanted to play and stepped down. Are you familiar with Sourcemod? Very, but I may have missed some of the more advanced features, I'll be willing to learn those if someone is willing to teach me.
  12. +1, always looking out for servers when something doesn't seem right, is clearly deserving of a position on the admin team.
  13. +1, active and really helpful player, would really suit admin.
  14. +1, level headed person, is all over the rules, even though there are people who hate his guts, they only hate him because he calls then out for doing something wrong on Jailbreak with a perfectly fine reason given, he does what he does every well and would suit admin.
  15. Zach has put heaps of effort into helping Jailbreak, from reviewing demos in ban request to reporting bugs with the server, would definatly make an excellent addition to the admin team. +1 from me. Good luck mate.