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  1. [Store] Name Tag Suggestion Thread

    Name Tag : {darkred}[{blue}MakeAmericaGreatAgain{darkred}] Price : 50 Servers : All For : Everyone Preview: [MakeAmericaGreatAgain]
  2. Jailbreak weekend Special days

    I haven't played in awhile but I personally think it's pretty stupid and having the regular trusteds and admins calling it is just fine.
  3. [Jailbreak] Allusion's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1 I am just going to start off with agreeing to what bodes said. I'd also like to say how abusive you are to me and a lot of the younger players which isn't a good example for the community. I don't think I will change how I feel about this Also why was I put down when you never asked me and I never would even vouch for you.
  4. Jailbreak Rule Suggestion

    I've been told to lr a lot of times in medic lmao def change this shit
  5. [JailBreak] zach's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 Everything I would say is said above.
  6. [jailbreak] rule suggestion

    I've always paid attention to who slays and who doesn't so I know if I can use there gun or not. So in a way yeah it can be.
  7. [jailbreak] rule suggestion

    hes only brought this up cuz i slayed in the scocer field and spooky got the gun and used it I didn't know they were going to be taken onto the soccer field for a game
  8. [WIP] jb_dedoursanddelays

    Extra progress (Not doing Red Light/Green Light) cuz it fucked my map over I think I've got all I can do for my ability at this point. Download: Coming Tomorrow Workshop: http://xtdie.com/dedoursanddelayssteam (Redirects to Steam Workshop) Please @ab. put on dev server <3
  9. [WIP] jb_dedoursanddelays

    Progress of map today
  10. [WIP] jb_dedoursanddelays

    Thanks for the arena cells @-Sly Heres the rest of the progress
  11. [WIP] jb_dedoursanddelays

    Haha thanks and I just hear people say dedoors/dedours instead of detours all the time. Idk might change it depends. Will do. *UPDATED*
  12. I have started working on a new map today (another attempt I know) I hope this one will be better here are plans: Race Red/Green/Yellow Light Deathrun Deathrace Dropdown More soon (hopefully) I have started on cell block will post later. Screenshots:
  13. [JailBreak] dog's Admin Application [APPROVED]

    +1 always discouraging rulebreaking increasing the fun in the server and all round good guy
  14. [JailBreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 always enforcing rules where needed and everything else is stated in the other posts
  15. [JailBreak] Brekkie's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1 Brekkie is a great guy he knows all the rules (from what I know) and he enforces them at all times making sure the server is a great place for everyone.